2012 NFL Draft – Some Potential Round 2 & Round 3 Targets For The Steelers Tonight

The first round of the 2012 NFL draft is in the books and rounds two and three take center stage tonight in New York. The drafting of Stanford guard David DeCastro with the 24th pick in round one was a great way to have my mock draft busted, so I can now turn my attention to a few players the Steelers could have their sights set on tonight.

With only four offensive lineman currently off the board right now in the form of two tackle and two guards, there figures to be a run on linemen beginning in round two. There could still be some value to be had with the 56th pick though if things fall just right for the Steelers like they did in round one. Here are some possible targets that could be on the board in rounds two and three.

G Amini Silatolu – Midwestern State Silatolu his a move left tackle that projects as a left guard at the next level. He has a very nasty demeanor and is punishing when you watch him on tape. They used him to pull quite a bit as well and he shows he has short area quickness. It would take a DeCastro-like fall for him to be on the board when the Steelers pick, but you just never know.

G Brandon Brook – Miami (Ohio) – I have sang the praises of the combine snubbed guard for a while now. He played left tackle, left guard and right guard for the Redhawks and showed he could handle top notch talent in the East West Shrine game. He would offer great position flexibility to the Steelers and wowed scouts during his pro day. Is he a round two or round three guy? We will find out tonight.

T Bobby Massie – Mississippi A great run blocking right tackle that possesses a nice kick step in pass protection. Has fixable flaws technique wise that needs to be corrected as he likes to receive pass rushers instead of attacking them. He needs to use his hands better for sure, but shows range to get to the edge. The Steelers have a legitimate shot at him in my opinion.

G Kelechi Osemele – Iowa State Very raw tackle that projects as a guard at the next level. He is not technically sound and I view him more as a third round prospect. Nice arm length and hand size, but he does not always use them to his advantage. He did not stick out at the Senior Bowl in my opinion.

T/G Jeff Allen – Illinois A left tackle that projects as a guard at the next level due his size and limitations. He is not flashy, but uses his big hands well. He is another player that could slide into round three.

G Mitchell Schwartz – California Younger brother of Geoff Schwartz who played left tackle in college. Projects as a right tackle or guard at the next level. He showed well in pass protection drills at the Senior Bowl and amassed 105 knockdown blocks and 17 touchdown-resulting blocks last season. He moves well for a big guy. There seems to be concerns about a knee of his, so he could slide as well.

There are just two inside linebackers off the board right now, so the Steelers might be able to find some value there at the end of round two.

ILB Lavonte David – Nebraska A tackling machine that wades through garbage good. He played weak-side linebacker for the Cornhuskers and projects as possible inside linebacker at next level because of his ability to drop. David ranked third in the conference with 133 tackles, the fifth-highest total in school history. His 65 solo hits tied for sixth on the Huskers’ annual record chart.

ILB Mychal Kendricks – California An undersized yet physical specimen that is a very athletic. He ran a 4.44 40 time to go with a 4.14 short shuttle time. Kendricks started 29-of-51 games at California with 15 at outside linebacker and 14 at left inside linebacker. I have a feeling he might slide to round three.

What about outside linebackers that fit the 3-4?

OLB Andre Branch OLB – While he likely could go off the board early in round two, he has extreme value if he slides. He manned the “bandit” position the last two years at Clemson and the Steelers had him in for a visit. He has the size, lateral quickness and balance to string plays out wide and used that explosive burst to easily escape bigger blockers last season, as he went on to lead the ACC and finish 15th in the nation with 10.5 sacks. He is considered a weak-side edge rusher.

OLB Vinny Curry – Marshall –  A very physical player who started his final 38 games at strong-side defensive end for the Thundering Herd He recorded 239 tackles (111 solo) with 26.5 sacks (166 yards), 49.0 tackles for loss (236 yards) and 32 quarterback pressures during his college career. He figures to be a late round two or early round three player that could end up sliding a bit.

Nose tackle is also a position the Steelers could address in rounds two or three and below are the names that jump out as candidates.

NT Alameda Ta\’amu – Washington – I forgot to add the big Washington defensive tackle. Started all 13 games at left defensive tackle, recording 30 tackles with 15 solo. His 3.5 sacks (19 yards) and seven tackles for loss set career highs. He served as team captain last year in addition. An anchor, stack and shed type of tackle and he can be very effective occupying multiple blockers to free up another teammate to make the play. His motor is questioned at times and is not effective in chase on the backside.

DT/NT Brandon Thompson – Clemson – A powerful defense tackle that played well against the run. He is not overly effective as a two gap player when double teamed. He started 38-of-53 games at Clemson with 25 coming at nose guard and 13 at weak-side defensive tackle. Might be better suited for a 4-3 defense, but has the tools to develop into a 3-4 nose tackle.

