2012 Steelers Mock Draft Version 3.0 – Post Pro Days

The majority of the major pro days are now in the books and the compensatory picks have been handed out as well. With that behind us it is time for my 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft version 3.0. I will likely have at least 2 more mock drafts before my final one and if you have been following along through mock draft versions 1.0 and 2.0, you will see that I make slight changes as I work towards my final mock. I do not predict trades and do not even attempt to. I mock by the draft positions that are currently on the board. As more of the 2012 pre draft visitors are announced, it certainly will change a few things going forward. Disagree with the selections in the comments below, but give good reason as to why. Don\’t just say that guy will not fall to that round or that player sucks. Use this post for constructive use. Please go elsewhere if you want to be a jackass. I love film study and am never opposed to going back and watching more on a certain player. With all of that disclaimer stuff out of the way, here is version 3.0. Have at it.

Jonathan Martin6051312349 7/85.3320308\’8″4.76
Brandon Brooks605034632 5/89 5/84.9936328\’9″4.53
Josh Chapman60053193211 1/8N/A29N/AN/AN/A
James-Michael Johnson600124132 7/89 3/84.65233710\’4″4.38
Derek Wolfe605129533 1/410 3/44.953333 1/29\’0″4.49
Trenton Robinson509619531 1/29 3/44.48153510\’5″4.16
Devon Wylie509218730 1/49 1/24.39173910\’3″N/A
George Bryan6050258329 3/45.0513339\’2″4.57
Micah Pellerin600319431 3/49 5/84.5614339\’8″4.29
Randy Bullock509220529 1/48 3/8N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Round 1 – Jonathan Martin – T – Stanford – I have reshuffled my rankings after the pro days and the first thing people will ask is why I did not keep Dont\’a Hightower here. I am not totally divorced from him, but for this mock I attacked it much more from the best player available standpoint and assume that Martin will be on the board still. I have Martin ranked higher than Hightower plain and simple and tackles hold more value in my eyes than inside linebackers do, especially if they can play left tackle. Now the big question is whether or not Martin is the 3rd, 4th or 5th rated tackle in the draft to other teams. I believe he is the 4th right now and can see the slim possibility of him still being on the board after the first 23 picks are made. When you look at the Steelers current tackle situation you see Marcus Gilbert and Willie Colon. That\’s it. None of you will sell me on Jonathan Scott and the return of Max Starks is just not likely to happen before the season starts. When you factor in that Colon has not been healthy the last two seasons and the very remote possibility that he could be kicked inside to guard in 2013, you see that it can\’t hurt to take a tackle here. I am not sold on Cordy Glenn, but maybe the Steelers are. I acknowledge that even though I do not see him as anything more than a right tackle with a second round grade, that perhaps the Steelers might see it different, as could other teams. Martin is a first round talent who plays with a good base. He has good timing with his punch and keeps his knees bent well with a low set in pass protection. He has adequate technique and maintains good balance. He extends his arms well and can properly re-direct. Martin can likely help right away at right tackle in case of injury, and after a year, move to the left side if Gilbert needs to move back over to the right side. The Steelers like their first round picks to contribute in their first year if possible and this also gives Martin an edge over Hightower, because of injury concerns to the offensive line and lack of depth. There are still minor concerns with Hightower as it relates to him being a three down backer as well. For now I am going with Martin here and am not ruling out Hightower as the pick in future mocks.

Round 2 – Brandon Brooks – G – Miami Ohio – I am moving Brooks up a round from my last mock. The Steelers need help inside and I really have been on high on Brooks. He can play either guard position or even right tackle in case of emergency. He moves well for a guy his size and that includes agility. When he latches on to his defender, he stays locked on and uses his legs well to drive his man off of the line. He handles spin moves well and stays mirrored to his man. The real question most have about him is the level of competition that he faced in college. In my opinion he has the best explosion of any interior prospect not named David DeCastro. The Steelers have interest in him and he should be there in the second round. He could play left or right guard for the next 6-10 years if he stays healthy.

