2012 Steelers Mock Draft Version 4.0

After hours of even more tape watching and researching more on the pro days, my latest Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft version 4.0 is now complete. I have battled back and forth with myself, as I do with every mock draft, on the first 4 rounds. Who will drop where is always the toughest question to answer. One position I was not able to fit in this go around was running back. I am not totally sold the Steelers will take one in the first four rounds, but I am also not ready to rule it out from happening either. My first round pick will draw the most ire once again as it goes against the grain of much of what is out there. As far as the Steelers drafting a tackle or a guard in the first round, I just do not see it unless extreme value drops in the form of a top three tackle, or the top guard, David DeCastro. General Manager Kevin Colbert has not drafted a tackle in the first round since coming to the Steelers in 2000. Mississippi tackle Bobbie Massie, has made a huge jump up the boards over the last few weeks, but I am still not ready to put him in round 1. I also do not think he will to the Steelers in round 2. This of course will not be my last mock draft and I might try to fit in one more prior to my final one. The last round of pre draft visits could sway may final mock, as only one of my top four picks have visited so far. If you remember my final mock draft last year, visits play heavily into selections.

2012 Steelers Mock Draft Version 4.0

Round 1 – Pick 24 – Coby Fleener – TE – Stanford – I am sticking to my guns right now with Fleener. When you look at the history of Colbert drafts, he can\’t turn down value even if it is not a primary need. The majority consensus here is obviously Alabama linebacker Dont\’a Hightower, but the risk versus the reward is just too great in my opinion as he just doesn\’t offer very much upside. The Steelers also have not drafted a true inside linebacker in the first round in the Super Bowl era. I have a feeling that the Steelers have not given up completely on Stevenson Sylvester and they will get insurance later in the draft. No other guard or tackle that will likely be on the board at 24 deserve a first round grade in my opinion. As far as tackle goes, Colbert has not drafted one of those in the first round either since he took over in Pittsburgh. Fleener can still grow into his frame and I believe can become a more rounded tight end in the blocking department. His ability to line up all over the field is a plus and he can create match up problems with defenses. He has a knack for the endzone in addition and is a big target. In addition, he could play wide receiver in a pinch. As I pointed out recently, top tight ends in the draft are safe picks and it never hurts to have a solid pass catcher backing up Heath Miller, who will turn 30 years of age this season. Fleener could contribute instantly in his rookie season and that is a plus and he could spell the workhorse Miller a few plays a game.

Players considered: OLB Nick Perry – USC, S Mark Barron – Alabama, T Bobbie Massie – Mississippi, G Kevin Zeitler – Wisconsin, ILB Dont\’a Hightower – Alabama, G/T Cordy Glenn – Georgia, T Jonathan Martin – Stanford

Round 2 – Pick 56 – Brandon Brooks – G – Miami (Ohio) – Will he or will he not last to round three? That is the biggest question. A little side note here. The last player to not receive an invite to the combine that was drafted in the first two rounds was Oakland Raiders safety Mike Mitchell in 2009. The interest the Steelers have in Brooks is obvious as they were front and center for his pro day and he has already made his pre draft visit. Brooks projects of course as a guard at the next level, but can play right tackle in a pinch. The Steelers love versatility from their linemen and this pick would be killing two birds with one stone. Should something happen to Willie Colon this year, the Steelers can sign back Max Starks or insert Brooks in at right tackle. Brooks started 41-of-45 games he played in for the Redhawks – 15 at left guard, 14 at left tackle and 12 at right guard. Brooks recorded 10 touchdown-resulting blocks for a ground game that found the end zone only 11 times and also produced a career-high 90 knockdowns. He did not allow a quarterback sack last year as well.

Players considered: G Amini Silatolu – Midwestern State, ILB Mychal Kendricks – California, S Harrison Smith – Notre Dame, ILB Bobby Wagner – Utah State, T Bobbie Massie – Mississippi, RB Isaiah Pead – Cincinnati, T Jonathan Martin – Stanford

Round 3 – Pick 86 – Josh Chapman – NT – Alabama – It is no secret the Steelers need a nose tackle and the 3rd round is a great spot to grab either Chapman or Mike Martin from Michigan. I truly think this could go either way here, but would prefer Chapman of the two. He is a monster playing the 0 or the 1 and he should be recovered from his knee surgery to contribute at some point should the need arise. Even if he were 100% by the start of the season, defensive line coach John Mitchell will take his time breaking him down and putting him back together. Chapman will not impress you if you look at him from a stat perspective, much like Casey Hampton, but he can clog up the middle of the line and easily anchor to take on two blockers so that linebackers can get the job done. He also is not known for sacking the quarterback, but he can push the pocket like a good 3-4 nose tackle should. He lives in the weight room and his play on tape shows it as he has raw, unmatched strength. Chapman is easily a second round talent that present tremendous value in the late part of round three and that is right about were he is expected to go. As I said earlier, if it is not him here, it will likely be Martin if they go nose tackle here.

