Friday Night Frenzy: Redskins Trade Up With Rams & Jets Extend Mark Sanchez Contract

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports first reported the news Friday night that the Washington Redskins have acquired the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft from the St. Louis Rams and it cost them this year’s first and second round picks as well as their first-round picks in 2013 and 2014.

The Redskins are now most certainly going to draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III after Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is taken first overall by the Indianapolis Colts. The trade also signifies that the Redskins will not be making a run at free agent quarterback Peyton Manning as well. Manning was released from the Colts on Wednesday.

The Cleveland Browns had also been rumored to be a team that also had interest in trading up with the Rams, but evidently did not want to give up both of their two first round picks this year to do so. You can\’t rightly blame them.

In other shocking news Friday night the New York Jets announced that they had reached a contract extension with quarterback Mark Sanchez that will last through the 2016 season. That move effectively takes the Jets out of the Manning sweepstakes now as well.

Sanchez received $20.5 million in guaranteed money as part of the the new extension and it also includes $40.5 million in new money that brings the five-year total of the contract to $58.25 million. There is also another additional $10 million in escalators that can be earned according to the reports.

This NFL is a quarterback driven league for sure, but both of these moves are quite extreme in my opinion. The Redskins are basically “all in” on RG3 as are the Jets with Sanchez, who has a career 6.5 yards per attempt stat in his first three seasons in the league to go along with a career 73.2 passer rating. To his credit though, he does have two AFC Championship game appearances, but lost both of them.

Perhaps the happiest quarterback in the league tonight is Joe Flacco, who is currently trying to work out a contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens.

So what do you think of these two new developments?

  • Great news. I really like RGIII, and want to see him have success in his pro career. If he ended up with the Browns, I would have had to change both of those positions.

  • PoKey21

    The Redskins are incompetent. Not only did they mortgage this years draft they mortgaged their future on 1 guy. Its the reason they have been irrelevant for decades. An incompetent front office will kill a team. Only in Major League 1 and 2 can a team win with terrible ownership! It makes me glad I am a Steeler fan. And I am all for them moving up in the draft this year, but by no means do they give up any #1 picks besides this years to move up!

  • Dumbest. Trade. Ever.

  • Jefferson St. Joe

    Ridiculous move by the Jets. Risky move by the Redskins.

  • They HAD to give up at least two, they weren’t going to move up without that. But three was too much. Now, even if RGIII is great, they will have trouble building to support him.

  • Pretty much. Sanchez just plain isn’t good.

  • Intropy

    Flacco’s position came immediately to mind for me. Wouldn’t it be great if a recent AFC competitor and a dangerous division rival both locked up several years of mediocre quarterbacks for ridiculous salaries?

  • Paul

    Thankful that Cleveland is run by stupid arses, they had a chance for a franchise QB again slip through their fingers( Big Ben 04). They tried at the last minute but it was too late.

    So no RG3 in AFCN good for Steelers but bad for the fans.

  • Joe D

    Washington is NUTS!!!!
    To give up 3 1st rounders plus a 2nd…. is NUTS!!!
    They will have to rely upon supplementing their team with free agents…

    Jets could have waited another year to do the extension… what was the hurry… it’s not like they got a deal on this extension! Stupid…

  • Dgh57

    I love the Redskins trading up!! It means keeping RGIII out of Cleveland a division foe! Redskins overpaid though.

    Jets way overpaid Sanchez! What has he done to get this kind of money?

  • SteelerRod

    WAY TOO MUCH. Can you say DITKA and RICKY WILLIAMS! The RAMS will be thet team to watch out for over the next few years!

  • kevin

    I can’t believe that they did this over 4 spots in the draft. I know RGIII has the potential to be a very good player, but he is still just potential at this point.

  • Heathicus

    Redskins are a good drafting team. This is not the case of a horrible-drafting team (like the Rams) trading away multiple picks, this is a team that can actually draft elite talent because they have a great scouting department – though they may want to pack up and leave now that their job duties have been cut in half lmao

    Bad move. This is overpayment.

  • Cleveland was smart not to try to beat out the deal Wash was giving. It would have taken both of this years firsts and they have too many needs to give them up.

  • Hcampbell35

    Well, the Redskins just made me even more proud to be a STEELER fan. Griffin isn’t going to win any superbowls in the NFL. Just like Vick and Cam Newton. Those type of Q.B.’s are to reliant on their physical abilities and have an instinct to run first instead of looking down field to pass the ball on extended plays. What type of Q.B. ever won a superbowl playing with that style? Guys like Roethlisbereger who can extend plays and still read defenses that look down field and go through multiple progressions wins championships. Not some video game highlight Q.B. I said it when Atlanta drafted Vick out of Virginia Tech. He and that type of Q.B. will never be able to win a superbowl.

  • dgh57

    That’s what I’ll always remember about Mike Ditka and that stupid trade he made for R. Williams!! If I remember right that trade was with the Redskins! I don’t know who those draft picks they got back from the Saints were but most of them probably not much or they would be a better team. Redskins didn’t know how to use the draft then and they still don’t!!!!!

  • JerryCola

    This trade was mostly predicated on what Cam Newton did last year since both he and Griffin have similar skill sets. And technically the Redskins did not give up 3 first round draft picks, it was only 2 – 2013 and 2014.

    As for the Jets, the less said about them the better. They are truly a dysfunctional organization.

  • No, it was three. They gave up this years in exchange for a higher one this year. The net is that they are out two and a second, but they had to give up three. That is how trades are figured. And it is still too much. Even if he turns out like Newton, the one thing Newton didn’t do was the only thing he was paid to do: win games.

    I am not saying win on his own, but there were several times last season where the game was on him and he either made the game changing mistake or came up short. He needs to get past the (hopefully for him) rookie BS and starting winning. Until he starts doing that, the stats are meaningless.

  • JerryCola

    Newton didn’t win games? They went from 2 wins in 2010 to 6 in 2011. I’d say that was a good start for a rookie to build on. How may did Bradshaw, Aikman, Manning win in their first years?