Why Steelers Fans Shouldn’t Lose Sleep Over Ryan Tannehill

By Christopher DiMarino

Without insulting either the Cleveland Browns organization or Ryan Tannehill, let me elaborate on why I believe Pittsburgh Steelers fans shouldn’t lose sleep over Tannehill. The Browns have been in hot water for the past 2 seasons regarding their franchise quarterback. Colt McCoy is a very hard worker and a great leader, but many doubt he has the physical abilities to be a long term solution. McCoy’s stats to date have been far from great which only backs up these accusations. In his defense, he severely lacks weapons and is on a team that typically trails early. So the great debate began, replace McCoy or augment him with weapons.

It was made public that Pat Shurmur assured McCoy that he was their starting quarterback. This reassurance came amidst the rumors that the Browns were trying to trade up 2 spots to draft RG3. All seemed copacetic until it came out that the Browns were instead trying to trade for Sam Bradford. To remind everyone, before the Rams traded their 2nd overall pick, there were rumors that they might draft RG3 and trade Bradford. McCoy now must feel offset; this chain of events would make any quarterback uneasy. Cleveland will without a doubt be a frictional setting for any quarterback for years to come.

The Browns (like the Bengals) have 2 first round selections (4th and 22nd). Tannehill enters the draft as the 3rd rated QB. He has a good physical attributes, but only one season of experience in college. Many critics are questioning his intangibles, while others contend that his arm strength alone should land him in the top 10. Cleveland picks 4th which, in many people’s opinion, is way too early to grab Tannehill. But should they pass at 4, it is extremely unlikely he will get past the Dolphins at pick 8. So the odds of that 22nd pick landing Tannehill are slim, especially when you consider how QBs always seem to get drafted much early than expected.

If they take Tannehill at 4, he will likely hit a worse pitfall than McCoy. Not only will they still be light on high caliber weapons, but they lost star running back Peyton Hillis this offseason. Combine these factors with his learning curve for understanding a new system and preparing for NFL caliber defenses (Ravens and Steelers twice). So the converse of drafting Tannehill would be to draft Justin Blackmon at 4 and give McCoy a fighting chance. Or, they could even replace Hillis with Trent Richardson at 4 and use pick 22 on another high quality receiver like Kendall Wright, Reuben Randle or Stephen Hill. The only way that the Browns will draft Tannehill is if they trade down to Jacksonville (which is unlikely) or the fins pass on him. So Steelers fans can rest at ease, knowing that while the Browns will look different on Offense, McCoy will still likely be their signal caller come September.

  • Eric87

    Wouldnt worry about McCoy or Tannehill, most rookie QB’s have nightmarish games when they play the Steelers and McCoy just doesn’t seem to be able to get it together, though their receivers are suckish

  • MJMorris5477

    I want them to keep McCoy until either the Steelers or Ravens knock him out of the league.

  • Paul

    McCoy would been good if he had a decent team around him. I don’t think they should give up on him without giving him a few weapons. They need Richardson for sure, if they pass on him for anyone else, they’ll probably give up on Heckart and Holmgren.

  • John B.

    I kinda like McCoy..i’d like to see him work with some weapons. If he’s got good wideouts and still not producing then i’d say they have another wasted pick at QB, but i think he’s showed flashes of being at least a decent QB.

  • Jprankster2005

    To be honest this isn’t even a fair rivalry anymore and I wish they would get better so we have better competion and this is a no brainer in there pick……They will select Blackmon with the 4th overall pick…….Then maybe a qb in 2nd round like cousins to compete for the starting job……I think they should of tryed luring in matt flynn and getting blackmon they would of been a good team that was rebuilding and getting better…….i wish the browns luck so we can have more of a rivalry…….

  • Tannenhill is definitely going to go high in the draft, but I don’t see that the Steelers should worry about him in any way. He had a good Pro Day, but one thing they noticed was that he has trouble passing to the inside — and the Steelers D usually shuts down those middle-of-the-field routes anyway.

  • Jprankster2005

    I have a question Dave when you tender a player a contract like the first round tender that wallace has or the tenders than redman and others recieved is that guarnteed money or if they got cut in camp would they not be owed anything…… Just curious if you could answner..

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    Boy, I gotta disagree.

    I’m good with Cleveland being terrible.

  • Benry

    Why would steelers want him? First rounds for major needs!

  • SteelersDepot

    You didn’t even read the post did you?

  • PoKey21

    Just the title would be my guess lol

  • clint

    If Browns would take Tannehill with the 4th pick it just shows why this team can’t build a good team properly.I guess it depends on where you look but I have seen him ranked 31 overall,you would think they can get him with the 22nd pick.
    I think they go Trent Richardson 4th pick and at 22nd I could see them go with a more need right now a OT or Guard. Picking at 22 I dont feel a wide out flanker would be left on the board worthy of a 22nd pick.

  • I wouldn’t take Tennehill with the 4th pick of the SECOND round. He isn’t that good.