49ers Signing Of Randy Moss Is Good News For Steelers Fans In Regards To Mike Wallace

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers have agreed to terms with free agent wide receiver Randy Moss on a one-year deal Monday evening. The signing of Moss should put to an end the notion that the 49ers will make a run at Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, should the two sides not reach a long term deal by the start of free agency Tuesday evening.

The 49ers have not kept it a secret that they could be in the market for a receiver to help stretch the field and it appears that Moss will now be that player. With the 49ers now almost certainly out of the running for Wallace it means that only the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals remain as the two teams that could logically make a run at Wallace, as both teams have two first round picks in the 2012 NFL draft. Just because both teams are potential players for Wallace does not mean they will be though. In fact the odds are against either doing so.

As expected, Wallace was officially tendered on Monday at a first round level and that means it would cost another team their first round pick to sign him away should the Steelers choose not to match the offer sheet. As far as contract talks between the Steelers and Wallace go, Pittsburgh Post Gazette beat writer Gerry Dulac reported Monday afternoon on Twitter that the Steelers have already had discussions with Wallace\’s agent, Bus Cook, but that a new deal is still a long way away. Perhaps the news that the 49ers will no longer be a player now for the services of Wallace will speed up the negotiations.

As I posted several times previously, general manager Kevin Colbert and the Steelers have held the advantage in these negotiations throughout the offseason and that advantage was strengthened even more with announcement of Moss signing with the 49ers Monday evening. Wallace runs a huge risk of having to play 2012 on his one-year tender should he choose not to sign a new deal very soon.

  • Bleebo77

    Bill Barnwell on Grantland actually speculated that it’d be worth it for the Browns to give up the #4 pick for Wallace. He reasons Wallace is a much surer thing than Blackmon (who’s unproven), and it cripples a division rival at the same time.

    The thing is, while the idea got me salivating at first, I’m not sure what value the Steelers could get out of the #4 pick unless they could trade down. Kalil will likely be gone at #3, and the remaining “value” picks at #4 are positions (RB, WR) that the Steelers don’t need. They could snatch Claiborne, but that’s be for value, not top need. Anyway… an interesting wrinkle that’s at least fun to entertain…

  • SteelersDepot

    I would be stunned like I have never been stunned before if that indeed happened. Just don’t see it.

  • MazIII

    Haha this would seriously be amazing. But really giving up a top pick (especially when they have the falcons pick in the 20s) but giving the steelers that have had the run they have since been came to town that high of a pick? Not even the browns are that dumb. (close though)

  • Intropy

    I don’t see it either. But it’s a fun thought experiment anyway. I think you look to trade down. Who with? I choose the Cincinnati Bengals. You give up the #4 and your round two pick at #56, and in return you take both the Bengals firsts (17 and 21), their second (53), and their round 6 (181). The on chart values are very close:
    1800 (#4) + 340 (#56) = 2140.
    950 (#17) + 800 (#21) + 370 (#53) + 19 (#181) = 2139.

    The Steelers then select:
    #17: David DeCastro
    #21: Michael Floyd or Kendall Wright
    #24: Dont’a Hightower
    #53: Alameda Ta’amu

    Why would The Bengals make such a trade? Well, they’re in need of a running back, and the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson, just so happens to be projected to go around #4 – #6.

  • I was thinking about that earlier today and while I agree that it’s true I don’t think the Browns would want to open themselves up to being questioned about a move like that right after the RG3 blunder.

  • Nolrog

    I think the Pats slapping the franchise tag on Welker takes them out of the running as well. They don’t need to add more offense, they need serious help on D (so going after Wallace wouldn’t be a smart use of their cap space.)

  • I think that leaves the Bears and the Pats as the frontrunners, with the Bengals being a slim possibility.

  • Joe D

    New England likes to use 1st round picks to get more picks in later rounds…
    I expect New England to trade at least 1 of their 1st round picks.

  • Joe D

    Ok… 1 day later… and Wallace still no swooped up…
    that is a good sign!!

  • Huskie

    Would we even get the #4? Don’t they have another pick in the 1st? And wouldn’t we get the lower of the two picks?

  • Timothy Rea

    That would be awesome.. I’d select Stephen Hill at #24 instead though. Gotta replace Wallace somehow.

  • SteelersDepot

    original pick is what you receive.

  • Nik

    Moss’ deal is for only $2.5M and doesn’t necessarily preclude the 49ers looking for additional WR help. Remember this is the team where WRs caught only 1 pass in the NFC championship name. They need more help than a 35 year old, brooding, easily-discouraged Moss. That said, it is very unlikely the 49ers, or any team, is willing to make a big offer on Wallace and forfeit their #1 pick.
    My prediction on Moss: The Niners use him as a decoy in between the 20’s, and a red zone TD target. His frustration mounts because of a lack of targets, and then, in week 8, Moss becomes furious when Alex Smith underthrows a deep pattern by 15 yards. He gets into a screaming match with Harbaugh and is subsequently released.

  • Bleebo77

    My understanding is that if a team has 2 first round picks and they grab your RFA player, you get the higher of the two picks.

  • Joe D

    How long does Wallace and others have to sign Tender?
    Can they holdout perse??
    I would assume RFA tenders need to be signed sometime before the draft.

  • I had the opposite take. If I ran the pats I would tag Welker and let him go next year. But I would sign Wallace this year as the long term answer and the less replacable player.

    For the same money Wallace is clearly the better WR. Having both for one year isn’t a bad idea it’s just expensive and long term do you want a 30+ Welker instead of a 25-29 year old Wallace? No way!

  • Stephen Hill is a huge reach in the first.

  • Dan

    I would have to think the Pats will work something out with Welker. He’s too good of a fit and can likely make big contributions for a few more years. With New England as the most likely threats to us keeping Wallace I looked up their cap status hoping to find they were very tight. Unfortunately I found the contrary:
    With two very late 1st round picks, and that much cap space I’d have to make Wallace an offer. Hopefully I’m wrong and Billichick is focused on defense.

  • SteelersDepot

    Nope. You get whatever the ORIGINAL pick they had was.

  • Bleebo77

    Got it. I re-read Barnwell, and that’s his take, too. My misunderstanding. But in the case of the Browns, it would be the #4.

  • Dan

    Another FA WR just signed, reducing the supply of top receivers on the market. The Saints just signed Colston for 5yr/$40M ($19M gauranteed). I guess the good news is that Colston is sorta kinda similar to Wallace in terms of recent stats and this sets the compensation mark at what I think would be a palletable amount for the Steelers….maybe.

  • TO

    PS are asleep at the switch here. They’ll be lucky to keep Wallace for the year. After that are they going to pay him $40 mil +. Doubt it. They only lavish fat contracts like that on aging relics on defense.

    Instead of being proactive and dumping 400lb Casey Hampton and using the cap balance to sign Wallace, they sat on their hands and watched other teams make deals with WRs, thus dictating what they would have to pay him, and will have to pay him and/or Brown next year.

  • They’ve never paid a WR that, I am not sure they would pay Wallace that. If he were more versatile, yes, but a pure speed guy isn’t worth that to them.

  • Not really, I wouldn’t expect anyone to sign him until they take their shots at all the top tier FAs. Nobody is going to give up a draft pick until they see what they can get for free. Once the dust settles, then we will see if there is any interest in Wallace.

  • Hardtoimagine

    The Moss signing literally means NOTHING to this situation. If they were planning on Wallace before a 1.75 million unguarenteed contract will not stop them.