Hines Ward Retires From Pittsburgh Steelers – Full Press Conference Audio

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward announced his retirement today during a noon press conference at the Steelers facility after 14 seasons. Ward stated that he could not fathom putting on another uniform and was very choked up when talking about Steeler Nation and the support that he has received following his release. Ward stated that Jerome Bettis helped through his decision making process to get to where he is at right now. Ward said his only regret was contract hold out several years ago. We will have more reaction today about the Ward retirement press conference and you can listen to the full audio of it below.


  • Pittsburghpenguins 8771

    Will there be a full video sometime?

  • GoSteelers

    Hines is a real class act! We’ll see you in the HOF in 5 years!

    p.s. in the meantime, maybe on TV!

  • Joe D

    Saw it live on Steelers website…

    Good luck in the future Hines…
    I can see him coming back to Steelers in some admin role…

  • Dug

    Hines…love you, man. Thank you. Here’s to hoping the Steelers brass has enough understanding to bring you back for one last game, to catch one last pass, and have Heinz Field, and every household and Steelers sports bar across the world cheer with one voice for you one last time as you run off the field with that big grin. You still have football left in you. Amazing. #bleedblackandgold

  • Acenutso

    i and my 8 year old grandson will miss you every sunday
    next time we see you will be at the hall of fame
    i will be there along with him and with half this city
    you are one of the greatest……i’m 60
    and go back to pitt stadium…..ive had seasons since 79….ive seen a few…so this aint cheap
    talk to me
    you….john henry…..joe……jacksplat
    plus…..dermonti….stall…..webby……hammer…..gabe….aaron….charles henry noll…. .brad…..woody(who should have never been let leave)…..and of course myron cope
    are the steelers…….and will always be
    i’ll still hope they end up begging you back because i believe we are better with you
    than without….i too feel you still can play
    thank god……you wont wear another uniform…….to have watched woody as a raven and a raider was so sad
    said it before…..still believe if they would have used you in last drive in denver
    we’d have had another super bowl
    but that’s my feeling
    lots of love…….
    i just can’t believe your smile will be gone
    mine is today……when you sell that house in atlanta
    live here………you belong here……and will be loved
    god bless
    so from my grandson…..”little hines”….me
    my three daughters and two sons in law…….
    may your life be blessed
    you will always shine black and gold

  • Eric87

    Love you Hines, favorite Steeler ever, the epitomy of what a Pittsburgh Steeler should be, great guy and would have loved to been a teammate of this guy. You will be forever missed, but never forgotten

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    I never got too caught up in Hines playing for someone else. I didn’t like the idea, but I couldn’t imagine he’d pull a Franco.

    I’m glad he’s not going to (even if he let a week of Free Agency pass before “deciding” this).

  • LKirk816

    Hines loves and is loved by All of Steeler Nation! Way to show your heart and soul not only on the field but off of it! Class all the way around! Lead by example……the Steelers should snap him up as a WR coach immediately! This guy need to mentor and guide these burgeoning egos with YOUNG MONEY!
    Side Note to Ben R.: If you want to be seen as a leader, where were you today? Bettis comes back and Harrison, Keisel and the like show up…..what kind of leadership is that?

  • Mary Wallis

    Hines, My family and I wish you God’s blessings as you enter a new phase of your life. You have been The Man to watch for all of us. We love you and hope you will continue to inspire young people as you have so very generously done! You Mother must be very proud. I am, and I am 80 years old! Keep smiling!! Mary