Will Cordy Glenn Fall to the Steelers?

By Jeremy Hritz

Another week closer to the NFL Draft, and the needs of the Steelers have not changed. Last week, I posted the first edition of my mock draft, and without surprise, I have the Steelers selecting inside linebacker Dont’a Hightower with their first round selection. While my belief has not changed about the pick, it is a strong possibility that the Steelers will go after an offensive lineman with their first pick. If he happens to fall to the 24th overall spot, Cordy Glenn, whose name has been associated with the Steelers in numerous mock drafts, could be the Steelers’ pick. It is not a secret that there is a great need on the offensive line for the Steelers, both at guard and right tackle. Already solid at center and left tackle, the Steelers would greatly benefit from an upgrade at both guard positions or right tackle. Doug Legursky and Ramon Foster are the predicted starters for next season and have proven that they can be adequate at the position. At right tackle, Willie Colon will return from his torn triceps injury, and if he stays healthy, he will provide some experience at the position. Regardless, the Steelers need offensive lineman to protect their oft-beaten Ben Roethlisberger, and if Glenn is available, he could be the man to do just that. So what do we know about Glenn?

Cordy Glenn is a mammoth of a man standing at 6’5 ¾, 345 pounds. At the combine, he ran his 40-yard dash in 5.15 seconds (sixth fastest for offensive lineman at the combine) and bench pressed 225 pounds 31 times (only seven offensive lineman at the combine posted more repetitions). His combination of size, strength, and speed are impressive, but it has been noted that Glenn sometimes struggles with his weight which beckons memories of the much-maligned Steelers offensive tackle Jamain Stephens, who was cut promptly after a three seasons because he was too out of shape to complete the infamous Bill Cowher 40-yard dash conditioning test.

The Steelers are all about players that are versatile and can shift positions, especially on the offensive line. Glenn fits that mold. At Georgia, Glenn started games at right and left guard and right and left tackle, though he is projected as an offensive guard in the NFL. He has proven to be a durable prospect and has played in all 53 games during his four years in college. Glenn’s sturdiness would be welcomed to the Steelers’ offensive line which is frequently marred by injury.

The few knocks on Glenn are that periodically he can play too high and that he is susceptible to speed rushers; however, his strength is his run blocking and his ability to make blocks at the second level, something that the Steelers will need if they want to improve their ground game in 2012.

It will be interesting to see what the Steelers decide to do if both Glenn and Hightower are available at the 24th overall pick, and it will speak volumes about what they believe is their greatest team need moving forward.

  • SteelersDepot

    I am just not as high on Glenn as most are. When you go back and watch the Senior Bowl he did not play well at left guard and looked average at left tackle. Going back and looking at his game film showed me a guy that relied merely on his size. He has straight line spread, but is not agile and in interviews does not come off as the brightest candle on the cake. To me plays way too top heavy and is marginal in space and in a phone booth. I have him pegged as a right tackle or right guard at the next level and have gone on record as saying I think there is a chance he drops out of round one completely. I think he presents an enormous bust risk. He uses his hands well and his footwork is marginal in my eyes. He is strong as an ox, but it does not translate into power. His weight issue is mighty scary and I think it can get away from him in a hurry.

  • Jprankster2005

    I hope Poe some how falls to them if not I would pick up Werthy and then a OL in 2nd rd. and buck linebacker in 3rd or 4th all depends if Pead is available in the 3rd then I would get a LB at 4th and then another OL in 5th, possibly a Safety or CB with 6th and maybe another DE in 7th and there will be some good players not drafted they can sign and bring to camp but if Hood isn’t going to switch to Nose then that needs to be there main concern….. I belive Sylvester can step up and take over after Foote leaves….. So if Hood isn’t going to be the Nose Tackle then they need to draft that position first……… OL is the second biggest thing they need and can get a good one in 2nd round or possibly trade a few picks for 2 first rounders or 2 2nd rounders……. They need 3 to 4 main positions this draft and should do whatever it takes to get the players they want…… I say move up in Draft get Poe then use there 1st rd. this yr. and next yr. to get him and then get OL in 2nd and Pead in 3rd and go from there….. They can always wait til next yr. to get a Hightower type player…. Unless they want him to sit and learn for a yr. because he won’t play this yr. anyway…….

