Ben Roethlisberger Begs Mike Wallace To Stay With Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was on DVE Radio Wednesday morning to give his thoughts on Hines Ward after he announced his retirement on Tuesday. Roethlisberger, as expected, talked glowingly about Ward and how good of player he was and how emotionally he was at times in the huddle.

Later in the interview Roethlisberger was asked about restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace and if he has been nervous about the possibility that he could leave now that free agency has started. Roethlisberger replied, “Nervous is not the word. I\’m scared to death. I communicate with Mike, I wake up every day and I\’m like, Mike, please don\’t go anywhere. I\’m begging you. I\’m going to beg right now over the radio. Don\’t go anywhere Mike. You know Mike is too good of a player, but Mike\’s an even better person. He\’s a great teammate, he\’s a great guy and he\’s someone that we need to have here. I\’ll be disappointed if he goes somewhere. I\’ve got a good feeling that he\’s not. I don\’t know what it is, but I\’ve just got a feeling he\’s not going to go anywhere, but I\’m still begging every day and praying that he doesn\’t go anywhere.”

Roethlisberger was then asked if he thought that some the words of Ward said during his press conference may have had an effect on Wallace, to which Roethlisberger replied, “I think so and I hope so. I mean I think we all that know Mike, and know everybody, I mean any time someone goes to leave we always tell them, hey we wish you the best, but you know that you\’re going to love it here and so many guys that leave here and go to another team, either come back or want to come back because they\’re like, man, it\’s just not the same. You know its family here and that\’s what we tell Mike and I\’ve been telling Mike and hopefully Hines has been telling him and he saw the conference yesterday and all of these things. Because we need and want Mike back and he\’s a part of the family and we don\’t want to see him go anywhere.”

The plus here is that evidently Roethlisberger is staying in close contact with Wallace and seems to be chirping in his ear quite a bit. Hopefully Wallace did indeed see the Ward retirement presser as well and how much it meant for him to retire in Pittsburgh. All of this hopefully will not even come into play though as Wallace has not received an offer sheet as of yet, just as I predicted.

You can listen to the full interview with Roethlisberger below.

  • The Hammer

    You mean, “As my co-host on The Terrible Podcast predicted, and I generally agreed,” right?

  • SteelersDepot

    Nope I predicted all along he would return. Even before last season ended.

  • Hampdenrocks

    ….we can all hope Mike decides to stay. ….but there is a desparate team in denver that just pushed all-in for a QB, and still way under the cap w enuf to offer a ton o mulla.

    If Mike goes, i see having consecutive picks no.24 and 25 really improving both the OL and the secondary…

  • Guest

    I hope Wallace stays, but I would not blame him if he leaves for more money. The NFL is a business first, and it can be cruel. I have no issues with players getting as much money as they while they can. As great an organization as the Steelers are, if you are no longer performing, you get cut. There was no loyalty given to Ward (nor should there have been) based on what he had done in the past. It was a pure business decision based on what he could do next season. Wallace and every other athlete should do the same.

  • Intropy

    I agree with this generally but temper it somewhat. It’s not completely cutthroat, and there is some loyalty. Whether that’s born out of pragmatism or sentiment I cannot say, but there is a preference by the Steelers to resign there own, and there is a preference among players to stay. That’s not a trump card; it’s an influence. And money or other factors have their roles as well. It’s up to each player and the team to decide how much value lies in maintaining that relationship when weighing against other options, and I won’t begrudge anyone their choices for that valuation.

  • I think we go secondary and LB. With Philly out of the LB running, Kuechly might fall, and even if he doesn’t, I think there is more value there with Hightower than the likely OL players.


    Wallace would be taking a pretty big risk signing with Denver right now. Yes, Peyton Manning is a HOF quarterback, but he is also 35 (36 in a few days) and hasn’t played in a game in over a year. If his health or conditioning doesn’t hold up, then guess what – Denver already traded the only quarterback that won for them last season. I’ve also read that Wallace is asking for a contract larger than Larry Fitzgerald’s massive 8 year, $120 million deal. Nobody is gonna want to drop 120+ million on this guy AND give up their first round pick. If he signs his tender, he’ll be a UFA next season and he’ll have a much better field of teams to choose from.

  • Waynel

    It’s a money thing in the short time in a punishing sport,some leave disabled for life from a cheapshot hit,you can’t blame them for no loyality.

  • I completely agree with you on Hightower having better value than the OL prospects likely to be available at #24. Don’t discount Kuechly still ending up in Philly despite the Demeco Ryans trade – the Eagles LB coach worked Kuechly out yesterday at his pro day. I don’t think we go secondary in the first or second round. There’s absolutely no need to draft a CB that high this year, and I don’t think there’s much early round value with Safeties. If they go ILB in the 1st, I think they look at DT in the 2d-3d (Martin, Ta’amu), or at Guard (Brandon Brooks). TE is also a possibility early (2d-3d rd – Fleener, Allen).

  • Joe D

    I just read Bouchette… Wallace wants to be paid like Fitz!!!
    He wants 8 years and 120million..
    That’s a good thing… Meaning Steelers will have him for 2 more years..
    2012 – RFA at $2.7 million
    2013 – Franchised at $10million
    2014 – Out the door!!!

  • Paul M

    The Steelers won’t allow Wallace to leave, they said so, believe it. He is worth 10 times more than a #25 draft pick. Rooney will have to cut another check.

  • Ben is worried about Ben. He wants to continue the ESPN highlight reel offense he had with Bruce Arians. It cost us games and a Superbowl. Throw it deep into double coverage no matter what. Once in the Redzone Mike is at a loss. He is a one trick pony. Brown, who was voted MVP for the Steelers team last year is the real deal. He is a Hines with speed.
    Ben can say what he wants but I heard what Wallace said too. He said “I want my money. I hope I can stay here in PA but I want my money”. He thinks he is better than he really is. I hope he goes and maye the offense can get back to moving the chains and win some games. Knock off the ego trips and play as a team. Get Ben back down to earth.
    Hines Ward is a class act. Over half of his 1000 catches were in the REDZONE. Something Ben and Bruce Arians don’t know much about these past couple years. Good luck Hines. We will miss you for sure. I have been a Steeler fan for over 40 years and you are the best make no mistake.

  • Texanfan28

    you obviously know nothing of what happened with hines ward, and are just posting random crap. Ward said he would even take a pay cut, and he was the best role model and reciever coach the steelers have had, also he held all recieving records for the steelers and will go down as one of the best ever.

  • Guest

    Did I contradict anything you just said? I said that the Steelers cut Ward when he was no longer performing at a level they expect from their WR, regardless of how much Ward helped them out in the past. Yes, Ward offered to take a pay cut, but the Steelers still cut him. Ward will go down as one of the best Steelers WR, and may even go to Canton one day. However, the Steelers made a business decision that at even with a pay cut, they did not want him.

  • kevin

    He is definitely better than you think he is and much better than Brown at this point in their careers. Also, half of Ward’s catches were not in the Redzone. Quit making things up.

  • Fish

    Wallace – Runs fast, runs poor routes, has no ability to run after the catch and is pathetic in the open field ( watch any of the bubble screens designed for him or when he catches the ball in the middle of the field ), does not grasp the concept of blocking to help the struggling run game, etc, etc.. He is a ONE TRICK PONY! He serves the purpose of stretching the field and hauling in a deep ball from time to time.

    Brown – Does all of the above at a high level with slightly less speed, and returns punts and kicks.

    Wallace better than Brown at this point in there careers…….Really?