Steelers Restructure Contract Of Ben Roethlisberger To Clear $8.025 Million In Cap Space

According to Ed Bouchette, the Pittsburgh Steelers restructured the contract quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to help free up some additional 2012 salary cap space for the team. The Steelers reduced the 2012 base salary of Roethlisberger all the way down to $900,000 from $11.6 million and that $10.7 million was turned into a signing bonus which will be prorated out over the remaining four years of the contract. The restructure now drops the 2012 cap hit of Roethlisberger from $16.92 million to $8.895 million and creates a 2012 cap savings of $8.025 million.

Over the last few weeks the Steelers have created over $20 million of cap space with the restructures of LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, Ike Taylor and Willie Colon. They also terminated the contracts of Arnaz Battle and Bryant McFadden in addition. There could be a few more restructures on the way as both James Harrison and Troy Polamalu could be candidates.

With all of the recent restructures and contract terminations, the Steelers have managed to create around $29 million in additional 2012 salary cap space. The agents for both Roethlisberger and Harrison recently let it be known that both of their clients were willing to restructure their contracts to help the team.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    So where does that put us?

  • Eric87

    kudos to the front office and ben, while he is not taking a real pay cut his willigness to do whatever to help tho team shows he is a true pro. You dont see many other organizations where the players are always willing to renegotiate to keep the team together. That is what football should be about, not just always taking the biggest deal….(cough, cough, Mr. Wallace)lol.

  • Eric87

    from what I have read we should be around the cap. Now if we restructure troy and harrison, cut kemeoatu and will allen then we should have created another hefty sum to throw at mike wallace and sign some draft picks. Hampton gets to stay, and also maybe ward, farrior, and foote was well.

  • Eric87

    things seem so much more encouraging than they have the past fews days. Pending cuts and restructures should have us all good to go

  • You think he plays the game for fun? Do you do your job for fun? I hope Wallace stays, but I am not going to hate on him for taking the best pay he can get either.

  • To sign Wallace and our draft class, we probably still need about 12-15 mil. I don’t think we can get that from the moves you mentioned?

  • Eric87

    Football is not a job it is a luxury, sure these guys get payed very well, but they are also just playing a game. I also do have fun at my job and it really isnt what I should be doing so yea I guess i do

  • Eric87

    restructuringn harrison and polamalu would have to clear around 5-7mi, cutting kemo would be around 4-5 mil, will allen would be around 1.5 or so. that is close to 10 mil right there and that is just pure guessing. never thought they could shave that much off of ben’s cap space either.

  • Eric87

    If I played football it derfinitely would be because i love the game, I would consider it a privelege to play for the Steelers!

  • JasonDC

    Wow, 900,000. Ben really wants Wallace back.

  • Joe D

    If they CUT Kemo, Hampton, Farrior, Ward, Smith….
    that will clear 17.4million in CAP space…

    They probably need about 12 million more in CUTS in order to sign wallace and draft picks.

    I prefer CUTS over restructuring Harrison or Troy as 2013 is looking ugly already!!! And next year they will have to try to sign Brown.

  • Eric87

    also if the restructure ward that will save 2-3 mil an d if the cant re-negotiate with foote and farrior then goodbye. That would also have to free up a few more mil

  • L.J.

    as stated the new cap number is zero. On average how much is needed to sign all 6 rounds of rookie draft picks? And how would that amount be achieved? roster cuts?

  • martinlewis

    Don’t restructure James Harrison. It will just make it more expensive to cut him later. He’s starting to slow down a bit.

    I say cut: Aaron Smith, Mendenhall, J. Scott and Farrior or Foote or both.
    Ask these guys for a drastic paycut: Hines Ward, Kemo, Casey Hampton,

  • Eric87

    and so begins the rollercoaster ride that is the offseason.

  • JerryCola

    Hopefully with this restructure and a few others and the necessary releases of Kemo, Ward, Smith, Farrior, etc. creates enough cap space to re-sign Wallace.

  • Nope, it’s a multi-billion dollar business. This IS Wallace’s job. These guys have a limited window to maximize their earnings potentials, and they should. The front office wouldn’t hesitate to do whats best for themselves, and Wallace should do what’s best for him, whether that involves staying or leaving. I am sorry you can’t seem to see the business side of the game.

  • They can’t restructure Ward. That would just make him harder to cut in the future. I think you mean have him take a pay cut, which is an entirely different thing?

    Plus, they have to be careful with restructuring too much, as it just delays the situation until next year. Restructuring is not a magic solution, it has a cost as well.

  • Easy to say from the sidelines. Totally different when you are taking a beating and looking at the possibility of your career ending tomorrow. You say you do your job because you love it. If you were in a situation where you could be faced with having to retire, lose all your earnings potential, and live off of whatever you have made to this point starting tomorrow, would you still do it for the same rate?

  • Eric87

    just thinking though, the draft picks wont configure into the top 51 salaries by march 13th becasue the draft isnt even til april. So the money for draft picks may not come into play as much until those contracts are signed later on.

  • Dave

    You do understand that he got a bonus check today for $10.7 million and this isn’t at all a paycut or any kind of sacrifice ?

  • Eric87

    oh i do see the business side and i am not saying that i disagree with it. just saying recently that steelers players seem to try to help the team. And to your question: I played semi-pro ball while not getting paid and worked construction full time with fear of getting hurt, thats the risk you take when you play the game my friend. Some players play for the game and some for the money, not hard to argue that

  • Eric87

    hey you gotta do what you do in life, some decisions are hard to make but are worth it in the longrun

  • Eric87

    yes it does have the cost, but I think the FO is banking on the tv deals boosting the salary cap numbers in the fututre, yes a risky bet if you ask me, but it may be worth it to keep this team together as long as possible. Was a long time before the Steelers saw the superbowl since 1995. Gotta take your chances while you have the artillery ya know

  • Eric87

    guess we will just have to see how things play out

  • Eric87

    why would ward have problems giving up a job that he was going to take a reduced salary at? The man doesnt want to walk away because he loves the game, and once it is gone it is gone. Look at TO and Moss. Not saying all players have that same love of the game though.

  • NW86

    You do realize he got the other $10.7 right now, right? He didn’t lose anything, he just got it up front as a bonus, which the Steelers can spread over the rest of his contract for accounting purposes.

  • NW86

    Wow, I expected a restructure, but that is a HUGE one, and it’s a little scary. He’ll probably be over $20M in cap hits now for the rest of his contract, and the Steelers will be in this same position again next year.

    Looks like they’re going to try to keep doing this until 2014, and hope that the new TV deals lead to a HUGE cap increase so they can let the accounting catch up then.

  • I understand love of the game. I understand taking less to play where you want to be. That factors into what is best for you. But I don’t expect anyone to to pass on several million a year to play here vs somewhere else. Realistically, nobody else should either.

  • Ward, T.O. and Moss are all at the end of their careers and have made their money already. They have the luxury of not worrying about that. Wallace doesn’t yet have that luxury. Again, it’s a business.

  • I don’t disagree with the tactic, I have said the same thing re: the TV contract many times in the past few months. Just saying they have to balance that with long term needs. That’s where things such as cutting Kemo, Smith and Farrior vs restructuring Harrison (which is a risk in and of itself due to his age) come into play.

  • Eric87

    I agree, no one should pass up that much of an oppurtunity unless they are happy where they are

  • Eric87

    yep you are right, and I am glad that that type of front office work is not my profession. You gotta give credit to Omar Khan and others to get these numbers somewhat under control.