Miami Ike? Ike Taylor Rocks Salmon Colored Jacket On NFL Total Access

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor has been dipping his toes in the television football analyst pool as of late and his latest appearance was Tuesday on NFL Total Access. I am a bit biased, but I thought Taylor did a pretty good job Tuesday in his segments, but the one thing that did catch me by surprise though was the wardrobe, or should I say jacket, that Taylor wore Tuesday. Taylor was rocking the Miami Vice look with his salmon colored jacket. I only know salmon is a color because one of my followers on Twitter (hat tip to Lauren) pointed out to me that it was not orange. DISCLAIMER: My box of Crayons never had the color salmon in it.

As you can see in the picture below, Taylor pulled it off and looked to be wearing Converse tennis shoes as well in the video I have linked to. I could be wrong with the Converse call and might be dating myself by saying that as I am by no means a fashionista. Dare I say that Ike was Swaggin? I think so. While Ike certainly had a Miami Vice look to him, it certainly was better than the Cousin Eddie blue jacket that Ben Roethlisberger has been caught in a few times. Need I even remind you of the chinchilla fur coat that Hines Ward did a post game press conference in a few years ago? Although not wardrobe related, what about Lynn Swann sitting in front of his own self portrait recently?

Last offseason Taylor said in an interview, prior to him signing his new deal, that he has always had to be a chameleon his entire life. On Tuesday we saw that Taylor indeed can change colors just like a chameleon, but I never thought one of those colors would be salmon. Perhaps I am just jealous that I could not pull it off wearing that jacket. I am also a little jealous he got to spend the day with Lindsay Rhodes as well.

Good job Ike, we are all proud of you. Here is a link to one of his segments.

Ike Taylor orange salmon jacket NFL Total Access

  • Eric87

    damn ike that jacket is ugly

  • Clintmartin

    I watched it. Hope he keeps his day job.He was not a broadcasting major.

  • Randy Steele

    It’s a good color for TV, although, perhaps, not in real life.

  • Man532

    My apologies, but Ike is a horrible speaker and uses way too much “Um’s” in his conversations. Definitely was lost in trying to make his point. Moose felt sorry for him and jumped in.

    Ike, please take some speech/toastmaster classes.

  • bassman4534

    Hmmmmm??? Ike’s set for life how about you ??? He plays football . go back and look at some of the nfl greats , fighters , etc …

  • Robert M. “Red” Baron

    He’s just trendy and it is springtime…..

  • PoKey21

    Too many NFL players/coaches try to be analyst. I may be biased but I think Terry Bradshaw is hysterical, and when combined with Howie Long makes for some of the best football commentary on TV. That and the game is the only time I can stand to watch Fox. Cowher is a little to straight laced. Merril Hodge and Jaws are Gurus, and for the more interested fan are phenomenal. Bettis brings some good things but overall not a fan of the commentary. Kordell is the worst on the show with Skip Bayless. I try so hard to root for Kordell when he speaks, but its just terrible what comes out. Ike looked like it was his first time on TV. By far the best former player/coach commentator on TV is Mark Schlereth. The worst is Trent Dilfer. I hate when he says defense alone cant win a Super Bowl when he himself won his championship only because of the Defense that he had on his team in Baltimore. (I am terrible at spelling names in case i butchered a few I’m sorry)

  • Daveb1952

    Not exactly my kind of shade… but it is a good color for Ike. As far a a post career switch to commentating, Ike has some serious speech crutches to overcome.