Players considered: DT Mike Martin – Michigan, RB Isaiah Pead – Cincinnati, ILB Mychal Kendricks – California, T Mitchell Swartz – California, G Brandon Washington – Miami, DE Derek Wolfe – Cincinnati

Round 4 – Pick 119 – James-Michael Johnson – ILB Nevada Johnson has been in and out of my mocks and I keep coming back to him. As I mentioned in the Fleener pick, I do not think the inside linebacker position is as much of a priority to the Steelers as it is to the fan base. Sylvester will be given every shot in his 3rd season to unseat Larry Foote. This is his jump year and I believe the lockout hurt his progress last offseason. Johnson offers up great measurables and tape as a prospect that could be groomed for the BUCK role. He is a high character guy and was a team leader at Nevada. Johnson started 43 consecutive games while at Nevada, appearing in a total of 54 with 50 starts. 23 of those 50 were at strong-side outside linebacker and the other 27 were at middle linebacker. He will have to learn the nuances of the 3-4 defense. His straight line speed is a tick slower than that of Hightower, but his agility times and hip turn ability are better. He is not as violent as Hightower in the hole, but he can improve his technique to make up for that. His explosion rate is right there with that of Hightower as well.

Players considered: S Trenton Robinson – Michigan State, RB Ronnie Hillman – San Diego State, RB Robert Turbin – Utah State, OLB Cameron Johnson – Virginia, WR Marvin McNutt – Iowa

Round 5 – Pick 159 – Aaron Henry – FS – Wisconsin – While Trenton Robinson from Michigan State would be the ultimate prize here in this round, I doubt he can fall this far. Never say never though. Henry would be a good consolation prize in opinion. He is a converted cornerback that was not invited to the NFL combine this February. He plays centerfield well and tracks the ball well in flight. He is a tad undersized at 5116, but makes up for it with his leaping ability. Not blazing fast, but is swift with his change of direction and hip flips. He breaks quick on the ball and is not afraid to hit. The Steelers were present at the Wisconsin pro day.

Round 6 – 193 – Tommy Streeter – WR Miami – We know the Steelers had a large contingent at the Miami pro day and it included offensive coordinator Todd Haley and wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery. Was Streeter, a six foot burner, one of the many Hurricane receivers they had an eye on? We don\’t know for sure, but the Steelers figure to draft a wide receiver at some point in this draft and as I mentioned, Streeter is tall and fast. It is not out of the question that he could still be on the board in round 6. The knock on him is that he may be considered a one-year wonder and he struggles at times getting off the line.

Round 7 – Pick 231 – Keith Tandy CB – West Virginia Mike Tomlin has a good grasp of the WVU program and Tandy was a player that the Steelers met with at the combine and have had in for a pre draft visit. He is an ideal zone coverage type corner that is not afraid to tackle.

Round 7 – Pick 240 – Levy Adcock – T – Oklahoma State – The Steelers were present at the OSU pro day and Adcock could be a good prospect to be a swing tackle after playing on both the left and right side. He anchors well, but is stiff and very tight looking. Not very good out in space, but he does show good balance. Likely best suited to play on the right side at the next level. His size and core strength may allow him to kick inside as well should the need arise. Definitely a project.

Round 7 – Pick 246 – Ryan Van Bergen – DE – Michigan Van Bergen projects as a classic 5 technique defensive end at the next level. He had great numbers at his pro day that included a sub 5.00 40 time and 31 reps on the bench. Tomlin reportedly showed great interest in him at the pro day according to Van Bergen himself.

Round 7 – Pick 248 – Jerrell Harris – LB – Alabama – Harris is also another player that has made a pre draft visit and he played both inside and outside in the 3-4 defense at Alabama. He projects as an inside linebacker at the next level and can contribute on special teams.

  • Finally, Dave! I have been waiting on pins and needles to see your predictions. Other than Colbert and Tomlin, you’re the only one I trust 😉
    I like your choices. Then again, what do I know…

  • Jollyrob68

    Outstanding Mock. I look forward to the podcast to hear you talk about it.

  • Dave_Bowers

    Perhaps Kevin Colbert compares these keen suggestions to his own and dawning new “ideas” will emerge… Thank you, Dave and btw, happy b day per twitter.


    Finally. Now I can go to sleep.

  • Hoge’s Homeboy

    I actually really like this mock. Too many Steeler fans get caught up in postions of need, and not enough remember why we are great. If guys like Fleener or Mark Barron are going to fall in our lap then I think that we’d be crazy not to draft them. Both are the highest rated player at their position, and both positions have huge dropoffs after these guys are off the board.

