Report: Mike Tomlin Dined With Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins Tuesday

Could the Steelers really be interested in drafting a quarterback in the upcoming 2012 NFL draft? Brad Galli, sports reporter for WXYZ-TV in Detroit, reported via Twitter Tuesday that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had dinner with Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins Tuesday evening. Today is the Michigan State pro day, so it does add up that Tomlin would indeed be in town for that.

Many draft analyst suggested that Cousins helped his stock the most of all the quarterbacks at the NFL combine just a few weeks ago as he looked good throwing the ball. He measured in at the combine at 6025 and weighed 214 pounds. He has 31 3/4 arms to go along with a 9 7/8 hand size. He ran an unofficial time of 4.93 in the 40 yard dash to go along with a 28.5 vertical jump and a 9\’1 broad jump.

Cousins is regarded as the 5th or 6th best quarterback in the draft this year and is regarded as having a quick release to go along with good fundamentals. Another plus is that he played in a pro-style offense at MSU. He certainly would not be regarded as an immediate starter at the next level, but certainly could be a project to be groomed as an eventual back-up to Ben Roethlisberger.

Cousins is currently projected as a 4th round prospect and could present serious value to the Steelers should he somehow fall to the 5th. We will have to see how this plays out of course, but it bears watching and is worth noting the dinner meeting.

  • Paul

    They can’t waste draft picks on back up QBs

  • ed52

    He won’t get to start for the next four or five years so why use up a draft pick?

  • LouPGH

    Agree with Paul. Dixon was about as useful as a wet blanket.

  • Joe D

    Backups are a dime a dozen and not worth a draft pick…

    But then again, Steelers could be doing smoke screen so nobody knows who they are interested in for 1st to 3rd rounds….

    cbs prospect rank shows cousin as 2-3rd rounder.

  • pitt

    They’ll have about 9 or 10 draft picks this year. If they could grab him around the 5th that wouldn’t be a waste this guy Kirk do look like he could end up actually doing something in the league. plus Ben is 30 years old now and who is to say he’ll play another 4 to 5 years with his style of play i dont think Ben has ever had a full healthy season as a steeler fan i dont take having Ben for granted i think we’re lucky to even have him now with what he has already been through starting to look for some young blood at that position now that Ben is at the 30 mark, Byron is over the 30 mark, and Batch is not far from the 40 mark isn’t a bad thing

  • Paul

    Just read that he had an poor pro day very inaccurate

  • How many decent backups league wide have been undrafted? I wouldn’t use a 4 or higher on a QB, but anything after that is a throw away pick anyway.

  • Joe D

    You can pickup backup QB’s through free agency…

    I agree… don’t use 4 draft pick (or higher god forbid) for a backup QB.
    5 or 6 pick typically go practice squad.

    don’t be suprised if they bring Palko in for backup duty.

  • I hope not. He was overrated in HS and nothing has changed.

  • Joe D.K.

    Only saw one negative post by Russ Lande quoting an unidentified NFL source saying he struggled. Saw many more that were impressed by his Pro-day.

  • PoKey21

    We NEED a half descent back-up QB plain and simple. We Really need a good backup QB because of the way Ben plays. Its a given with our OLine that Ben will take shots, and hes not getting any younger. In the 5th round the guy doesnt have to start more than 20 games his entire career. He just needs to be able to fill in when needed and not screw up too much! It doesnt have to be Cousins there is A LOT of other in this year draft. But the facts are the Steelers need another QB, Batch and Leftwhich doesnt cut it.