Round 3 – Josh Chapman – NT – Alabama – Without a doubt Chapman would have been a first or second round pick if not for his knee injury. He is a traditional 3-4 nose that can handle two gap responsibilities as well as double teams when he keeps his shoulders square. He keeps a good base and maintains solid leverage. He has minor technique issues with his hands, but that should be easily corrected as he tends to use them way too high at first contact. He is quick off of the snap, but needs to work on his recognition. He presents match up problems inside when not double teamed and can even split those when asked to go straight up the field. He played in the 3-4 at Alabama, so he should have a solid grasp of the core basics. He is by no means a chase guy, but does give the effort from behind. He would be a steal late in the 3rd round.

Round 4 – James-Michael Johnson – ILB – Nevada – Johnson was in my first mock and is back now in the third being as I do not have the Steelers drafting Hightower in this one. He thumps at the point of attack against the competition he faced and uses his arms well, but needs to do a better job at keeping his feet. He will need to work on shedding his man better if playing the BUCK role, but is not afraid to run at any contact. He will get lazy at times late in games and run around blocks, but that can be fixed at the next level. Looks good dropping in zone coverage and can run with backs and tight ends in man coverage. He shows good awareness of play diagnosis and can time his blitzes well to get through trash. The inside linebacker class is not deep this year once you get past Luke Kuechly and Hightower, but he has the smarts and the tools to get better at his craft. He would not contribute initially on defense, but certainly could be an instant special teams star. I think he will last until late in the fourth and he has more upside than most think.

Round 5 – Derek Wolfe – DE – Cincinnati – The Steelers really seem interested in Wolfe. A defensive tackle at Cincinnati who projects as a 5 technique defensive end at the next level. Does well one on one but struggles holding his ground against double teams. Can play some 2 gap and played up and down the line as well. Right defensive end might be his best side, but watched him make plays on left just as well. He has a strong motor and good awareness at finding the ball quickly. He has a good burst in pass rush, but does not have a full arsenal of moves outside of a strong club. He would have to adjust to life in a 3-4 where holding the point of attack is very important. He really has a strong upside and could very well go in the 4th round. For now I think he slides to the 5th.

Round 6 – Trenton Robinson – FS – Michigan State – The free safety class is not great once again, but the Steelers seem to have some real interest in Robinson. He is not the best tackler, but is not afraid to come up and offer support against the run. He has good play recognition and locates the ball quickly while in the air, but doesn\’t play angles well just yet. He can drive quickly to underneath routes, but does not play centerfield well. He is a very raw, but well built safety. He shows basic technique pluses such as sitting down in his stance well, but needs help in several other areas. He is average in both man and zone coverage. He would have to earn his stripes on special teams with hopes that he could progress into a NFL free safety.

Round 7a – Devon Wylie – WR – Fresno State – Wylie is not the ideal size wide receiver, but he has great hands and is best used in the slot. He often gets compared to Wes Welker, but he has durability concerns that has dropped his stock. He is a raw route runner, but gets open in the middle of the field and is elusive after the catch. He has good speed and is agile. He can contribute on special teams.

Round 7b – George Bryan – TE – North Carolina State – Project tight end that can both block and catch. Will never be a number one, but could develop into a reliable number two once his blocking is refined. Better than average hands and solid body control. He can get off the line good and into his routes with ease. Nothing but upside.

Round 7c – Micah Pellerin – CB – Hampton – Very raw small school corner. Has good size, but not great speed. Is considered an outside corner and has played some safety. Could do worse for a project compensatory pick.

Round 7d – Randy Bullock – K – Texas A&M – Never hurts to have a second kicker in camp to push Shaun Suisham. Why not use one of three compensatory picks on why?


    I like it! Nothing more to say.

  • not bad but Mike Tomlin did say they will target a RB which this mock is void of. They seem to like Isaiah Pead from Cincy. If he falls too far they will snatch him up. They pick talent not necessarily need. I like Ron Brooks as a 6th round CB. He has experience in the nickel slot and is extremely athletic. If not for the blue-chip talent at LSU he would’ve seen more starts. Very quick twitch & aggressive. I love the Brandon Brooks pick & Derek Wolfe is a beast. Not sure how this draft will pan out but I am looking forward to it.

  • SteelersDepot

    Tomlin did say through the draft OR through free agency just so we are on the same page.

