2012 NFL Draft Round 7: Pittsburgh Steelers Draft CB Terrence Frederick With 246th Pick

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Texas A&M cornerback Terrence Frederick in the 7th round with the 246th pick of the 2012 NFL draft.

Performance Stats
20 Yard Shuttle 4.03 seconds
3 Cone Drill 6.59 seconds
40 Yard Dash 4.5 seconds
60 Yard Shuttle 11.13 seconds
Bench Press 16.0 reps
Broad Jump 121.0″
Vertical Jump 35.0″

Frederick is an undersized corner who started for Texas A&M and played a variety of roles for them throughout his career. He is slow-footed, and this can be his defining attribute as he struggles off the line playing close in man coverage; he is much more of a zone player. He has played in the slot in nickel looks a lot in his career, which will help him early on in his NFL voyage as younger corners are often called upon to fill this void in defenses. He gets the most out of his athletic ability by being a smart player who takes good angles on the ball.

Frederick is a very good zone defender who understands angles. He knows how to diagnose plays and is very good to watch his man\’s hips, and then turn his eyes to the quarterback to make breaks when playing zone. This can get him in trouble at times, but he is good for the most part when reacting to the quarterback and breaking on the ball. Frederick is a solid, good-base athlete who plays that way on the edge when supporting the run. Although he is slightly undersized, he likes to throw his entire body around and won\’t just stick on blocks, which is the knock on some undersized corners.

Frederick is not a man-cover corner and would struggle early if put in that situation in the NFL. He is slow-footed, so in man coverage he can get blown by off the snap. He is a bit undersized and struggles on the line against bigger receivers. He is inconsistent and almost bashful when playing man, and one can tell that he is unsure of his speed when running with a receiver down field.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I can maybe see him in a dime…like to know how he tackles….Im sure he must be a ST guy that is why they got him

  • Jprankster2005

    Sounds like Special Teams at best……..

  • Dave

    You’re not getting Darelle Revis or Morris Claiborne at 246 overall. If the kid makes the team as a special teamer, it’s a bonus.

  • C_golden07

    Wasn’t the other A&M corner the higher rated prospect and he was still on the board, right? Wonder why he caught their eye more?

  • Daveb1952

    Future Coach…. in 2012… Just what we need, a slow corner……

  • Jason White

    Watched some film on him. He hits like a safety and sure isn’t afraid to tackle.

  • SteelSpine

    All the draft guides say “too slow to cover man-to-man”. That’s same as saying cant play cornerback in the NFL. Too small to move to safety & probly even too slow for free safety. I agree with all the other posters who said that late in the draft it’s just special teamer at best.

  • Carlcarl136

    Coryell Judie was the higher rated corner from A&M, but he was coming off an injury last season and didn’t play much. He went to the Broncos.