More Questions Asked About Moving Willie Colon To Guard

Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert is currently down in Florida at the NFL owners meeting and he has given us several new quotes to chew on after taking questions from the media.

Colbert was asked once again about the possibility of right tackle Willie Colon moving to guard and he passed the buck so to speak to Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Colbert does still think that Colon would line up as a tackle if the season were to start today, but also made it clear that it doesn\’t make the tackle position any less of a priority in the draft for the Steelers. Would you expect him to say anything other than that?

I have been a long time advocate of the thought that it would make sense to move Colon inside at some point and the Chicago Bears had that very same thought in mind last off season when they made a run at Colon early on in free agency. Will that, or should that move be made in 2012? As it looks right now, not initially, but it has to be considered down the line as a possibility, especially if a tackle were to be taken early in the upcoming draft.

As we have learned from the drafts in the Colbert era, he does not lock himself into a specific positional need going into each and every draft. Need does play a small role, but Colbert would have no hesitations drafting a tackle that he has rated higher on his draft board than a guard. He is a proponent of the best player available mentality with need playing just a small role in his final decision making process. Great tackles are much harder to find than good guards anyways and he knows that.

The Steelers do indeed need to consider the guard position in this upcoming draft and I suspect a true guard will be taken at some point, but Colbert is making it clear that we could just as easily see a tackle taken before a true guard type if the value presented itself. I believe deep down inside he knows that he can move Colon inside, maybe not this year, but possibly in 2013, especially if a promising young tackle were drafted this year in the early rounds.

Colbert is as smart as they come when it comes to not tipping his draft hand, so it is not surprising that he answered the line of questioning the way he did in his latest interview. The Colon to guard question will be one that is asked until either it happens or Colon plays out his career at tackle. It is a legitimate question to ask, but one we will never get a true answer to until after the fact.

For now Colon is a tackle and likely will remain one for at least the 2012 season, so we may have to wait at least one more year to see Gerry Dulac in a Steelers cheerleader uniform. Maybe the arms of Colon are not shrinking either.

  • Eric87

    I think Colon would do fine at RG, but am happy with him returning as RT as well.

  • Bleebo77

    ESPN Insider Matt Williamson just posted his top 5 remaining FA’s: David Hawthorne, LB; Andre Carter, DE; Demetrius Bell, OT; London Fletcher, LB; Shaun Rogers, DT.

    Four of the five play at a position of some need for the Steelers. Any thoughts about Steeler interest if the price is right? And how much do they have to spend after taking into account Wallace, the draft, etc.?

  • Faneca79

    Wille Colon should be moved… the unemployment line!

  • Jefferson St. Joe

    I think tackle is a high priority. Last season would have went down the drain if not for the return of Starks. They are still thin and inexperienced at left tackle and the position is just too critical to take a chance. I say get a tackle and let the guards sort themselves them out. They still have 2 returning starting guards plus the Colon option plus a glut of veteran free agent guards on the market willing to work for close to the minimum.

  • Bleebo77

    I’m intrigued by the case made by a SteelersDepot commenter that the Steelers should concentrate heavily on offense in the draft. How about Mike Adams or Jonathan Martin at 1.24 to develop as the tackle opposite Gilbert? (If they took an OT, I wonder how they’d shuffle things… keep Gilbert at RT? Move Colon inside? Retain Scott or Starks at until Adams or Martin is ready?).

    If the Steelers grab an OT at 1.24 and then also pick up a guard in round 2 or 3, that could turn a weakness into an eventual strength if the picks pan out. Maybe grab Taamu in Rd. 2, make do with Foote and Sylvester at ILB, and use the later rounds for BPA at positions like CB, S, DE, WR and OLB/ILB.


    If we draft a killer Tackle, can Gilbert play LG?

  • Cols714

    Why do we have to go through this ever year? Colon is not moving to guard. He isn’t. He’s been through multiple OL coaches and OCs and none of them have made him move.

    Let’s not write another “Colon to guard” column until it actually happens.

  • Harold


  • Jec3179

    I could see Shaun Rogers holding down the nose for this year on a 1 yr. deal with incentives throughout the contract..i.e. he comes in motivated and plays motivated

  • Bleebo77

    I see some variety in the grades folks have on OT prospects. Interestingly, Mel Kiper puts Bobby Massey 3rd, ahead of Martin and Adams. Scouts, Inc gives has Massie in Round 2 with Martin graded slightly ahead of Adams (but both with 1st round grades).

  • Foley718

    I would just like to see Colon make it through a season, I really don’t care where he plays as LNG as he plays