    “I am sure we are going to get another running back, whether it’s in free agency or in the draft. We will address it.”

  • Lookin’ Deep for Gold

    Round 7- Elvis Akpla WR Montana State. Transfer from Oregon that would be a great slot receiver who can stretch the field with 4.36 speed. Tough as steel, and not the injury risk of Devon Wylie. Over 60 catches for 1200 yds and 11 touchdowns his senior season. See his 2011 highlight reel on YouTube and see all the sideline catches laying out for the ball, and ALL with NFL, two feet touches in-bounds. Can be instant impact as rookie if Wallace leaves. Good replacement for Ward.

  • Intropy

    I think a late round RB is a possibility, or maybe (maybe) a mid round pick if someone they like falls a lot. But I tend to think that RB is the third easiest position to pick up in free agency and come away with something good.

  • Harold

    I think your first three picks represent the maximum value we could hope for at that point. OT, OG, and NT are our three biggest needs IMO. And I see each of those prospects as potential starters for years to come. I am concerned about Martin’s lack of power, but I am not concerned about his feet, which is where the Steelers have had most of their problems over the years at LT. Brooks is a perfect Steeler fit and I believe he will end up being just as good as Cordy Glenn. Chapman is a Hampton clone (we probably have to trade up in the 3rd to get him).

  • Love this draft. I don’t understand some people knocking ‘Moose’ Martin, the guy has done a great job protecting Andrew Luck the last two or three years. Brooks and Wolfe are two of my most underrated prospects in the whole draft. Josh Chapman for my money is the best nose tackle in the draft. Michael-Johnson and Robinson aren’t bad at those spots. Not a ton else to add about the 7th rounders, but I do like competition for Suisham. I don’t have the most faith in him.

  • Only real complaint is no Marvin McNutt being carried over from the last two mocks. I personally feel he’s criminally underrated and will well outperform his draft selection.

  • I like the Wylie pick. I’ve seen him play in person and on TV (my wife works at Fresno State) and he is worth a 7th round flyer.

    I really like the rest as well.

  • I think Wylie would be a great return man. He was very good at that at CSUF.

  • Nicolai Simonsen

    Awesome job.

    I really like the JMJ pick in the 4th round.. Right know he’s a thumper with good movement. At some point he would have all the skills to be a productive ILB.

    D. Wolfe is a really good pick because it’s Keisel Jr.. I see so many simularities with those guys although Wolfe needs to put on more muscle.

    As far as Trenton Robinson, I don’t think this guy is available past the 5th round. To me it seems like he’s a riser right now – probably high 4, low 5. A concern with this guy is stability. He also had a very poor Senior Bowl but the athletic ability is insane.

    Did the Steelers bring Coach Mitchell to Alabama’s pro-day?

  • Sam

    rb in 3rd round, need to replace Mendenhall for next season. I have seen Pead play and he’s average at best, 6 or 7 rd pick. Steelers should stick to their board.
    Not looking for this year to be very good with all the changes and much tougher schedule but rebuild a bit for 2013

  • Kyle Curry

    Martin will be gone way before #20 let alone #24, sorry

  • Grw1960

    I like the first 3 picks,not into 4th round LBs. There probably will be better talent at WR or CB.

  • Delilah

    I love this mock draft! Maybe because it is so similar to mine! Like Mr. Bryan, I had Hightower going to the Steelers in the 1st round in my last mock draft. But also like Mr. Bryan, I changed my thinking in my latest mock draft. Here it is below:

    1. Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State
    2. A. Ta’amu, NT, Washington
    3. Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami of Ohio
    4. Jerry Franklin, ILB, Arkansas
    5. Tramain Thomas, FS, Arkansas
    6. Gerell Robinson, WR, AZ State
    7a. Manny Abreu, OLB, Rutgers
    7b. Jewel Hampton, RB, S. Illinois
    7c. Chris Greenwood, CB, Albion
    7d. Greg Zuerlein, K, Missouri Western

    I agree with Dave that the Steelers want Brooks. The thing is, I think they would be reaching by taking him in the 2nd (like Dave has it), BUT he may not still be around in the 3rd (like I have it). I also agree with Dave that the Steelers want Wolfe. Personally, I don’t think the Steelers need a DE in this year’s draft, so I left him out (just my own selfish thinking). But, the facts don’t lie – as Dave said, the Steelers seem really interested in Wolfe, interviewing him at the combine, visiting his pro day, and bringing him in for a visit. If they don’t get Wolfe, they will probably get another a DE like him.

