Video Of Hines Ward Ride In Police Car Following DUI Arrest Last Summer Surfaces On TMZ

New video has surfaced today on TMZ that shows former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward in the back of a police car following his DUI arrest last Summer and the conversation between him and the police officer is clearly audible. Ward, as you can imagine, is pretty concerned at that time that the media will find out about the arrest and there is another awkward moment as Ward slams his head into the plastic divider after the officer is forced to slam on his brakes.

The DUI charge was eventually dropped last month as part of a plea bargain as Ward pled guilty to reckless driving instead and was thus sentenced to a year probation. In today\’s day and age there is no such thing as high profile athletes and celebrities being able to keep things such as this hidden from the media.

  • Newmann_a

    I’m wondering: was Hines on his way to getting his nails “DID” when he got pulled over ?

  • Reader783

    He seems pretty coherent to be charge with DUI…

  • Rocksteady

    Pretty coherent? I guess you missed that last part of the video when he was passing out and unable to hold himself up.