2012 NFL Draft – Pittsburgh Steelers First Round Draft Pick Poll

We have less than one week to go now until the 2012 NFL draft and now is the time to take the pulse of the readers as to who you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft in the first round with the 24th pick.

I have included as choices several players that have some legitimate potential to be on the board when the Steelers pick and are commonly linked as a potential selection. Quarterbacks have been excluded from the poll and several of the top players not expected to be on the board as well. If you think a player like David DeCastro, Michael Brockers or others not included in the poll will drop, you can vote for them in the “Other” selection, but I ask you back up your vote, or any vote for that matter, in the comments section below. Make your case for your pick, but be respectful to each others comments. I am not putting up with attacks. Go elsewhere to do that. Make your voice heard and move on and read the other comments.

For this poll trading up and down is not an option. I want the pulse of the pick should the Steelers stay put. The poll automatically closes after 400 votes so this may go quick. Please do not vote twice unless you just want to be an asshole. The poll choices will randomly rotate to each voter in addition.


  • Although I think we would take Poe if hes there, I do not think he will be. Fleener is probably most complete player there. Hightower’s coverage skills scare me. I think we will atempt to trade down a few spots, get an extra pick and still get a fairly equal player.


    Cordy Glenn in the 1st and Brandon Brooks in the 2nd, along with Gilbert, Pouncy, and Colon makes for a formidable OLine.

  • Jprankster2005

    I went with Hill probably won’t happen but I think there going to shock alot of people and take a WR in first or second and possibly trade Wallace but I hope they pick Barron….. Hopefully he will fall but Cowboys or Eagles will probably grab him…… So yeah I gotta say Hill……

  • Nick Perry. I know he didn’t look very smooth at the combine, which raises some concerns about his ability to drop back in coverage. One thing to consider, is that Perry packed on about 20 lbs, prior to the combine. If Perry is drafted to play 3-4 OLB, I have no doubt he will drop some weight, which should help address those concerns.

    Let’s face it, the Steelers pass rush was non-existent with Woodley and Harrison out of the game. The Steelers ended the 2011 season, ranking 17th in sacks. In the three previous seasons, the Steelers never finished lower than #2. I’m not sold on any of the pass rushers playing behind Woodley and Harrison. I know Worilds, and Carter are young, but there were a number of rookie 3-4 OLB who were able to produce last year, when their number was called. This draft is very deep with pass rushers, so if the Steelers are going to pull the trigger on a pass rusher, it needs to happen early.

  • Eric87

    I would personally take the guard Zeitler from Wisconsin. I do not know much about him. He is the 2nd best rated guard after DeCastro, and the Steelers need to sure up the LG spot with another Faneca-type gamechanger. If Zeitler goes, would take Silatolu

  • Eric87

    Wish the Steelers would have traded up for Iupati before the niners could grab him. Would have been a stud guard.

  • Eric87

    Hope Glenn would play tackle because there is no way he is a pulling guard after he showed how immobile he was at the combine. Brooks is very interesting though

  • Eric87

    Fleener would be an awesome addition to our offensive weapons

  • Intropy

    I voted Hightower since I think he’s the most likely single choice. But I don’t think he will end up being the selection. The way I look at it is that it only takes a few reaches, for somebody to fall. I see a few reaches happening since they always do, meaning I expect somebody to fall who represent good value and the Steelers will snatch him up. Who falls? I don’t know. DeCastro, Kuechly, Reiff, Barron, Perry, Upshaw are all possible with various degrees of probability, and all would be decent fits and good value, I think.

  • Nothing wrong with that. I almost did the same thing. The way I see it, Hill is the best WR prospect in the draft, capable of replacing what Wallace provides the Steelers offense. If Wallace walks after the 2012 season, Hill can provide the offense the same deep threat ability, with the advantage of being able to pluck balls out of the air. If Wallace signs a long term deal, then the combo of Wallace and Hill would scare the living crap out of defensive coordinators around the league.

  • Intropy

    I think Cordy Glenn is considered by most to be the #2 OG in this draft. Were you perhaps looking at a board that listed him as an OT instead of as OG/OT?