    I also have the Steelers bringing in some interesting undrafted rookie free agents. They are:

    Buddy Jackson, CB, Pitt
    Kevin Doty, LS/TE, Lafayette
    Johnathan Hulett, NT, SW Assemblies of God U. He’s 6’2″, 365 lbs.

    Apparently, Jackon had a great pro day, putting up some great numbers. He is best known for his special teams play, being a KR and also doing well on kick & punt coverage. Maybe he makes the team as the 6th CB and is used mostly as a special-teamer (a younger Anthony Madison-type).

    I like Doty because he’s got the size & technique to be a pro LS, PLUS he brings the position flexibility that Tomlin likes by playing a real position of TE. If the Steelers bring him to camp and he is within shouting distance of the talent that Greg Warren has at LS, I could see them parting ways with Warren and going with Doty. It would probably save the cash-strapped team a half million dollars. Also, Doty could serve as the emergency 4th TE and fill the role of 3rd TE for the first four games of the season while W. Saunders serves his suspention. So, the Steelers wouldn’t have to bring up a practice squad TE (possibly Jamie McCoy) during that time.

    Hulett is just an obscure small-school, monster-size camp body that would be fun to bring in to see what, if anything, he has to offer.

  • HI

    I like Trenton Robinson and Devon Wylie as prospects, but don’t feel they’ll fall as far as you expect. Wylie has shown too much athleticism and with the advent of guys like Welker, Wylie will be gone by the 5th Round. Trenton Robinson will also likely be gone by then, but it depends on who teams like from Rounds 4-6. I think there are a lot of FS prospects in this range like Henry, Jackson, Thomas, Whitley, and Thompson, so Robinson might drop, but I think he is viewed as a slightly better prospect than those named. Good mock otherwise, and I while I agree that Martin would be a good choice if he fell, I think he is a similar type player to Sherrod from last year and they passed on him, so will the Steelers be willing to spend a 1st round pick on a guy that doesn’t show a lot of physicality? I don’t know.

  • I like the Martin pick. I think Gilbert is better suited to play RT. I do like Cordy Glenn as well. He’s very similar to Gilbert, but is a little stronger, and has better feet. Glenn was selected first team All SEC, which carries a lot of weight in my book.

    I think the Steelers will take a WR higher than expected. WR is a legit need. The Steelers don’t have enough WR’s under contract to fill 5 roster spots, and none of them are under contract beyond the 2012 season. If prior drafts are any indication, the Steelers will take a WR with one of their first three picks.

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    Nice work, as always, Dave. You do a great job and I enjoy your work.

  • Derick

    my only thing is Dave, the huge lack at ILB in this draft concerns me passing on Hightower. maybe it is just me but i think the buck linebacker is crucial and a 1st round talent would be great for that position.

  • Jordan

    Like the Mock.. would of liked to see you draft a RB at some point. Batch, Mendenhall, and Dwyer all were put on the IR last season and there conditions we ant predict. Also I’m not sure were TY Hilton is projected but I believe he could be a sleeper wr at the next level.

  • Chris

    I’ve seen Wolfe projected a good bit higher than the 5th most places. As high as the 2nd, but usually 3rd or 4th. I’m guessing that if they really want him, to be sure they’ll have to use their 3rd on him.

  • JohnnyV1

    I really like Brooks, Wolfe and Robinson. I think picks in the list above, from 5 through 7C are wishful thinking, however, as most are several rounds lower than where the players are projected. But, who knows where guys will fall, much like LB Chris Carter last year, falling to Rd 5. Kind of like predicting the weather though. I don’t like OT Martin as their #1 pick, as I think they like OT Adams from Ohio State better.

    While I totally agree D-line & O-line need multiple picks each, I think we’ll see a CB & RB selected by Rd 5.