  • Jprankster2005

    I have a question do you think Troy Smith will be a backup this yr. either the backup or number 3 qb. or should they draft one? I don’t see Leftwich and Batch both coming back? And what do you think the greatest need for the steelers is in this draft a Nose Tackle or OL or Buck LB? Just curious….. And one more question Mendenhall and Hampton both don’t look likely to play this yr. why not cut them and save the money…. Because they probably won’t be able to afford Mendenhall in 2013 anyway and Hampton will be done…… If you could answner and give your opinion would greatly appreciate it……..Thanks

  • SteelersDepot

    Colbert has said he would like to have both Leftwich & Batch back one more season & I indeed could see that happening. Troy Smith has no prayer in my opinion.

  • kevin

    Hampton probably will play at least half the season. Rather than cut him now when the Steelers are thin at NT, why not wait to see how he does?

  • Wdmason

    Hampton took a paycut.

  • PoKey21

    I would take Glenn in the first if we can, Tammu in the 2nd, Tank Carder in the 3rd, and Josh Norman in the 4th out of Coastal Carolina if he drops a little down from his projection. That fills all the needs OG, DT, ILB, and CB

  • PoKey21

    By saying we should take Glenn I am ruling out Decastro falling or us moving up to get him If possible I would try to move up, but our needs keep growing so I think we should save picks, unless there is a player we are looking to move, we need the picks

  • Derick

    even IF Glenn falls, I really hope they pass on the guy. I am on the side of the fence, so to speak, on OG are not as hard to find as a solid ILB or NT that can compare to teh play of Potsie and Big Snack. Which makes me really really want Hightower. No way Luke falls anywhere close to the #24 pick. there is a terrible lack of depth at the ILB position this year and the Steelers need one. I mean I would be THRILLED to get Hightower in the 1st and Ta’amu in the 2nd. very happy if that happens. Carl Nicks(best OG in the league some would say) 4th round pick. Some say his off field issues are the cause but regardless a 4th round OG is the best one in the league… how is drafting an OG in the 1st round good value ya know?

  • Harold

    I’ll tell you how drafting a top guard at 1.24 is good value…

    1) You protect your $100 million Super Bowl winning franchise QB from hits by Haloti Ngata that bend his nose sideways and crush his nasal bones into corn flakes. If Ben gets injured or even just badly hobbled our Super Bowl chances are over. As we learned last year.

    2) You open holes for your running game so that your 1st round RB doesn’t get hit in the backfield every other play, which eventually accumulates into major injuries like ACL.

    3) You improve your red zone scoring. Not just by running the ball better, but by making defenses respect the “option” of running. No defense in the NFL is fearing Legursky at OG.

    4) You improve 3rd down and short conversions, which gives your offense more time of possession (and more chances to score). AND it also keeps your defense fresher.

    5) It gives you a versatile player who can suit up at OG or OT which saves you a game day roster spot, and allows for in game injury flexibility.

    6) It allows you to not have to double team opposing DL, so you’re not always one man short in pass protection, which gives your WR’s more time to get open, which is especially important when you have guys like Wallace and Brown.

    On the other hand… When you blow a first round pick on a huge ILB you get:

    1) Better run defense.

    And… that’s about it. Pass defense is Hightower’s biggest weakness. And the top teams in the NFL are not big running teams anyhow. They’ll just pass even more. The Steelers defense was ranked #1 in the NFL last year in points allowed. It’s not like we’re in crisis mode to improve that. What do you want? An even higher #1 ranking?

    Meanwhile we were ranked #21 in points scored. I think it’s pretty clear which side of the ball is a higher priority.

  • TsarPepe

    Looking back, Ben is now probably wondering why he didn’t put in his last contract with the Steelers a clause like “The team is obliged to draft an elite tackle prospect in the first round of the NFL draft.” I understand the need for NT and ILB, and I like Poe and Hightower much more than Glenn, but it has been years now that the Steelers have ignored OL in the first round. They owe it to Ben, and this debt is way, way overdue.

  • Not sure why they wouldn’t be able to afford Mendy next year, if they chose to keep him. Outside of Arian Foster this year, RB FAs are not commanding high $$s anymore, WRs are. Mendy is not in the same class as Foster, AP, etc. and is replaceable. Troy Smith is camp fodder and at best the #3 as Dixon’s replacement. Hampton has already taken a paycut, likely instead of being cut, so cutting him now would be negligible as his remaining dead money would be about what he’s costing against the cap now.
    The talent at 3-4 NT isn’t there in the 1st rd, unless Poe falls, and the Steelers want to gamble on him (boom/bust guy). Hightower might be there at #24, rates out to a late 1st/early 2nd rd pick, and fills the BUCK LB need. He could take over the starting role after a year/two on STs. There is plenty of value in rds 2-4 with OGs so there isn’t much need to “reach” for Cordy Glenn at #24.