  • Eric87

    Yea I saw Glenn listed as tackle, hope he doesnt play guard. Fro wha I have seen, he would nt be a good pulling guard, bad footwork

  • Kjhet95

    In terms of who I would want out of those choices, I’d go Kuechly, Barron, Upshaw.

    In term of who I think the Steelers will take, I’d go Zeitler, Martin, Glenn.

  • I am going with Hightower as well. And the Steelers are great at catching falling players who end up being stars.

  • After speaking to Dontari Poe personally, I know he’d be thrilled to be in PGH, but guessing he goes higher and out of our reach.

  • CW

    In an uncharacteristic move the Steelers, after watching several other potential first round picks they wanted go to other teams, trade out of the first round with the Jacksonville Jaguars for their 2nd and 3rd round picks in exchange for the Steeler’s 1st and 7th round picks. The Jaguars made this move because Blaine Gabbert had become an obvious bust and Brandon Weedon was not likely to fall to them in the second round.

    The Steelers use their first overall pick on OG Kevin Zeitler and their own second round pick on NT Alameda Ta’amu.

  • Kwhiting78

    For weeks I have been saying the Steeelers should draft Higjtower. For this poll, I picked Barron. Troy is not getting any younger. If he or Upshaw would fall to 24, then Steelers would take one of them. The Steelers go with best player available instead of reaching. I thought many of the others on the poll would be a reach in the first round.

  • kerror

    I would consider glenn as an right tackle:
    enough athletic for an tackle and much power for run blocks!

  • kerror

    That would be nice! The steelers really need a tackle AND a guard..!
    Gilbert as left, glenn as an right tackle and brooks would be the perfect guard with ability to pull!
    Than a nose in the third round and i would cry happily! would prefer chapman but if they think that acl torn is to dangerous there is a lot of value left on the draft board!
    Another hope is that the steelers draft jerrell harris! great guy and a too great value in late rounds

    What do YOU think which position will be drafted to?
    I think an Safety (hope trent robinson), inside backer and a runningback! I would love to see an athletic quarterback in the 6th but we don’t have enough picks for that 😉

  • RA

    Personally since the OL position is deep this year, I think they will address it in the 2nd round. Therefore, they will draft another position in the 1st. They will probably draft anyone but Fleener.

  • Moderatelysane

    I’m going with upshaw Dave. In my mock, I have him falling to us. Still not sold on your Fleener theory, although I can see some of the logic behind it. Truth is, when you mock the first, someone has to fall to us among the group of Barron, upshaw, Gilmore, glen, perry, and I think any of these would compete mightily with Hightower or Fleener for BPA.

  • Kcv442

    I picked Mark Barron. Safety is a position that is not very strong behind the starters. Also, Pitt seems to draft players that didn’t visit. Hayward last year, for example. I also like Fleener. I don’t know if he has Gronk-esque ability, but if he does, how do you not take him? Draft seems to be deep with ILB and OG players, so I don’t think they will address either one in the 1st rd. with the possible exception that Kuechly or DeCastro falls.

  • John

    I voted Brockers, if he falls. Brockers has huge upside and can play any position along the D-line, and he has a constant moter (as oppossed to Poe).

    If he’s not there (which is likely), trade down. There is not much difference in value between the later 1st round and the top of the 3rd. So, trading down to the beginning of the 2nd for another 3rd would provide the best value. Other reasons include:

    I would rather have Brooks in the 2nd than any other G or T available at 24.
    Neither Hightower or Fleener are worth the 24th pick but would be worth it at the top of the 2nd.

  • steelcanuck

    I voted Glenn…
    with the needs that we have this year I can’t see them using the 1st rnd pick on someone that doesn’t have a legit chance to start, therefore OL with the first pick, ILB in the 2nd or third rnd, certainly won’t be surprised to see a trade down with our 1st pick

  • Iafan

    Stephon Gilmore. BPA since Keuckly will be gone. Stephen Hill and Fleener also work as BPA. I like Silatolu and Massie but don’t think they are 1st round picks. Would like to trade out of first to the 2 and 3 where the value is. If Ike goes down no backup at corner. If all the youngsters work out move K Lewis to safety.

