Lynn Swann Gives His Thoughts To Steeler Nation On The Release Of Hines Ward

Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame wide receiver Lynn Swann took to Facebook to give Steeler Nation his thoughts on the release of wide receiver Hines Ward after 14 years with the team. The 2 minute and 45 second clip comes off as a State of the Union address and Swann has never been shy about letting his opinions known about Steelers players. Most recently Swann chimed in with his thoughts on Ben Roethlisberger during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Swann has backed the organization and the Rooney family publicly for some time now and there certainly is nothing wrong with that. You can only imagine the backlash the team is receiving from fans right now that do not understand why Ward had to be let go. It makes you wonder if Swann may have been prodded by the organization to record this as to help ease the pain to many of the fan base. I am in agreement with everything that Swann says in the video statement, but I am struggling with him feeling the need to have it shot in front of that self portrait, as it has somewhat of a Kenny Powers feel to it. In case you can\’t view the address on Facebook, I have transcribed it below.

Lynn Swann Facebook Video Address To Steeler Nation

Lynn Swann Statement

For all of those Steeler fans that are concerned about Hines Ward, I think Hines Ward is a future Hall of Famer. I believe that his dedication, his work ethic, his success, on the football field speaks volumes about the kind of person he is and what football meant to him and what playing for the Steelers meant to him. I wish him nothing but success with whatever path he chooses. Many of the past great players for the Steelers have left for different reasons. Some were injured and left before their time. Some went on to other careers and others were released because there was not a balance between what they wanted to do, their contract, and building the team for the future. The Steelers have been very successful as an organization. You can\’t argue with the success of the Rooney\’s and their coaches have had since the 70\’s. The founder, Art Rooney, his son Dan, and Dan\’s son, Art II, have been phenomenal at choosing the right coaches to make us competitive and making the tough decisions to make sure that we can win championships. Have a chance to win championships every single season. These things are not easy, and again, you can\’t argue with that success. As a fan, it\’s always hard for us to see our favorite players decide to leave the game or have to make a move to go elsewhere. Hines Ward will always be in my book, a Pittsburgh Steeler, for what he gave this team and what the team meant to him. So I think we should all give Hines our support. We should always give the Rooney\’s and Coach Tomlin our support because they are making these tough decisions to make sure we maintain our competitive edge and we can compete in the future to bring more Super Bowls to the city of Pittsburgh. Success is never easy. When you take your children to games, when you take your family to games and you think about the years, and maybe the road trips that you went on to Cleveland, or to Super Bowls, and watch the guys play, and that player is no longer there. Emotionally it always hurts. Emotionally that can\’t be replaced and you wish that it could always be the same, but in order for us to continue to grow and be the best we can, whether we are talking about the Pittsburgh Power or the Pittsburgh Steelers, we need to make some tough decisions. So the Steeler Nation should always stand behind those players that they love and respect, and have been great for this ball club, like Hines Ward, but also stay true and close to the people that are making the hard decisions to make sure that we are competitive down the road. Thank you.

  • Laurie Murphy

    Hines Ward was an integral part of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. Shocked does not even describe what I feel right now. feels like they chewed him up and spit him out. Hines, wherever you go, you ll always have a fan in me and millions of others. You will be terribly missed. Good luck, God Bless and may you have your best year ever! Stay proud!!!
    Laurie Murphy,
    Severn, Maryland

  • Steelerz357

    Key word – WAS ! If you look at this year he was the number 4 receiver, dropped more balls than usual (He almost always caught everything), slowed down another step – and realisticcally had an extra 10-15 catches simply because Ben wanted to get him to career catch and yard milestones – I also don think he will really be missed that much as far as production. While I agree on wishing him the best – cant really fault the Steelers for being up agianst the cap and making a tough decision.

  • Lynn Swann likes Lynn Swann

    “I am in agreement with everything that Swann says in the video statement, but I am struggling with him feeling the need to have it shot in front of that self portrait, as it has somewhat of a Kenny Powers feel to it.”

    Hilarious… and how about that Pittsburgh Power reference?

  • Dschellhaas

    Nothing lasts forever. It’s almost embarrassing fans need Swann to take time to give a public service announcement like a Dad to his 10 year old because people don’t get this. Hines can’t play forever. I love him but he was done a year ago.

  • PaHiker72

    Laurie, please do not forget that going into the 2005 season Hines held the entire organization hostage. They had just lost Plaxico and Hines was holding out for a new contract, paraphrasing stuff like “I will sit out..” and other quotes that I could dig up if needed. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate Hines for what he has done. But lets not forget he wasn’t perfect. Holding out.. critizing Ben over missing a game due to concussion symptoms and a couple of examples. People tend to have short memories when it comes to Hines. The Steelers have treated him more than fairly over the years, I would love to be treated like that by my employer. I’m a pretty good Systems Analyst so maybe tomorrow I will just tell my boss I’m not coming back until I get a raise. Sound ridiculous? It only becomes ridiculous when you remember that the Steelers gave him a nice fat contract and gave in to his “demands”.


  • silverstreakhl

    I don’t know about you but I’m damned glad Lynn Swann explained all of this to me. I had turned in my Steelers decoder ring and was on the ledge ready to jump before I read this. Whew. Close call. Hey, I love Hines, still do, but life goes on. As for Lynn posing beside his own portrait, well, some things never change.

  • Curtb2929

    PaHiker72 If i do remember right Hines attended camps and didnt make a distraction about his contract. He did the same thing all players does, so to say he held the organization hostage is far fetched. As far a him making his comments about Ben, remember Ben’s the one who came out of the training room saying he wasnt playing and good luck winning with a rookie Dennis Dixon. He also handled himself in a professional way when Ben also want us to draft a taller receiver. That being said, im going to miss seeing Hines on the field and the Rooneys, Kevin Colbert, and Mike Tomlin know whats best for the team. I would love to see him reunited with coach Cowher on Fox pregame show on Sundays and retire a Steeler.

  • Heathicus

    Great statement from a great player to another great player. Great news : )

  • Mb_twenty_four

    It’s a business. Hines is an all-time Steeler great, but so was Franco who finished his career with the Seahawks. Do I like a team without Hines and his intangibles? Not as much. But someone will step in as they always do. Greg Lloyd was replaced. Kevin Greene was replaced. Joey Porter. And someday Troy will. Doesn’t diminish who is was and is to us as Steelers fans.

  • Aim111

    Sometimes players don’t know when their career is over, sometimes the team has to make that decision for them. Remember Terry Bradshaw? He was done, he didn’t want to face it and he ended up hating Noll and the Steelers for showing him the door. Franco was done, he couldn’t face it and ended up sad and pathetic in Seattle. It happens to all of them, some can bow out gracefully and some can’t. The team has to do what’s best for the team, not the individual player. That being said, it’s a shame they couldn’t do for Hines what they did for The Bus, just let him have that final year, let him announce that he was going out, do a good bye tour and then ride off into the sunset with a nice ring as a parting gift. I think many fans understand the decision, they just wish that Hines could have gone out like Jerome.