  • Steeltyke

    I don’t know if it is coincidence but Colbert/Tomlin have so far alternated their 1st round pick every year between defense and offense. If they follow this trend then it is offense this year and there is no bigger need than OL. However, the draft is deemed deep in guards and it is believed that a starting calibre guard can be obtained all the way down to the 3rd round. I am just wondereing if the Steelers are hoping they might have a shot at Ohio State T Mike Adams at 24. He has the physical tools but there are question marks about his desire and mental toughness. If the Steelers can satisfy themselves about the intangibles could Adams be the pick if he is there? Another month and we will have the answer.

  • Joe D

    Don’t know who the best available OL will be when Steelers draft in the 1st round… but I can see an OT drafted instead of an OG.

  • Derick

    2 years ago they drafted Pouncey C in the 1st…………..

  • Jprankster2005

    But I think Troy Smith would be a better option the last time he was in the NFL he did good in San Fran and they kicked him aside……. But I love the posts here keep em up….

  • Jprankster2005

    Adams will be there… He projected to be picked from 30 to early second round but I think unless all the others are off the board that’s the only way we pick up him that early………..

  • Skbrons

    First of all Cordy Glenn sucks!!! I don’t even want get into it, just watch any game. Why would you want “us” to draft a player because some so called experts rated him high. If we are in desperate need of a guard, and are set to take one in the first round, then take a true guard with good actual game play at that position. Kevin Zeitler out of Wisconsin. I would rather take a second round rated guard in the first round than a tackle that sucks at his position and so called experts want to move him in to guard.

  • Clejpe

    Let us just hope some fool team owner is willing to pay Mike Wallace a wheelbarrow load of money so the Steelers can have two first round picks. This way they can select Glenn and Hightower. WR is the easiest position to restock. WR only are4 actively important on a few plays where a OL and LB are actively important on all offensive and defensive plays. With an really good OL, the so-called “skilled players” can be stars. Look at the Broncos. They had an awesome OL which made about 7 or 8 runners all-pro. In my book your pay the least for runners and WRs. Pay the OL!

  • TsarPepe

    True that! Slipped my mind. Still, my main point was about the tackle position. It is very hard to find good tackles outside Rd 1, and the Steelers’ recent history is a good testimony to that. It is a key position in football, and they owe it to Ben to get an elite prospect for it. It is pretty obvious that neither Starks nor Gilbert are in the “elite” category. The Pouncey pick should convince them that first-round OL talent is something very different from 2nd round one.

  • Derick

    i could go on and tell you some of the things you wrote is not true because of an OG but you keep thinking a 1st round OG is the way to go this year. i’ll keep wanting the Steelers to do exactly what they have been doing.

  • Derick

    oh and redzone scoring(this one you posted was completely ridiculous) has A LOT to do with the past OC they had, named BA who had stupid play calling. if you think a 1st round OG will change that… i mean wow. there is NO OG at the #24 spot worth taking is the easiest point I make and for fans to understand. how you don’t is beyond me and you COMPLETELY discredit the fact I posted the BEST OG in the business was a 4th rounder. understand that?

  • Derick

    i just don’t understand some of you Steelers fans… how can you claim to be fans and NOT understand the value in a draft… you don’t reach like most Steelers fans want to. i’ll make this as simple as I possible can. this 2012 draft class = deep OG and VERY VERY limited on ILB. their is a need at BOTH positions on this team. they have made it to multiple SB’s( MULTIPLE people, a lot of teams NEVER GO TO THE SB) with sub par OG’s plugging in. they always had potsie playing ILB and now that is changed. we will see the defense decline unless they get a replacement. Sylvester is not it by any means. how you can argue that is beyond me. my argument ahs PROOF and the drafted a OG in the 1st is a must has NO proof. i can easily list many reasons why they lost the 4 games and the game to Denver without even mentioning the OG position. drafting BPA is the BEST way to draft. that is why they do it.. I mean if you are a Steelers fan you would know this.