  • hanjonquin

    Don’t like Adams, but the rest is good especially the Zuerlein pick at 1 of the 7’s

  • Is the ILB position really that important? When was the last time the Steelers used a high pick on an inside backer? Timmons is the only first rounder I can think of, and he was drafted to play OLB. Kendrell Bell was a second round pick in 2001, Chad Brown was a second round pick in ’93, and Levon Kirkland was a second pick in the ’92 draft.

    As far as I can tell, the Steelers have never used a first round pick on the ILB position in the past 20-30 years. Hightower doesn’t fit the mold of what the Steelers look for at ILB. With the exception of Kirkland, they have looked for players in the 240-250 range. They want change of direction guys, who have good mobility, and can tackle. Hightower can tackle, but he fails in the other two areas. With more and more teams passing on first and second down, mobility at ILB is even more important than ever, because they are going to be forced into covering TE’s and RB’s.

  • Joe D

    I like your #1 and #2….
    #1, definite OLineman… just don’t know who.
    #2. can’t pass on Tamu… not many pure NT’s in the draft.
    #3 and after… very hard to predict… I would say either ILB or CB at #3.

  • Jakester

    Good call on the kicker w/ one of the 7th round picks – tough to recruit non-drafted kickers to Pgh (tough field to kick on) so to use one of the compensatory picks to lock a guy up makes a ton of sense. As for the rest I have grave doubts that Martin will be available but if he is that would be awesome. You are correct that after Gilbert and Colon they have nothing – I am 49 years old and weigh 180 and I could play better LT than Jonathan Scott….

  • Clintmartin

    Cool draft however if this was Colbert’s he would be fired.
    Brandon Brooks is ranked 167 14th best guard so with Steelers 2nd round pick, pick number 56. This would be a horrible reach for a second round He will be available in the 5th.

    Chapman is also a 5th round talent ranked 175 overall 5th best NT, With the Steelers 3rd round pick, pick number 86 this also is a reach big time.

    SILB Johnson would have to be drafted here if Steelers want him he won’t last till our next pick in the 5th. With the Steelers 4th round pick, pick number 119.he is ranked 152 overall 7th best SILB a slight reach

    Wolfe DE won’t be on the board in the 5th round overall rank of 129 9th best 3-4 DE
    With the Steelers 5th round pick pick number 159 would be great if he fell this far!

    Trenton Robinson FS if he is left in the 6th round something is wrong. overall rank is 113th 4th best FS. He is gone in top of the 4th round. With the Steelers 6th round pick, pick number 193.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    We have the following weaknesses, IMO.

    L and RT depth
    WR, TE, and RB depth

  • Clintmartin

    This is my Draft 1.0
    1.Dontari Poe, NT, Memphis YES HE FELL IN OUR LAP
    2.Jeff Allen, OG/RT Illinois
    3.Kheeston Randall, DE 3-4 Texas
    4.Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan ST
    5.Emmanuel Acho, SILB, Texas
    6.Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

  • SteelersDepot

    Poe will not fall and has not impressed at zero technique and playing two gap. He will be drafted as a 3 technique defensive tackle who can also play the 4 and 5. 2nd round for Allen certainly is a reach. Russel Wilson? Really?

  • John B.

    i like it. i just think we should go Defense for the first pick but i guess if you go back to what Rooney said about helping Ben more, at top two pick is pretty much a sure shot. i also agree with not choosing a RB in the draft. if we pick a RB up it should be a veteran because we have enough young guys, adding more with no field experience will not help us.

  • Clintmartin

    Good old Kirk Cousins was gone.LOL
    I only put Allen in 2nd due to his ability to play Guard and also right tackle another versatile lineman. Allen as a Guard is ranked 63 overall our pick is number 56 a slight reach.

