Steelers Tender Six Of Seven Restricted Free Agents As Expected

As expected the Pittsburgh Steelers announced on Monday that they have made restricted tender offers to six of their seven restricted free agent players. Those restricted tenders were made to wide receiver Mike Wallace, cornerback Keenan Lewis, safety Ryan Mundy, tight end David Johnson, guard Doug Legursky and guard Ramon Foster. Tackle Jamon Meredith did not receive a tender offer as expected.

Although the website does not clarify the tenders issued, Wallace received a first round tender of $2.742 million while Lewis, Mundy and Johnson almost certainly received the low original round tenders of $1.26 million. We are still waiting for clarification on the tenders issued to both Legursky and Foster, as either could have received the low right of first refusal tenders of $1.26 million or 2nd round tenders of $1.927 million. Scott Brown from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review believes that both were tendered at the low $1.26 million level and that would not be surprising.

By placing restricted tenders on these six players, the Steelers will have the right to match any offer sheets that any of the players should receive once free agency begins. In the case of Wallace, they would receive a first round draft pick from the team that signs him should they decide not to match the offer sheet. In the case of Lewis, Mundy and Johnson, the Steelers would receive as compensation a draft pick from the team that signs them away that matches the round each player was originally drafted in. Both Legursky and Foster were undrafted, so if indeed tendered at the lowest level as Brown suggest, the Steelers would receive no compensation from a team should they sign them away.

  • mghjr88

    No William Gay?

    I would take this as a vote of confidence in young cornerbacks Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen.

    I know Gay was (definitely) not the most popular Steeler, but I really thought he had a solid season last year.

    Even in prior seasons, depite some blatant gaffs, Gay’s performance wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. Sure, his first year as a starter was disastrous, but other than that his criticisms were exaggerated

  • SteelersDepot

    Gay is unrestricted not restricted. You cant tender unrestricted free agents.

  • Finnegans Wake

    I think it’s a mistake not to R2 tender Legs. He walks, we lose our best IOL swing man and get zip.

  • Yep, in Pittsburgh, Gay Bashing means something different. I read the response from SteelersDepot and hope that he is on this team next year. I am saying this despite the uproar of fans who pin every mistake on him when we lose. I am glad fans do not run this great organization. Go Steelers!

  • Doug Legursky does everything and at a very cheap cost to us. Even with an amazing line, I would take this guy as a back up and swing player at times.

  • SteelersDepot

    I have taken heat for some time with Gay. Could do much worse for depth purposes and spot starter.

  • Nolrog

    I don’t think anyone besides Wallace would get any attention. Maybe Lewis but that’s about it. I know there have been rumors about New England and maybe Baltimore but I really don’t think anyone is going to go after Wallace and give up that pick.

  • Nolrog

    Nobody is going to sign Legs. He’s a nice back up, but that’s it. He only has value to the Steelers because the OL is otherwise woeful and he backs up Pouncey.

  • Guest

    I have to say that I was one of the many fans not happy to see 22 on the field many times the past few years; however, I was pleasantly surprised by how well he played in 2011. His improved play (along with Lewis playing CB in the nickel packages) were a major factor in the improved Steeler secondary. I’m not sure if 2011 was an anomaly or a sign of him improving. Because of that, I am ambivalent on him resigning with the Steelers. If he does resign, good for him; if not, hope he does well except when he plays against the Steelers.

  • Kingmagyar

    Bruce Arians will steal Legursky and/or Foster.