Mike Wallace To Denver Broncos Talk Will Now Dominate Free Agency

Quarterback Peyton Manning has now handed out his free agent bachelor rose to the Denver Broncos, and with the flurry off big named free agency signings now behind us, the full force speculation will now turn back to Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, and if the Broncos will pursue him with a large front loaded offer sheet and their first round pick in 2012 draft.

The Broncos entered the 2012 free agency period with $40 million plus in cap space and have since signed safety Mike Adams and re-signed middle linebacker Joe Mays. They have however lost wide receiver Eddie Royal and tight end Daniel Fells since free agency started. Their primary receiving core currently consist of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Matt Willis and D\’Andre Goodwin as of right now, so you can see why several are linking Wallace to the Broncos.

The receiver position is not the only need of the Broncos moving forward though as Denver Post beat writer Lindsay Jones pointed out Monday morning. She states that the Broncos could still use a young running back, defensive tackle, right cornerback and linebacker depth. She also notes that interior offensive line depth is needed along with a tight end and speculates that Dallas Clark, who played with Manning in Indianapolis, could be an obvious addition there.

Now of course the Broncos are surely to address several of their needs in the upcoming draft and they figure to still have a good deal of cap room in 2012 even with the addition of Manning, so the question becomes if they are willing to surrender a first round pick for Wallace and a hefty offer sheet with a big enough first year cap hit that the Steelers will not be able to match it.

Let\’s not forget that there are still other options out there for the Broncos as well in the form of Plaxico Burress, Lee Evans and Ted Ginn Jr. Admittedly none of those players are the same level as Wallace is, but none of them will carry the high price tag and first round draft pick as compensation either and the Broncos could still add a top notch receiver in the first round that could stretch the field in addition.

Before free agency started, many Steelers fans were fearful that the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals would all have Wallace in their free agency sights. It is pretty safe to rule out the Patriots and 49ers now and the Bengals chasing Wallace is just not in the MO of Bengals owner Mike Brown. That pretty much leaves the Broncos as the lone team left and you will continue to hear that for the next several weeks.

Personally I still think the 1st round pick and the threat that the Steelers will match will be enough to scare the Broncos off. Unfortunately it will still take another couple of weeks to get our answer and that means plenty of speculation to endure during that time.

  • Huskie

    I’ve heard speculation that the 9ers are not out of it either especially if they lose Alex Smith. Just saying

  • Nolrog

    In case anyone’s wondering, the Broncos have the 25th pick.

  • Broncos don’t need WR’s, but the 49’ers do. They have a bunch of guys who can be a #2 or #3 WR, but they don’t have a legit #1.

  • Joe D

    Mike Maylock is also recommending Denver to go after Wallace!!!

    It’s clear, Denver does need some recievers… whether Wallace is in the cards is unknown…
    Wow… just Wow… if Denver signs Peyton for 5 yr and 90 million… lots of money for big risk or unknown… must be incentive laden meaning starts related.

  • Eric87

    niners have Manningham, Moss, Crabtree, Kyle Williams, and Vernon Davis at TE. Don’t see them needing any more receiving threats. The broncos have Thomas and Decker. Prob should be a bit worried about this, bout does wallace want to play in denver? Manning doesnt have 5 years left in him would be my guess

  • Eric87

    guess if they take wallace, the Steelers either use the two 1st rounders to move up to the middle of the round prob to spot 12-15 somewhere. Otherwise will get two decent players around the end of the 1st round

  • Eric87

    They have plenty of receiving threats, and if they lose Smith, then they better work on getting a QB. Why would Walllace wanna go somewhere that has a new QB situation? Of course not talking about Manning in Denver, who wouldnt still wanna catch passes from him. But does Denver work for Wallace?

  • Eric87

    I would still love to see DeCastro a Steeler

  • Eric87

    well you know the broncos will be signing Dallas Clark too since they lost Fells

  • This is more of a general knowledge question than specific to Wallace and the Broncos, but it’s something I’ve been wondering about restricted free agency. If a player is offered a contract, can that player then ask his team to make him an offer that does not necessarily have to match the offer that the other team presents before he decides whether or not the other team’s offer interests him? In other words, does the matching contract stipulation come into play as soon as a contract is offered, or does the player have to preliminarily accept the offer first?

  • Moss was cut twice in one season. At best, he is a #2
    Manningham has never been more than a #3
    Crabtree, what has he done since he’s been in the league?
    Kyle Williams? Didn’t he single-handedly give the NFC championship game to the Giants?

    Yes, the 49’ers have bodies who can play WR, but they lack quality at the position.

  • AC_LJ

    Peyton’s deep seated love for horses continues, from a Colt to a Bronco. ( insert your own R rated jokes at your own risk.)

  • Plenty, yes. But how many good receiving threats do they have?

  • AC_LJ

    I have 2 PHD’s in human Psychology field: Peyton picked Bronco (AFC) so brother Eli (NFC) could logically compete in future Superbowls. Simple math, really. Blood’s thicker than H2o…

  • kevin

    Player has to sign the offer sheet. Wallace could take it to the Steelers.

  • IMO, Wallace is better than Burress, Evans and Ginn combined at this point in their careers. But we have to wait and see.

  • I am fairly certain he has to actually sign the offer from another team before matching comes in to play.

  • Me too, but I doubt they move up. I would prefer they take two guys, like Hightower and Adams with the picks in that scenario.