  • John21

    This is a well thought out draft. Late picks like Bryan & Pellerin would add valuable depth that we need. I also like Taylor Thompson DE SMU late. If Martin is available, I would want the Steeler’s to take him #1. Having 3 blue chippers on the O-line is exactly what we need. Also Brooks (I like: B Washington; A. Silatolu or Zeitler better. Osemele is interesting but may be higher risk).
    The Steelers have shown that they like Wolfe as you said. They also have shown some interest in M Martin DT & K Cousins from MSU. (If cousins is there in Rnd 5 or later; I think Tomlin will push for him-though I hope we do no not do it. Too many needs now.) Tomli also keeps saying we will get more WR. Wylie was impressive at the combine. Again, my view is that if we have Cotchery signed; I would not go for a WR until 6 or 7. I think that we need to add an OLB also.Robinson is a good pick. I like Massaquoi but he is less polished (but has a high upside IMO). I think the Steelers are going to do a lot of due diligence on B Irvin to see if he is worth the character risk because I think they love him as a pass rusher.
    Lastly, I would like to see Markelle Martin in Black & Gold but I don’t see it happening based on when he will go & what we prioritize as needs.
    Thanks for the artiucle.

  • Broderick Wallace

    It makes ZERO sense to draft a RB. Steelers have 4 young backs: Dwyer, Clay, B. Batch, and Chad Spann. If the Steelers add an RB to the roster it will be a veteran FA.

  • Broderick Wallace

    Steelers will not wait until the 7th round to draft a WR when it is the most pressing need after OL, NT, and ILB.

  • Broderick Wallace

    DE in 3rd round!? When is the last time you looked at the roster. What a wasteful pick when ILB, WR, and NT are far more pressing needs.

  • Broderick Wallace

    I have no idea why ppl continue to talk about drafting a RB.

  • Ask yourself who rated those guys. That’s right, guys that no team is paying to do it.

    Chapman and Brooks will both be gone by the 5th round.

  • moderatelysane

    No way Brooks and Chapman are around in the 5th. Simply no way.

  • Wdmason

    Maybe you should give the Steelers a call.

  • Guest

    Do you like Josh Chapman over Alameda Ta’amu at NT? Ta’amu in my opinion seems like the best 3-4 NT in the draft, and should be there in the 2nd round. Did you pick Chapman because you don’t think the Steelers will pick a NT in the first 2 rounds? Also, what is your opinion on Mike Martin? Is he too small to play NT in a 3-4?

  • PoKey21

    1. Glenn – OG – Georgie
    2. Tammu – NT – Washington
    3. Tank Carder – ILB – TCU
    4. Jamell Flemming – CB – Oklahoma
    5. Brandon Mosley – OT – Auburn
    6. Robert Turbin – RB – Utah St or Chris Rainey – RB – Florida, We either go with a Brute or a Do-it-All.
    7. Dan Persa – QB – Northwestern or GJ Kinne – QB – Tulsa Need a 3rd string QB, might as well groom a rookie its cheaper.
    7. Lance Mitchell – S – Oregon St
    7. Randy Bullock – K – Texas AM, Best kicker in the draft.

    Lol didnt even see you had bullock in there too. I think he is a solid pick in the 7th. I do think the steelers will go after Trent Robinson, but I dont think he is there in the 6th, I hope he goes in the 4th or early 5th so the steelers dont even have the chance (Safety next year, Early Rounds). I think you have Brooks to high. 3rd round at best. In my draft I was going to have Brooks in the 3rd and Donta in the first, went another way though.Also do you have any thoughts on the Canadian NT Hicks? Kid is 6’5 but only 320, Im sure he could add another 20-25 pounds with that build, and it would be low risk high reward. I think we need a QB and an RB late QB more so than RB.

  • Hpw10109

    So we go lineman in the 1st the last 3 drafts and go lineman in the first 3 rds this year?

    No thank you. We need defensive playmakers.

  • Robhenderson

    NICE MOCK. I’d like to get Adams over Martin. Something about Martin I dont like. They say he’s a LT only cant do anything else.

  • Tkay07

    I like Chapman more than Ta’amu. Ta’amu has all of the size and none of the athleticism needed to play NT in the NFL. All of the video I’ve seen on him is underwhelming, at least for a 2nd or even 3rd round pick.
    I like Mike Martin too, but physically and athletically he’s strikingly similar to Ziggy Hood. Doesn’t seem like a true Steelers type NT, but I bet he’ll make some team very happy.