  • Jprankster2005

    I see alot of people are going with Mel and Todd with us still drafting Hightower……I just don’t see it but if he does go in 1st I hope he lives up to the hype….. I say Hill can’t never have enough good recivers or in case they let Wallace walk…..

  • Jprankster2005

    What about Foster……. I think he did ok last yr…… And getting paid 1.26 million I think he would start……

  • Jprankster2005

    Yes you are right brown,Hill, Wallace Sanders wow……. And then Miller and add a catching TE like Egnew in 3rd they would be unstoppable… Then grab a few OL in later rounds and NT in 2nd and LB CB safety in late rounds.. They cant go wrong in my eyes…..

  • Jprankster2005

    I hope they dont’ select any other NT except Chapman he’s the best in the draft…… I think they would have to get him with there 2nd round pick unless they traded and got an earlier 3rd round pick……. He would be the starter next season……

  • Sonny

    I like Luke from BC, complete football player he’ll probably be gone but you never know

  • Instead, the Steelers got stuck with a pro-bowl center.

  • Sonny

    I think Iupati is better than Pouncey, more durable too

  • TsarPepe

    Upshaw is too much to pass up at #24. He is exactly the kind of backer the Steelers love: a versatile performer that can be slotted anywhere around the line. He will begin next to Timmons and eventually move across from Woodley when Harrison either retires or punches the lights out of Goodell and is banned from the NFL.

  • Nik Greene

    Stephen Hill. I’m not actually sure who it will be, but that is the point. The Steelers will wind up drafting someone that isn’t going in any of these mock drafts. Could be Hill, could be Brockers. Someone will fall and we will snatch them up.

  • Brad_proudfoot

    I think they will get someone that nobody expects. because they take the best available player according to their depth chart. Like the year they took ziggy hood, they saw the potential in him. drafting best available also makes it hard because they could take coby fleener! they now have 4 te but if he’s there and he’s their best, they’ll take him.

  • Pghomer …in S. Dakota

    WR Stephen Hill-needs do not match up well with value at #24. Hill is a great fit in Haley’s preferred 3 WR set -I think even more value than COBY FLEENER [I know how you feel about him Dave!] due to blocking for the run game and ability to stretch the field. Also adds RedZone value…we happen to need badly. I think ILB will be handled internally…[J. Worilds anybody]. Give Ben weapons. Reminds me of the N.O. Saints pick of Meachem in 1st rd. several years ago when experts didn’t see a need.
    Pghomer … in S. Dakota

  • Mrmarklei

    Not enough coming back in your scenario…Better-draft S. Hill WR and trade Walllace to STL for pick #33 and our 2nd for their 2nd from Wash. in the RG III trade. Now in better value position….and I firmly believe STL would jump at that.

  • Derick

    To Greig,
    Actually teams are playing with more dbacks covering than linebackers. that is a big reason why teams are trying to find their big dback to match up well with those TE’s. LB’s can’t cover them… come on. You’ll see Allen playing those guys a lot this season, at least I think so.

  • Derick

    starting to hope Brockers falls because I am not in love with this 1st round. I mean in a perfect world DeCastro falls. even though I would much rather have Brooks in the second.

  • Hollatsilk

    Dontari Poe. I think if he and Hightower are available, they take Poe because they less pleased with where Mclendon has developed than Stevenson. Poe can be an anchor for the defense for the next 7 to 10 years.

  • Intropy

    Do you think Ta’amu will last until 56? If he’s there I definitely snap him up unless I took Poe in round 1 or someone interesting (like Fleener, HIll, or Hightower, for example) drops way too far.

  • kyle

    Iupati is not better than Pouncey. Iupati is a better version of Kemo. His “success” thus far is because he plays for a team that does not have a Quarterback or any Wide Receivers. If Kemo only ever had to run block he would have been good too. And missing a single digit number of games at the end of a season because fat guys roll up your ankles hardly means you’re not durable.