DT/NT Mike Martin – Michigan Likely a third round player that played up and down the line at Michigan. Very smart kid that the Steelers have show quite a bit of interest in. He has gained weight since the combine and is strong as an ox. Very versatile player that could also stay on the field on in nickel situations once developed. Strong character player.

NT Josh Chapman – Great two gap nose tackle who is coming off of ACL surgery. Played in the 3-4 at Alabama and would have been a slam dunk second round pick if he was 100% healthy. There still could be some medical red flags on him according to a few rumors right before the draft. He would look great in the black and gold.

Running back is yet another position the Steelers could address in rounds two or three, especially if they offer up third down and change of pace abilities.

RB Isaiah Pead – Cincinnati Wowed everyone at the Senior Bowl not only as a running back but as a return man as well. Unlikely to last until the Steelers third round pick. He is not afraid to block and can catch out of the backfield in addition. The Steelers seem genuinely interested in him.

RB LaMichael James – Oregon Another shift back that came in for a pre draft visit. James started 34-of-37 games he played in at Oregon, carrying 771 times for 5,082 yards with 53 touchdowns. He also caught 51 passes for 586 yards with four scores and returned 14 punts for 137 yards and a touchdown. He figures to be gone by round three.

OK, I know I have left someone\’s favorite player off the list and these surely are not all of the names or the positions the Steelers will be looking at. Add the names below in the comments for round two and round three players I left off and give everyone a good synopsis about them and the round they should be considered.

  • Calm_killer

    Would it be possible we look at WR in the second?

  • SteelersDepot

    Not saying it is not possible at all. I could have written up three or four wide receivers as well, but wanted to get this pushed out. Feel free to list names as I stated at the end of the post.

  • Eric87

    Hope they draft Silatolu or Brooks in the 2nd just to get the line sured up. Whether Brooks is a 2nd or 3rd projection should make no diference if their is a run on linemen in the 2nd. Take him and help Ben play for many years to come. I hate seeing Ben get crushed 10 times a game. 1st rounders Pouncey and Decastro, 2nd Rounders Gilbert and ?? and not sure what round Colon went in, but that seems to be a high pedigree o-line compared to our below average guys.

  • steelersinfodotcom

    The Hammer Ronnell Lewis OLB Oklahoma. 36 reps on bench press is huge. move him inside and we are just plain scary again. higher bench press reps than any linebacker in Steelers history.
    Derek Wolfe DE Cincinatti would be a solid third round selection. reminds of Aaron Smith style.

  • PoKey21

    WR seems to be valued in this years draft. 3 of them went in the 1st. Floydd a lot higher than what I expected.

  • James

    I’m predicting that we finish today with another o-lineman and a NT

  • Sonny

    Steelers need to draft an OT tonight, and one more Saturday.

  • PoKey21

    Tam’mu in the 2nd Kendricks falls to them in the 3rd would be ideal

  • Woodleykills56

    I say they go DT and then back to OL.

  • Bleebo77

    Lions on the clock in Rd. 2 and still some good options for PIT: Lavonte, Massie, Mike Adams (if he’s not off their board), Ta’amu, Brooks. Should be interesting!

  • Bobby Bowers

    just saw Mike Adams 2nd rd OT pick, tho I live 3,000 miles away in the west coast, I could hear Big Ben high five’in Ashley from my sofa with Sean Kugler cartwheeling’ in the b.g… Nice pick! Go Steelers!

  • Eric87

    Mike Adams huh, guess Steelers didnt care about the issues like some people thought. First time I actually saw tape on him and he looks pretty athletic. A posible LT?

  • Garrett1771

    Ben is feeling pretty good right now!

  • Eric87

    where does he fit on the line? Can he play LG, or is he a backup tackle?

  • Bleebo77

    He’s pure LT. Maybe Gilbert goes back to the right? One commentator pointed out that it is tough for a late-drafting team to get a pure LT, so this could be gold for PIT.

    And they met with him, so you figure he assuaged any character concerns.

  • r4kolb

    well dave we are all waiting for your comment on the adams pick? i thought like you did no way they keep him on their board. if it don’t work out we can always trade him to jets for a 7th rounder. wow

  • SteelersDepot

    Give me a bit. Tape is not exciting on him.

  • Nolrog

    If they go Ta’amu in the 3rd, I’m gonna be hard all weekend.

  • Nolrog

    Two OL is enough for now. They have other needs. NT and then look for a linebacker, Safety or WR.

  • Jprankster2005

    Now we can relese Scott and save another 2.2 million…….. I like that he won’t be payed a bonus for a yr. that saves money……. And we sured up our line….. I think we gotta go NT here in 3rd…… Or if they like Chapman and hope he falls to 4th I hope they either go Ta amu or Chapman or Egnew here in 3rd……. Can’t believe Pead was a 2nd rounder figure we could get him in 3rd or 4th…….. But overall our OL is good for yrs. to come now…… Now we can focus on Defense rest of draft and next couple yrs…….

