James Harrison Is Very Interested To See How Roger Goodell Handles Bounty Gate

As the Bounty Gate story continues to play out, one Pittsburgh Steelers player has made it known that he will be real interested to see the stance the league takes towards the New Orleans Saints and current St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, as linebacker James Harrison took to his Facebook page on Sunday to say, “We\’ll see how concerned the NFL is about player safety when they decide what the punishment for the saints is.” Harrison polled his followers and friends at the end of the post with the question, “What do u think it should be?”

James Harrison Facebook Bounty Gate

Harrison, and all of the Steelers defensive players for that matter, have been in the cross hairs of the league for several years now as the league says they are taking a tougher stance on player safety. Some have accused Harrison in the past of premeditated hits with the intent to injure players, but he has never been accused of being a bounty hunter. Harrison has a good reason to watch the outcome of the leagues findings as he has been fined a total of six times over the last few seasons with the latest incurring a one-game suspension for his hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy in week 14 last season.

As I mentioned in my post on Ryan Clark early Sunday morning, we would be foolish to think that both organized and unorganized bounty type systems do not exist in nearly every locker room around the league, but the documentation that commissioner Roger Goodell supposedly has in regards to what happened with the Saints should invoke one of the strongest disciplines of a coach and a franchise that we have never seen before. If Goodell and the league are as serious as they say they are in regards to player safety, the forthcoming ruling should reflect that to the max and then some. We are not talking about a linebacker merely hitting a quarterback late here, we are talking about players being paid for purposefully doing it with the intent to injury on an organized level.

Much like Harrison, Steeler Nation will be watching the decision of the league and Goodell very closely. Perhaps he will take it more serious than he did when Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs verbally admitted to bounties being placed on Steelers players a few years ago. I will not got too much into that hypocrisy, because there will be more written about that in depth by the local Pittsburgh media very soon and I for one can\’t wait to read it and see if it gets a reaction from the league.

  • Eric87

    Hopefully this bs doesnt happen in the steelers organization, which i doubt. As a team tho, the steelers have been penalized for “illegal” hits, meaning being to tough, when these guys from the saints are intentionally trying to injure players, real nice.Lets see how Goodell the king decides that this isnt a big deal since its not the steelers causing the infractions.

  • I think Harrison should get the fine money back. Heck, he can donate to charity if he wants or even to the Steelers since they have been crying poverty.

  • UM68

    Eric, an illegal hit is pretty clearly defined in the NFL rules ; it certainly isn’t merely being “too tough”. Watch some of the 49ers defense and you’ll see what good, CLEAN, tough, hard-hitting is. (By the way, I’m a Giants fan, not a Niners fan). Harrison is DEFINITELY dirty and the fines he has paid were for illegal hits – not “hard” hits.

  • Dhasson

    i think its a sad sad day when a professinal player or team has to resort to maming someone instead of relighing on their own ability the people who do this should be banned and fined indefinetly from any sport……………

  • Seagledad05

    Niners D? As I recall in the playoffs this year they would have had a couple interceptions if it wasn’t for your probowl safety flying in with his eyes closed trying to drill someone and ended up laying out his team-mates both times, Real Clean! As for Goodell picking on the Steelers, hell yeah he does! Ryan Clark cleanly drilled out a receiver this year and Tomlin used the film from that hit to demonstrate how to cleanly hit a player, shortly after Ryan Clark was fined for that same CLEAN hit. Players want to hit hard but I guarantee if you ask any Steeler player they would never want to intentionally injure anyone, thats their lively hood, job that feeds their families, and their is an unspoken brotherhood that they all want to walk off the field as they walked on.

  • Pete

    I don’t seeing Goodell doing much about it, just like how he swept the Patriots cheating under the rug. Sure the Saints will be fined and Williams will be fined and that will be that. End of story. Now if it was Harrison that was caught, Goodell would have a lot of fun with that.

  • @UM68,Actually, part of the problem is that illegal hits ARE NOT all clearly defined. There are specific situations that are very subjective and left up to the referees discretion. Watching games across the league, it is easy to see that some hits are called in one game, and let go in another.

    There are a few clear cases where Harrison’s hits were very borderline and could have went either way, but the guy got hurt or laid down too long, and thus Harrison got fined.

  • stlrssf

    Did you watch the niner -steeler game,there were several H2H ,one spear to chest,they lead with their helmets also ,no flags.

  • SteelCity_Paisana78

    Goodell is a punk…I can’t stand him!!!

  • Bigk825

    In response to UM 68; you wouldn’t know a dirty hit if it bit you on the nose. If you think the 49rs are the way defense should be played, maybe you should watch some video of their “clean” defense.