2012 NFL Draft Round 7: Pittsburgh Steelers Draft T Kelvin Beachum With 248th Pick

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected SMU tackle Kelvin Beachum in the 7th round with the 248th pick of the 2012 NFL draft.


Beachum was a redshirt freshman but started every game throughout the rest of his time at SMU. He is undersized compared to most professional offensive tackles, but improved steadily in college, displaying the kind of athletic ability, body control and footwork that will make him a late-round draft pick. Beachum has significant strength deficiencies; his ability to physically develop as a rookie will likely determine whether he\’ll have a future in the NFL.

Beachum is very quick off the ball and plays with an obvious sense of urgency. He has a good first step that allows him to get out in front and gain position. When working upfield, he has very impressive short-area quickness and footwork. He is able to adjust against moving linebackers, and he did well in the limited time he spent working in space. Beachum shows smooth, controlled lateral agility when engaging his pass set.

Beachum is a soft prospect. He comes off the ball and moves quickly, but he is not explosive and has a hard time generating push on his man off the snap. He struggles in the run-blocking game, which doesn\’t bode well for his development and projected move inside to guard. SMU\’s style didn\’t offer many chances to show that he can perform in a classic run-blocking scheme, and NFL teams will have to guess whether he can successfully make that positional shift. Beachum is a mirror and patty-cake blocker who was effective and productive at SMU; whether his skills transfer to the NFL is another question.

  • Jprankster2005

    I don’t think he will even make the team I loved all the other picks except for 3rd but I think they should of went Cb or Safety for depth or even ILB or another DL….. Don’t like this pick and the 3rd but all the others I like……. Dave do u think this guy could make the team?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He looks to be a decent prospect…Like Zusivics better from Iowa…but time will tell…still wasnt a bad pick IMO

  • PoKey21

    I think it depends on if we bring Starks back or not. If starks comes back that would leave us with 4 tackles (Gilbert, Colon, Adams, Starks). We wouldnt have room to carry 5 thats for sure. 4 is pushing it. So if Starks comes back no way this kid makes the team. If he doesnt come back I would say he has a 40% chance of making the team. We have a lot of Guards too now. Decastro, Foster, Essex, Legursky. Granted Legursky is also a back up center. With Starks that would leave the steelers with 9 offensive linemen. I think 10 would be too many.

  • Jprankster2005

    I think the starting line will be Pouncey,Decastro,Colon,Gilbert Adams I say Colon moves to Guard or one of the Tackles do…… Foster will be a great backup along with Legursky….. Essex and Scott won’t make the team but I def. no Scott won’t unless he takes the min…. There not going to pay 2.2 million for him with what they got now…….

  • dgh57

    Practice squad at the best for Beachum!!

    Soft prospect?!! Hard time generating push?!! Struggles in the run game?!!

    Steelers must of seen something in him though to draft him!

  • Alishia beachum

    well thats my cousin and i know him very well he is very motivated and he will push towards his goal i know he will make it so all the haters watch and see