  • Bleebo77

    Great stuff! Love rounds 2-5 if those players are actually available. There’s been a lot of talk about Ta’amu in 2, but I like the switch to Chapman in 3 and using 2 to take a better OG prospect than you’d get in 3. I’d love to see any of the top O-linemen fall to P’burgh at 1.24, but I don’t see it (except for Peter Konz, but not sure they take him unless they see him as a top notch OG and give him bonus points for being able to backup at C). What should they do if all first round OTs and OGs are gone and they aren’t sold on Hightower? What about Barron or one of the CBs (Jenkins, Gilmore, Kirkpatrick)? On the D-line, would they take a Cox or Still or Worthy? Somehow, none of the D-line guys excite me.

    ESPN has a piece up about Jenkins, and I wonder if the Steelers would nab him at 1.24. He’ll drop for character concerns, but seems like he’s a top notch cover guy (maybe better than everyone except Claiborne), and some sites say he could play nickel in the NFL from day one. With the loss of Gay, another talented body at CB wouldn’t hurt. The Steelers will have to judge if he’s reformed, but he might be the best value out there at 1.24 if all the O-linemen are gone.

  • Derick

    to Greig, you can not be serious? Tomlin used a first round pick on Timmons. for you to say he was drafted to be an OLB when they drafted Woodley in the 2nd round that very same year is comical. you don’t think the buck position is important than I say you don’t know a 34 defense. it is simple to me, this current draft is stacked with OG, WR, . There is such a drought for ILB in this draft class. passing on Hightower would be a mistake imo. you wanna talk about ILB being drafted in the second round for the Steelers 20-30 years ago? Do you know how many good to great OG were drafted in rounds 3 and beyond? why draft a position that is deep with the 1st when we know there will not be good value there @ 24 for OG or OT and Hightower will be there. idk what more you want.

  • Guest

    If you are going to draft a kicker, why not Carson Wiggs out of Purdue. Great leg, accurate and can punt as well.

  • steelfootBalls

    I do like some of your picks and then there are those that make me go …hmmm! For instance, I do agree that Brandon Brooks would be a good pick, but I am sure he can be chosen in the 3rd round. There are plenty of good guards in this draft so he should be available. His questionable balance could push him to a alater rd than you predict. Rd 2 should be either Josh Chapman or Ta’amu Alameda. I love Chapmans grit and the fact that he played the BCS championship game with an ACL and meniscus injury. Alameda reminds me of a bigger Big Snacks with a meaaner disposition. Wylie is just way too small for the physical style of play that is required for a Steeler WO. Junior Hemingway, to me, would be a better choice. He has great size for a WO, and to put him in the slot would be something to see mainly because of that. He has good hands and surprising quickness for his size. He reminds me of Hines Ward if he took roids. At safety I would go with Brandon Hardin from Oregon St. He is a former corner with great size and good speed and he can also play corner, you know how Tomlin likes versitility in his players and Hardin has it. He is very intense and with Carnell Lake as his DB coach, he can be an eventual replacement for Polomalu.

  • Your wrong about Timmons. He played OLB at FSU, was projected as an OLB when he entered the draft, and was expected to play OLB for the Steelers. Harrison was not the starter at OLB when the Steelers drafted Timmons, in the ’07 draft. Harrison’s emergence at the position, is why the decision was made to Timmons inside

  • SteelersDepot

    It is well known that Timmons was originally drafted to play outside. Here is an old bookmark I have to settle the argument: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/steelers/s_505205.html

  • SteelersDepot

    Here is about when the move inside started taking place: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/dailycourier/news/uniontown/s_518808.html

  • Derick

    it says it right there they moved Timmons to play inside on passing downs. as we all know full well Mike loves guys with versatility and then draft Woodley. how do you know between drafting Timmons and Woodley being available, Mike and Kevin thought of Timmons to play inside and draft Woodley for the left side. not saying I know but to think Timmons was ever going to play OLB is comical. he did a terrible job this year at it. wish we drafted Beason that year. Greig has nothing to say about the rest… the guy with the green sticker is pretty important.

  • Derick

    oh and they moved him to ILB his rookie training camp and played 1 season at FSU at OLB. give me a break. drafted 2 OLB… think they had Timmons going to inside all along, again though a different transition into the LeBeau defense.

