Antonio Brown Says No Doubt In His Mind That Mike Wallace Will Be Back With Steelers

Steelers Antonio Brown NFL Total AccessPittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown made it known Friday evening on NFL Total Access that he is pretty confident that restricted free agent teammate Mike Wallace will be back with the Steelers in 2012.

Brown told Andrew Siciliano during his sit down interview that he expects Wallace to either return on his one-year tender offer or sign a long-term deal, and that the two of them will remain teammates in Pittsburgh.

Brown was quoted as saying, “I definitely expect it. I definitely look forward to him providing me help from the other side, rolling coverages — he’s a great teammate of mine.”

Siciliano asked Brown if he knew whether or not Wallace was getting any calls and Brown said, “I don\’t know, but hopefully he\’s back in black and yellow come next year. When pressed further by Siciliano if there was any doubt in his mind that Wallace would be back in Pittsburgh next year, Brown calmly answered, “No doubt in my mind, he’s coming back.”

Brown looked and acted sharp Friday night and answered all of the questions pertaining to the Steelers the the way you would expect him to,  and he did so with that smile of his that is becoming his trademark. It is not surprising as Brown had a great mentor in the recently retired Hines Ward.

When Brown was asked Friday evening what he learned from Ward over the last two years, Brown replied, “Just how to be a professional and how to go about your business, and how to come in week in and week out and improve your love for this game.”

No one questions the love Brown has for the game and I think he is spot on with his bold statement that Wallace will be a teammate of his next season.

  • Ccb67

    Black and Gold darn it.

  • Ccb67

    Black and Yellow? try Black and Gold darn

  • Cjw560

    While i am happy he feels that mike will stay with the team. I wish he would have kept it to himself. Because if he leaves it will hurt even more now. I just hope Mike, and Antonio know they COULD be the next Swann and Stallworth.

  • RealSteel

    AB came off as a good guy and class act. I really hope we get him locked up long term!!

  • Wdmason

    2011 sure not hard to predict but what about 2012 when Wallace is unrestricted? Do we force a franchise tag to keep him one more year? I guess Im looking too far ahead. Anything can happen in a years time.

  • Dizzy21

    I know definitely that Mike Wallace will NEVER be like Stallworth or Swann until he learns how to go up for a ball. Mike is the kind of reciever that needs his space if he’s going to make a play, he really needs to work on catching in traffic & jumping up for a catch. If he works on that he’ll be a MAJOR threat to any defense.

  • Jprankster2005

    No crap he will be back the only 2 teams that could afford the draft pick already spent all there money……..He will be back no matter what next yr. the question is do we let him screw us up for 2013 when a few important pieces become FA’s but I doubt the steelers will allow that to happen and just let him walk if he doesn’t agree with what they have on the table…..Brown is the all around reciever we need to keep……I wish wallace would sign a team friendly extension or someone would snag him up for a first rounder

  • Jprankster2005

    This is 2012 u mean 2013 and I doubt it because they will be in more salary cap problems next yr. then this yr. and will have to resign brown and sanders among a few other key pieces…… If he doesn’t resign before the end of this yr. he’s gone……

  • PA2AK

    haha. you cant really predict 2011 at this point. Kinda happened last year.

  • Wdmason

    oops I got my years mixed up lol

  • Cjw560

    I agree with you about him needing to practice catching the ball in traffic. He really needs to work on that part of his game. But i was saying they could be a great Duo like the Steelers of old.