Steelers Tender Contract To Free Agent Punter Jeremy Kapinos

The Pittsburgh Steelers have started tendering a few of their free agents as punter Jeremy Kapinos reports via his Twitter feed that he has received his one-year tender. He stated in the tweet that he is excited and preparing to be a Steeler for another year.

Kapinos signed back with the Steelers in early November after punter Daniel Sepulveda suffered a meniscus tear in his right knee. Kapinos also had replaced the injured Sepulveda in 2010 because of another knee injury suffered by Sepulveda. Kapinos was back with the Steelers in training camp this past season and was released during the final cut down to the 53 man roster as the Steelers decided to keep Sepulveda instead.

There is still some confusion as to whether or not Kapinos is an exclusive rights free agent or a restricted free agent. In 2011 he earned a base salary of $600,000, which is the base for 3rd year players so I think that Kapionos might actually be a restricted free agent. Should that indeed be the case, his one-year tender offer would be around $1.26 million for 2012.

ETA: It has been confirmed that Kapinos is indeed an exclusive rights free agent like I originally thought and his one-year tender should be $700,000.

  • Eric87

    Well I guess this signals the end for Sepulveda, whom I loved as a Steeler, had to be the best tackling punter ever! I am glad to see Kapinos back though because he was bombing the ball down the field las season. Good move, now about Mr. Suisham????

  • Eric87

    Hey Dave, any idea why there have not been any more cuts thus far? I can think of a few to start off: kemeoatu, aaron smith(sux tho), foote, will allen, hampton even if injured. Also are they restructuring ben, harrison, polamalu, farrior, ward? What about keisel and clark for restructures? seems like the clock has been ticking and they are delaying on these decisions. Why not just do it and move on?

  • Eric87

    do you see the steelers drafting a place kicker in the mid to late rounds to compete with suisham? I have no idea how available kickers are in this draft?

  • SteelersDepot

    I think they are trying to wait and see what will ultimately happen with Wallace first before making a few more key decisions. He is the biggest X factor that a lot of other decisions will be made off of.