  • sweetleb

    wow, now that is a bad draft, reached on the first 2 picks and a bunch of bla after that.

  • Bgccw

    Is there any way we woudl try and make a play ion Doug Martin RB? the thought of a Ray Rice clone would be nice! Or what about Burfect? Love you stuff!

  • Omega87man

    I like your mock, but we need a QB project mid to late rounds and I love the kid from Wisconsin if he’s available.

  • reg38

    Well done Dave. I would love to see your final mock last year, just to compare it to the Steelers actual 2011 draft picks.

  • SteelersDepot
  • Dabbate95

    I dont know what everyone see in Fleener? He was constantly banged up last year with nagging injuries.

  • Dabbate95

    The Clemson TE is alot better then Fleener

  • reg38

    Wow you hit on the first 3 picks, just flipping Brown and Gilbert.

    How about a helping hand on the Mega Millions numbers next week.

  • SteelersDepot

    Fleener missed most of the Arizona game due to a head injury…Suffered an ankle sprain vs. Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl. Is that constantly in your opinion?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Your thought into this process is very good but the output wasnt. Like Fleener as best of breed but after that not a fan although I must admit there have been a few drafts where the Steelers had me scratching my head.

  • Adeleon12

    I see no big surprises here but I do not think the Steelers will draft two ILBs. I definitely see them drafting a OLB and a QB in pllace of a safety or CB.

  • There was a post on NFL.com today, reporting that Burfict hasn’t been invited by any NFL teams for a visit. The ways things are looking, best case scenario, Burfict gets picked up as an UFA.

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Great work as always, look forward to the podcast (now that I figured out how to listen to it on my phone) and love the overall players you picked in this draft. Especially the second and your third pick. No bullshit I think when all is said and done Chapman becomes an eventual draft steal, and our next Casey Hampton. When I study for the draft I usually only focus on primary steeler needs and therefore mostly looked at guards and linebackers and nose tackles so I obviously don’t know as much about other positions but to see Streeter in the six would be huge.

  • Jprankster2005

    I love it I hope they take Fleener number 1 and Chapman in 3rd……. I would love if they could make those picks……. We get a real good TE and 3 of our biggest needs in the next 3 rounds…. So the top 4 rounds would be great…….

  • Jprankster2005

    We will def. draft a safety and CB we are short on CB’s and I think they will bring in another safety and let Will allen go…….. I can’t wait to see what Rolle can do though

  • Jprankster2005

    Wilson will probably be a round 2 or 3….. No way will the we pick a qb before round 6

  • Jprankster2005

    Have they brought Fleener in for a visit or went to his pro day?

  • Rubem Dornas

    I would really like if Jonathan Martin comes at Round 1.

  • Thenvpack

    I understand your thinking but I hope you’re wrong. The last time the steelers drafted luxury offensive positions we ended up with Mendy and Limus!!!!

    I hope they don’t get cute and just stick to fixing what we need most OL

  • Ryan B.

    I think the Steelers will try and get a kicker, in about the 7th round, to add some depth and provide some competition for Suisham. Personally, I am getting tired of his inconsistency. If the young draft pick doesn’t work out, then at worst we have a camp body for later competition. Thoughts?

  • Paolo4343

    Stick to your guns! Even if they no bullets!

  • Paolo4343

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

  • Harold

    I agree with your logic on Fleener. Colbert evaluates 1st round prospects different than most of us do. He really doesn’t look at need very much. He looks at long term success projection. Fleener has a very low bust possibility. This is HUGE with Colbert. Fleener has great upside. Great character. Great work ethic. Great attitude. Big program. History of production. No red flags. The number 1 prospect at his position (according to most scouts). This is the type of the pick Colbert makes. Not saying he will. Just saying it’s how he thinks. And to anyone who says we can’t pick Fleener because already have Miller, remember that we picked Heyward when we already had Hood, Keisel, and Smith. And we picked Mendenhall when we already had Parker. Both times we had greater needs at other positions.

    Brooks and Chapman present greater value to the Steelers than most other teams because they fit our scheme so perfectly. They both project as long term starters at our top two positions of current greatest need.

    Finally, a “reach” is only a “reach” when you miss. Better to get the right guy a round early, than the wrong guy a couple rounds later at “huge value”.

  • Menace_501

    Dave, with all your stats and great knowledge. How many picks have been visits? Be interesting to know their track record with visits to actually draft picks.

