Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Says Weslye Saunders Did Not Test Positive For Street Drug

While wrapping up his interview with DVE radio Wednesday morning, Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert was asked about the four game suspension recently handed down to tight end Weslye Saunders. He was asked if the report is accurate and if indeed Saunders has jeopardized his career with the Steelers as a result. Colbert said, “The only thing I can comment on that is that he was suspended for four games for the performance enhancing drugs, it is still under the substance abuse, but it is not the street drug variety and that is all I can really comment on. You know under that policy, again not unique to Weslye, but under that policy, that\’s a one time violation, whereas the other program that deals with more of the street drug, that\’s a series of violations. But the performance enhancing drugs, it\’s a one and done, so you know you have to face the music.

Colbert was asked again if Saunders was in the doghouse because of the suspension and Colbert said, “Well again, you really can\’t talk really too much about that, but you know anybody that\’s in any kind of program that\’s outside the good conduct that we expect, you\’re disappointed, but you have to help those players move on and continue to grow.”

I had previously report that a source told me that Saunders tested positive for the prescription drug Adderall and judging by the comments made by Colbert on Wednesday, it appears more and more that indeed was the case.

  • Paul

    Saunders not Sanders, Maybe players with ADD shouldn’t be playing football

  • PA2AK

    oooooooooooooorrrrr just report it to the league. there is a process for that.

  • Daddeeekip

    Or maybe RG and the NFL need to quit being hypocrites about player safety and assign a league doctor so that players can get the proper treatment and let players treat their health problems.

  • That’s asking a lot from Herr Goodell.