Bubble Bursting: Steelers Will Not Be Interested In Brandon Jacobs

I feel like today is a good day to put out free agent fire before it gets started, just like I did at this same time last year with Tiki Barber. This year it is another former New York Giants running back that will have at least half of Steeler Nation frothing at the mouth after he was released today by the Super Bowl champions. Jacobs will turn 30 years of age in July and his best years are far behind him. Not only is that an issue with Pittsburgh being a possible landing spot for him, but he has character issues as well. He is not regarded as a team player and loses his cool way too much for the Steelers liking.

Even if the Steelers were to get past all of the above, there is still this little thing called the salary cap that stands in the way. As Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger pointed out shortly after the release of Jacobs on Friday, he was scheduled to earn a base salary of $4.9 million in 2012 and was unwilling to lower that number too terribly much to stay in New York. Jacobs will undoubtedly want a few million to play elsewhere in 2012 and there is likely a team out there willing to pay him that. It will not be the Steelers.

Even with Rashard Mendenhall expected to start the season on the PUP list next season, the Steelers have a full stable of younger backs to go along with presumed 2012 starter Isaac Redman as Jonathan Dwyer, Baron Batch, John Clay and Chad Spann will all be battling for roster spots. Throw on top of that the fact that the Steelers could also be thinking about adding yet another running back at some point during the draft and you can see that there is no roster spot for an aging and troublesome back like Jacobs.

Get it out of your head right now as it just won\’t happen, nor should it. Let me go ahead and burst the Michael Bush bubble as well while I am at it. He will not be a Steeler in 2012 either.

Oh and Happy Friday everyone.

  • Eric87

    yea I wouldnt go after brandon jacobs either, though he could be a good power back in our offense, just doesn’t fit right. Bush would fit very well with our offense, but I am betting that his going rate will be way above our price

  • Eric87

    even though everyone seems to be panicking, the steelers dont need another half back. A fullback would be much more necessary. Even though he has character issues, the steelers would be better off to go after peyton hillis. Again not a necessary move, and who wouldnt have a bad attitude in playing for the perennial loser browns!

  • Eric87

    colts just cut a bunch of guys. Gary Brackett, Joseph Addai, Melvin Bullitt, Dallas Clark, and are willing to trade Dwight Freeney. Dallas Clark would be a good addition to the Steelers tight end corp

  • This is dead on, but I am interested in hearing more about free agent options we will be looking at. We can’t fill all holes with the draft, so we need to do some bargain basement shopping.

    I’d love to hear who the ILB, G, or NT options are that we might be able to bring in on smaller one year contracts.

  • SteelersDepot
  • Can’t afford him.

  • Eric87

    guess depends on if we are able to re-sign wallace and what kind of market is out there for him, but you are probably right. Would be nice though, Miller and Clark for 2 seasons would open up the middle of the field.

  • Eric87

    I also believe that I have heard in previous weeks that Chris Cooley could be released from the Redskins. He would be also a good pass catching tight end to pair with Heath if he would become available, and I would think that his market would be a bit more quiet than Clark’s. Just tryin to dream a bit.

  • Eric87

    Wasn’t the salary cap numbers supposed to be released today? I am guessing this is why we have heard no news on the wallace contract or that of any of our other guys?

  • Options at these positions are likely already on the roster and/or RFAs that will be brought back.
    Guard options – Legursky, Foster, a draft pick (or two); maybe C Scott and/or probably Essux

    ILB – Foote, Sly, and Timmons of course; possibly Hightower rd1, if not, one of the 2nd/3rd tier guys

    NT – really not sure about this one; I guess they roll with McC and Anthony Gray until Snack comes back; maybe they take a chance on Ta’amu in rd 2/3

    point is, we likely won’t see FAs come in at those positions, particularly Guard where we have guys to bring back already. Its just not something the Steelers do. They fill holes with known guys, and forecast the rest thru the draft (ie. Mendy for Willie, Ziggy/Cam for ASmith/Keisel, Wallace/Brown/Sanders for Ward, Tone, RandleEl/NWashington, etc…)

  • Eric87

    Now talking about a fit at fullback. Le’ron McClain is an unrestricted free agent. As a former raven we have seen how effective he can be as a blocker and power back, and could it be a coincidence that he was coached by Todd Haley last season?

  • LouPGH

    Brandon Jacobs is the most upright, weak “power” back I’ve ever seen.

  • I like Paul Soliai at his rookie contract #s, but he was franchised last year at over $12mil, so I’m guessing he’ll command a bit more than the Steelers would be able to offer. Maybe someone like McKinney (at ~1.5mil) from BAL who may not be back as Cody takes over?

  • I would like to have Clark, but I don’t think there is any way we can get him for under 4-5m. And the money we would save from Wallace would partially need to go to another WR. We cannot lose Wallace and Ward and replace that much experience through the draft.

  • Paul

    I think they will draft a couple backs in 456 rd

  • Nolrog

    Pretty much. For a guy his size (6’4″, 264) he runs like he’s much much smaller. If he had Ahmad Bradshaw’s mentality, he’d be one of the best backs in the league.

    Heard this on the radio yesterday. Bradshaw (5’10” 214) runs bigger than Jacobs, and Jacobs runs smaller than Bradshaw. Thought that was fitting.

    I agree, this is a definite no.

  • Nolrog

    The need is far more urgent for a guard than it is for a TE. If they were going to sign any FA, they need to bolster that horrible horrible OL.

  • That’s generally what we’ll do. But the Steelers did pick up James Farrior, Ryan Clark, Larry Foote the second time, Justin Hartwig, Will Allen, Jonathan Scott, Flozell, and others through free agency. Not all were great, but they filled some holes.

    I’m sure there are some low-cost backups that we’ll be looking at in the next month.

  • Jabsosteel

    You can say what you want about how upright and small he runs…the Steelers are anemic at best on a good day when it comes to a goalline threat. They’ve been this way for far too long. Sure, Redman is better, but he’s yet to prove himself as effective a power back as Jacobs. Look at the pure physics of it, a guy who’s 6’4″ and 264 has a LOT of weight on his side and he only need to really lean forward and drive, and he’s likely to get those couple of yards that you need. I’ll put it this way, I’d take a run-down and tired Brandon Jacobs over Mendenhall who stalls, stammers, waits, falls as opposed to taking a hit, and takes longer to hit the hole than it takes most people to eat a PB&J sandwich. For pete sake, the guy runs like he’s taking tickets to the event! I’m not saying that Jacobs is THE GUY, but consider our proven options right now…

  • A couple? how many do you think they need?