  • I doubt Wallace goes anywhere without a big armed QB.

  • Seadoovet

    Since we may be losing Wallace this year or next can we still trade him or does the tender take that off the table. It would be be worth losing Wallace and a later draft pick to get an earlier first rounder.

  • David

    Neither Manning or Alex Smith are deep ball guys. Wallace’s primary value is in his deep ball threat. Everything I’m reading says Denver needs a good slot guy, and those can be found later in the draft. I can’t see them dumping a #1 pick for someone who’s skill set doesn’t match their needs when they have other holes they need to fill. Manning will make any receiver better, there’s not much need for them to bring in big name receivers around him to try and “help” him (a la Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez). He’s helping them.

  • Eric87

    well vernon davis is a beadt, other than that the others are a decent group, you are right though, besides davis there is no super star in the group. My question is will Wallace want to split reps with all of those bodies. He would go to number 1 threat in Pitt to possibly 1 but the other guys would get alot of balls too. Thats the west coast offense for ya

  • Emac2

    Well, I guess that answers the age old question of how many Psychology PHD’s it takes to master simple math.

  • Anonymous

    You’re an idiot. PhD’s my *ss. Peyton stated his intentions were that he wanted to stay in the AFC. Regardless of what AFC team Peyton went to, there would still be the *possibility* of those two going head-to-head in the Super Bowl.

  • Callouswhisper

    Manning doesnt have a deep arm and now with injury likely even less so. He needs crisp routes runners and vets. I’d bet Cotchery is a much more likely target. This doesnt even begin to consider the massive amount of money Manning + Wallace would tie up, for a team that has a bunch of needs and wr isnt the top of that list. Imho this is all media noise and little more.

  • He would have to sign with us before we can trade him.

  • Foley718

    Why would Denver give up their first round pick when they need so much help…….they can sign Burress, Evans or Ginn. Denver already has a speed receiver in D. Thomas……sign a veteran receiver and get help in the draft. Remember this all depends on Peyton Manning and how his body responds to getting hit. As far we know he could end up in the Super Bowl or out of football by week 3……correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the offensive line Denver’s weak point?

  • Daveb1952

    Davis could very easily be their feature receiver. Crap he runs a 4.34, he’s got great hands and is a big target.

  • The Steelers are morons to let Wallace go. Get rid of the overpaid rapist QB and sign the speedy WR to whatever he wants. Any decent qb could run the steelers offense.

  • I’d take Tebow over Rapistberger any day, He beat him in last year’s playoffs because he didn’t give up and he has a good heart.

  • SteelersDepot

    Troll elsewhere Jimmy.

  • I’m stating a fact. Tebow 1, Rapistberger 0. The rapist threw int’s that cost them a superbowl, in his first superbowl, he has the worst passer rating in sb history, even his own teammates said he was no Peyton Manning. Hines Ward questioned his will to compete.

  • Against the Cardinals in the SB, it was Santonio Holmes who single-handedly won the game in the last minutes of the game. Not to mention James Harrison’s miraculous int before the first half.

  • Eric87

    yea whatever man

  • Eric87

    agree 100 %

  • Duke1969

    Tebow’s own team does not even have faith in him doing it again ,Theyre go out and buying a Qb that can end his career at any time or wind up in a wheel chair, if he takes the wrong hit and then they be looking for another Qb.
    The Broncos better hope they sign a QB for when the Ssteelers play them when they arehealthy and not missing 11 of there players because of injury.
    The Broncos beat the steelers, but lets see if Tebow can have at least two games in his career that he throws the ball and not hands off.
    Management and Elway knows that just like the option that the dolphins tried,it only last for so long before the league knows how to defend it and it no longer works.

  • JerryCola

    Let us know when Tebow plays in and wins at least one Super Bowl. Elway is already dumping him after two years.

  • Awoeler

    The steelers have lost players before and always bounce back. Wallace had a good first half but sh** the bed in the second half. If he wants to go then go if you want to be a team player like Hines Ward then stick around and earn your DAMN money. As I see it you haven’t earned that much yet. Let him go and get that second first round pick and grab an offensive lineman. Good Bye Mike!

  • Schizeled

    I think it makes alot of sense simply because Denver’s window with Manning os limited.
    They must win now and Wallace gives them that ability! MW makes the other receivers better immediately and with Manning throwing Wallace should be benefit from his accuracy and consistency……….It really is a no brainer…..Mike Maycock sais that Denveer cannot get as good a player with their no 1 as Wallace…………Well I might or might not agree with that BUT
    Denver can’t get someone that will have the immediate positive affect as Mike Wallace…….
    Truthfully it is probably a win win for both the Broncos and Steelers……Steelers benefit because of cap hit and the questionable ability to sign to a long term deal!! Denver gets a pro bowl receiver and an immediate upgrade that they need with a small window!

  • Schizeled

    Also, they did not sign Peyton to be a contender in two to three years……but to contest for a super bowl immediately………Wallace does that for them

  • Schizeled

    They keep both…….are you kidding me?

  • Schizeled

    Yep….me too but I wouldn;t mind them trading down and getting an extra 3rd or 4th round pick!

  • Fnymn_615

    Yeah I saw Santonio drop back and throw the ball to himself……..LMAO !!!!!!!!!
    Jimmy = MORON

  • Dcprayer

    Man you sound like a hater cut that out man

  • Dcprayer

    I agree