Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Says Another Move Could Come Depending On Cap Number

The Pittsburgh Steelers were very busy last week as it was announced that wide receiver Hines Ward, defensive end Aaron Smith, linebacker James Farrior and guard Chris Kemoeatu were all having their contracts terminated and would not be back with the team in 2012.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin sat down with Bob Labriola today for a live interview on and after Labriola talked about the releases of Ward, Smith and Farrior last week, he asked Colbert if he was done with the cuts now. Colbert replied, “For the time being. We get into March 13th is the deadline. We feel good about where we are from a cap standpoint, but things can change real quick as we move into free agency. We still don\’t have a final cap number, so what we are projecting to be the cap number may or may not be and we still may have to make another move prior to free agency starting, but once we get into free agency, then it\’s always a plus and minus, or could be, if we decide to add from the outside”

Labriola then asked about the current situation with restricted free agent Mike Wallace as it relates to the franchise tag and if they would use it this year. Colbert replied, “No, no we are not. This is one year, it\’s always an option to us, but we decided not to.” When asked specifically why not, Colbert answered, “Just because that\’s where we are from a cap standpoint. I mean obviously when you use a franchise tag at whatever position it is, its significant dollars that you have to account for and in our current cap situation, we just don\’t have that type of room.”

When asked about the risk that the team is taking by letting Wallace hit free agency with only a first round tender on him, Colbert said, “Really there\’s no choice. I mean we have, I mean Mike would get an offer that would predicate a team having to give us a first round pick if he signed with them and we chose not to match it. So we understand that there could be offers that come in. Mike\’s a significant player, but ultimately it\’s our decision whether or not we are going to match and offer. So we still have control over the situation and even though he could get offers from the outside, ultimately we will make a decision on whether or not Mike\’s going to be a Steeler or not.”

  • Mellymorales07

    Pay that man !!

  • JerryCola

    Sign him before free-agency starts because there is always one team that will offer him insane dollars or a team like the Patriots who have the cap room and an extra 1st round pick.

    I wonder what other move(s) they might make. Hampton? Mendenhall? Scott?

  • Foley718

    Hampton would be the logical choice. Age cap number and injury all are significant factors. I say do not match any offer for Mike Wallace. Let him walk and take the first round pick. Antonio Brown needs to be signed before he becomes a free agent. Brown has better hands, runs better routes and is a play maker. Wallace has great speed, runs poor routes and does not have the best hands.

  • Tom

    Seems that the Steelers have always had difficulty keeping high caliber receivers.

    Remember, they let Plaxico Burress & Yancey Thigpen go in spite of their high production.

  • They need to get rid of their overpaid rapist QB ! Trade the p.o.s. to Cleveland for rb Hillis and a #2 pick, draft a QB (keenum) , beg peyton manning to join,bring back ward,get a bad ass nose tackle. Roethlisberger will never be as good as Terry Bradshaw period.

  • kevin

    Wow, a real tough guy here. Go crawl back into your hole and let the grown ups talk

  • They had a chance to draft Tom Brady, they drafted Tee Martin, Dan Marino, drafted Gabe Rivera, Shonne Greene, drafted Ziggy Hood,Chris Johnson, drafted Mendenhall, Ray Rice,drafted Limas Sweed,Peyton Hillis, drafted Ryan Mundy,Ben Tate,drafted Worlds,Frank Gore, drafted Bryant McFaddin.

  • Hold on Steelers, Steelers hold on, its gonna be alright.We’re gonna make the playoffs. Hold on Tomlin, Tomlin hold on,its gonna be alright.

  • SteelersDepot

    That’s enough Jimmy. Go troll elsewhere please.

  • Datalogger1

    They let Plaxico go because he faked an injury and became unproductive after not getting the $$$ he wanted. It was the right decision, the Steelers don’t bow to the player.


    Every team passed on Brady 5 times, the took hood because of smiths age. Good thing too, at the time the had Parker so they didn’t need the other RBs, Peyton Hillis was drafted as a FB and he and chris Johnson have attitude problems. And Ben owns every QB record the steelers have.. Read a book

  • greeny

    Did you read the reports from the DA’s office or do you sit around and get your info from FOX NEWS

  • greeny

    IMO they have missed on 1st rd draft choices thus far during the Tomlin era….Heyward has the best chance at being more than serviceable thus far but for the most part they find serviceable guys. This makes the Timmons contract mind blowing to me. Wallace is more than serviceable and they need to keep him. If they don’t, the holes on their team in relation to cap problems will be too much to overcome.

  • Scrawler36

    man jimmy so you still on the hate ben wagon…not charged..did you listen to the ga. da interview,i did those individuals were following them throughout the nite,ben made a poor choice,served the 4 games,,and has grown up..i suggest you do the same..Or you can go beg Tommy Maddux to come back..Ben is an important piece to the team,for additional superbowls.

  • Generalgrevious2005

    if they let him walk they will be makeing the biggest mistake and if we got a first round pick for it would probable be one of the last picks which lot of key players would be gone but i dont know if any team`s are willing to give up a first draft pick just for a wide reciver so i dont know

  • ed52

    OK I see the plan coming together (rub his hands). We let Wallace walk and pick up a another first rounder. (Not happy about it but what are you going to do…we can’t pay $9mill for a WR speedster when we have pressing needs elsewhere.) We trade our two first rounders to Rams/Vikings and get the absolute best OL in this draft. Kalil protects Ben’s blindside for the next 7 years. I predict at least 3 Lombardis. Is that a plan or what?

  • timrankin

    Lots of talk about SF taking Wallace, but I believe it’ll be the Bears making the offer. I doubt we’ll be able to match, given their cap space, so we’ll end up with their #19 pick. My guess is we’ll fill the NT and ILB spots in the first round.