  • Derick

    so hope Sylvester and James-Michael Johnson work out for the future? that scares me.

  • SteelersDepot

    Tomlin also said firmly “we’re a 3-4 team and he’s a right outside linebacker.”


  • Derick
  • Derick

    “Tomlin praised Timmons’ special teams play as well and said he also can play inside in a 3-4 defense…”

  • SteelersDepot

    What does Arians have to do with this?

  • SteelersDepot

    although he will put him first on the outside.

    Read more: http://old.post-gazette.com/pg/07118/781568-66.stm#ixzz1qYv7GsIq

  • Hampdenrocks

    whatta great site this is become! love the work!!!!

    ….So Dave, if Wallace bolts as a RFA (big if, but possible), who do you like as a second first rounder?

  • “Tomlin also said firmly “we’re a 3-4 team and he’s a right outside linebacker.”

    As such, Timmons will compete with James Harrison, who had moved into Joey Porter’s vacated spot at right outside linebacker this spring. Tomlin said Timmons also can play right rush end in a dime defensive scheme, a position Porter also played.”

    The discussion is about what position the Steelers projected Timmons to play at, ON DRAFT DAY.

  • Don’t bother. Some people will continue to argue, regardless of what the facts say.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Looking at your draft, here is a projected depth chart:

    Offense: 25

    OT: Gilbert, Colon, J. Scott, J. Martin
    OG: Legursky, Foster, B. Brooks, Essex, C. Scott
    C: Pouncey

    WR: Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, ????
    TE: Miller, Saunders, Johnson
    RB: Redman, Dwyer, Batch, Clay
    QB: Ben, Lefty, Smith

    Defense: 25

    DE: Hood, Keisel, Heyward, Wolfe
    NT: Hampton, McLendon, J. Chapman

    OLB: Woodley, Harrison, Carter, Worilds
    ILB: Timmons, Foote, Sylvester, JM Johnson

    CB: Ike, Lewis, C. Allen, Brown, ???, ???
    S: Troy, Clark, Mundy, Trenton Robinson


  • superguru

    I would rate this mock draft as a C. In the 1st round I’d go Kontz or Glenn. Martin won’t be there and Adams is too flawed. In the 2cnd round its got to be Ta’amu. We need a NT and he’s the best available. 3rd round Brooks is good, or the kid from Midwestern state. After this just a few thoughts to remember. This is a bad draft for ILB. Since anyone that’s drafted won’t start their rookie season (its the Steeler D remember), no need to reach on Hightower or anyone else this year. We don’t really need a WR unless he’s a “big” like Colson. We have plenty of quick,medium height, receivers, both possession and speed burners. Need other picks to be “value” picks. No munchkins on the corners or in the backfield. Gay’s only problem was his height. Small RBs are not durable.Probably would like to get an OT, but must be a value pick and draft inside out on O-line.Finally, don’t waste draft pick on a kicker, can easily get one as a FA.

  • Nice! Thanks for putting that together. Seeing the draft from the perspective of the teams depth chart, definitely helps put things into perspective.

    It looks like we could use more depth at the CB and WR position. I want to say that the team carried 5 players at each position, on the active roster last year?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    They carried 6 WR and 6 CBs. McFadden and Gay are gone from the CB position. Ward and Battle are gone from the WR position.

  • Interesting. So the team could really be hurting at the WR position. Cotchery is still making visits to other teams. I’m sure the team would love to have him back, but their backs are against the wall, when it comes to signing FA’s.

  • Jeb064

    I love this draft and would be thrilled to have Martin. He is my number 2 ot but a lot of places have him 4 after kalil, reiff, and adams. Getting Martin is a realistic option because he seems to be falling a little bit. In the second round I am fine with brooks as well. What a strength our oline becomes if this comes true. Martin, Brooks, Pouncey, Colon, and Gilbert would be a great o-line. They may switch brooks and colon at first because maybe they dont want two rookies on the left side but i simply love this especially if we get Chapman in round 3. This is a dream mock for me.

  • Love the optimism with your 6th round choice. He’ll be long gone.