  • Derick

    I think everyone should be pleased where McClendon is now a days. Not an every game starter but seems like another Chris Hoke to me. I recall the Steelers being 16-1 or something when Hoke started…

  • Asmitty56

    Of course OG/OT Cordy Glenn would be an amazing 1st round pick and instant upgrade, maybe even probowler, not many flaws are involved with him. But I just don’t see him being available. That would leave ILB Dont’a Hightower for me. It is very likely he will be available. There is almost no doubt that Hightower will be a dominate in the box ILB, and greatly help the run defense and pass rushing. his coverage could be a problem, but it could be resolved by having Timmons take on a lot of coverage duties and have Polamalu be in the box more often for coverage purposes. Even though Hightower really isn’t much worst than what Farrior was in coverage.

    It is likely the Steelers wont be able to get a NT until the 3rd round, so when that NT (hopefully) takes over the starting spot, he won’t be as much of a liability because Hightower would be able to greatly help in run support. Hightower also has the skill set to play OLB/passrusher, so while he doesn’t offer much in coverage, he could still stay on the field as a pass rusher. Also could fill in for Harrison or Woodley instead of having Timmons play OLB in an emergency. Could also possibly a a solution for Harrison’s replacement down the road if Worilds doesn’t workout. Just in case Hightower doesn’t workout as an ILB, he could still possibly play OLB.

  • Asmitty56

    Not sure if they are less pleased with McLendon than Sylvester. I mean McLendon saw a good chunk of playing time last year and even started while they were very hesitant to let Sly play at all until they had almost no choice to play him, and when he got his chance he played badly.

  • LOC

    Teams across the NFL average 11 starter years per draft

    Not sure how you think you’re going to just nail all these picks and “not go wrong”

  • Asmitty56

    Would be nice to see Allen get in the weight room a lot so he can be asked to handle the receiving TEs. It makes a lot of sense to have someone like that sense the Steelers play a lot of nickle D anyways. Allen did a pretty good job against Gronkowski last year for a rookie.

  • Asmitty56

    If Glenn had bad footwork he wouldn’t be playing tackle at all. He may not be the best down field blocker but that doesn’t make or break a linemen. Still an excellent choice for a guard and possibly a tackle.

  • Jprankster2005

    Hmmmm I’m curious I was just checking my facebook and Mike Wallace posted something saying he wished all Saturdays were like the one today….. I wonder if he was offered a deal or it was just him having a good day……Curious now……

  • Intropy

    I actually thought McClendon looked pretty impressive when he got on the field. Obviously it’s a small sample size, but he looks like a starter to me. Unfortunately he seems to play the position less as a stuffer/clogger and more as a penetrator which may not be as good a system fit. He appears to me to be about half way between a 4-3 DT and a 3-4 NT, but with the increasing prominance of passing that may very well be the right way to go anyway.

  • neighborhood drunk

    Nick Perry, If he is unavailable Shea McClellin.

  • Bleebo77

    I’d love to see OL value land at 1.24. Because Adams and Martin come with questions, I wonder if the Steelers would go for Glenn… or Zeitler or even Silatolu. Imagine getting 2 OGs in the first 2 rounds (Glenn, Brooks… Zeitler, Osemele… Silatolu, Allen). It’s long past time to get some talent protecting Ben and creating actual holes for the RBs.

    That said, the Steelers never reach in the first round, and it’s almost impossible to see them taking an OG with a 2nd round grade out of need if Hightower or Brockers or Kirkpatrick or a DE/OLB they like are on the board. Unless they love Fleener, it seems like the values available at 1.24 will be on defense. And please don’t draft a WR in Round 1!

  • Asmitty56

    Exactly. Though McLendon is a bit small and doesn’t quite fit the system. But so far he has played well while Sylvester has struggled. McLendon may have a permanent spot as the nickle NT.

  • Longtime Steeler Fanatic

    We don’t need Dont’a Hightower as much as we absolutely need an offensive line, last year this was our softest spot! Unless we can trade up for Kuechly we should target the higher OL prospects like Cordy Glenn or MIke Adams