  • Jprankster2005

    Dave what do u project the OL to be now…… Pouncey,Decastro,Colon,Adams,Gilbert? I also liked Foster but will be a good backup I don’t see Scott and Essex making the team now…….

  • Woodleykills56

    I made that comment before the Adams pick. I agree, now lets focus on some defense. Prefer a NT and safety (in that order)

  • Jprankster2005

    I didn’t like the 3rd rounder I dont’ get it There not content with Worilds obivoulsy but must think Mclendon or Hood can handle NT they should of took a ILB or NT they missed out on a few good NT’s and gotta wait 40 more picks and hopefully a decent one will land in the 4th I’m dumb founded………….They have OLB they are hoping for a gem in the late rounds and that scares me…… They gotta replace Hampton this yr. and don’t look like they will get a player that will be as half as good as him unless they get lucky……. I don’t like that pick at all He has good stats but not a position of need…… I dont think ILB is more important than NT they can wait a yr. or so on ILB but NT needed to be picked up in this draft so they could have a replacement in 2013……… Very disappointed………

  • Bobby Bowers

    Just read the scouting report on Sean Spence. he’s fast and flies around the ball like the “Tazmanian Devil”…

    so may be that will become his moniker as a Steeler. He only did 12 bench presses @ combine but plays like a demon. Hopefully Steelers Strength and Cond coach will “Shape” Spence to be NFL Linebacker/starter like Lance Briggs. .

  • Jprankster2005

    Or maybe he can get fat and be the NT that they needed…… I can’t believe they didn’t pick a NT don’t get what there thinking……

  • Eric87

    Im not thrilled about the pick but want to see him in camp and if he remains a tackle machine. Is he going to translate as OLB or ILB?

  • Jordan

    Spence will Play Inside

  • mghjr88

    size/strength has to be a concern w/ S. Spence playing inside. Will he be like Carnell Lake and make the switch from being a linebacker in college to safety in the NFL?

  • TO

    Typical PS draft. Sure thing in round 1. Pick names out of a hat after that.

  • Dave

    Obviously, they have Spence rated higher on their board than Ta’amu. They could still end up with Josh Chapman, or maybe even Ta’amu in round 4, who knows?

    As for Spence, it’s a passing league now. I’d rather have a slightly smaller guy that can cover than a big slow guy who’s a liability against the pass. He’s the same listed weight as Stevenson Sylvester, and 3lbs lighter than Timmons listed weight.
    If he bulks up a little, he’ll be the same size as James Harrison.

  • Dave

    So basically, you have more faith in Larry Foote or Stevenson Sylvester than you do in Casey Hampton and Steve McLendon? I really can’t see where ILB is any less of a need than NT. Casey Hampton is still on the roster. James Farrior is not.

    Plus, the draft isn’t over yet.

  • PoKey21

    He only did 12 reps because he had a bruised wrist. He says when fully healthy he can do 19.

  • PoKey21

    I still think we took Spence to replace Worilds. Worilds will be the one playing inside. Also someone else said future SS. It could be a high possibility. I heard a couple scouts call Spence the Peyton Manning of Defense.

  • zbluez1

    3-4 solid nose tackles still on the board, suspect will see one drafted in round 4 or 5 depending on how they drop and who has the highest rating on the Steelers board. my best guess is Chapman or Fangupo with Chigbo Anunoby as a dark horse pick in the 6-7 rd area.

  • Dave

    Alameda Ta’amu in 4th round pick 109….patience my friends…In Colbert we trust!

  • Nolrog

    Not up here yet, but they traded up with Washington for the 109 pick (we had 119, gave up that one and our 6th) and picked Alameda Ta’amu. Woot.

  • Bobby Bowers

    I read it somewhere Decastro completely “neutralized” Alameda on a few ocassions. Now they’re teammates.

  • Bobby Bowers

    Wow. This draft, every pick thus far fills a need and full of risk/reward potential.

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m so happy the Steelers moved up and got Ta’amu…… And Rainey is going to be good….. He can do a little bit of everything…… So I think we got him as a steal as well as Ta’amu I think he should of went 3rd round and was afraid we wouldn’t get him…… Though I thought they would draft Chapman over Ta’amu I’m happy with it……. So far this is a great draft….. The only pick I dont like is 3rd…… I was thinking they would go ILB in 5th with Arizona St. ILB…. Would of like Tandey also…… But hey hope they get a CB Safety ILB and DE with 7th rounders…… Don’t think we need a WR now because Rainey can play as 4th or 5th WR….But I’d be content with what we have I think Sylvester and Foote will do good at ILB so if they don’t draft one I’d be okay with it…….. I think 1,2,4,5 th rounders will go on to be great steelers…..

  • mghjr88

    I really wanted to see Trenton Robinson(MSU, FS) get drafted by the Steelers, or at least another promising sub package defensive back