  • PoKey21

    1- Donta Hightower / Stephen Gilmore (I am almost certain 1 will fall to the Steelers)
    2- Kelechi Osemele / Alameda Taa’mu (Have to get a Guard, I think its the biggest need)
    3- Mike Martin / Brandon Brooks (I like Martin a lot he is ripped for a NT / I think you have Brooks overrated and will be there in the 3rd)
    4- Trent Robinson / Tank Carder (Both players have good instincts. If we dont get Hightower in the 1st I think Carder is a perfect fit for the Steelers at ILB)
    5- Brandon Mosley (Raw talent out of Auburn, and the more O linemen the better)
    6- Chris Rainey (RB out of Florida, KR and PR too. Need to keep the WRs healthy)
    7- Kellen Moore or Dan Persa (NEED a smart backup QB to start developing)
    7- Randy Bullock (Best Kicker in the Draft, needed competition for Suisham)
    7- Deveir Posey (From OSU would have went earlier last year if he left, came back and had to sit out all but 3 games his Senior year, could be a steal)

    In Rounds 1-4 I have 2 different Draft prospects for each round. Its not either or. For example If they take Hightower in the first I think it will follow with Osemele. If they take Hightower I do not think they will take Taa’mu in the 2nd.

    Again, I dont like Fleener too many other options like Hightower, Gilmore, Kirkpatrick, Barron, Johnathan Martin, or even Trading up or back are all better options than Fleener IMO.

    Im sticking with my 5-7. I think all of those players would add good depth to the team. I like your Brooks and Chapman picks, but I think both are a round too early. I also like your Adcock pick, but I think you have him undervalued. He will go in the 6th possibly even the 5th.

  • Nolrog

    I don’t see them going after a TE in the first round. Not with the gaping holes at NT and OL (and MILB to a lesser extent.)

  • Nolrog

    We’re not really short in CBs. We have 4 (Ike, Brown, Lewis and Allen.)

    I could see a safety because that is going to be a problem position pretty quickly with Troy at 30 and Clark at 32. And since the draft is fairly deep in other positions one of the top safetys could fall to us.

  • Nolrog

    Burfict is a disaster. If he’s drafted it will be someone taking a flier in the 6th or 7th round. But that’s even questionable. I’d say 50/50 that he’s not drafted.

    He’s not fast, not strong and blamed everyone from his coaches to the media to Paris Hilton for his poor showing (so he’s not smart either.)

    This is not a “Steeler guy”.

  • PoKey21

    I do too. Especially since they have three 7th round picks. I am guessing they will go after Randy Bullock. He is the Best kicker in the draft, but its possible he could go before there pick, or even in the 6th to someone whose desperate. If he is gone I would go with David Teggart. He is the only top 5 kicker from a cold weather state in Connecticut. Im thinking he would be the most prepared for Heinz Field out of the bunch.

  • steelmvl

    no runningback to help fill in while Mendy is recovering from his acl surgery.I had hoped that would happen, also, that would give the Steelers another option when Mendy is a free-agent.

  • Kingmagyar

    Coby Fleener could very well go at the 24 pick of the Steelers, but it will be to the Giants, or Colts who trade up for him gaining the Steelers an extra late 2nd or early 3rd round pick. Giving us 4 in the top 3 rounds. Then take Massie or Zeitler, then Kendricks, then Chapman, then Brandon Brooks, Mitchell Schwartz, or Jeff Allen. OT, G, NT, ILB all in the first 3 rounds then take either S Trenton Robinson or RBs like Ronnie Hillman or Cyrus Gray in the 4th.

    Also don’t like Martin as a NT. Bad stuff written about his weaknesses on cbssports.com

  • Grw1960

    I like all your picks except of course Fleener and Adcock.
    I admire you sticking to whatyou beleive inFleener.Though I don’t agree.
    But in the 7th round,I think there will bea lot better value at RB or special tems players.

  • Love this mock Draft, only hoping we find a way to get kendricks. Really want fleener in the first, or trade down, would open so much up because no safety can double him because of wallace and brown and their speed on the outside.


  • Bleebo77

    Thorough and thoughtful work, as always. I’d be thrilled if this were the real draft results. We’d leave the first four rounds with an intriguing impact offensive player (Fleener) and upside players at most of our top positions of need (OG, NT, ILB). I seem to like Hightower more than most but still see the potential impact of Fleener.

    I don’t like waiting until the 7th for an OT, especially if they pass on Martin or Adams in Round 1. Maybe OT in Round 4 and then hope that JMJ falls to Round 5? Mosley from Auburn?

    Not excited about Henry in the 5th. I’m not sure he has the tools to be anything more than a backup; I’d rather have them pick OT (if there’s someone of value hanging around) or pick a developmental DE/OLB… or even steal one of the smaller school QBs that draftniks seem high on – the kid from Tulsa or the kid from TN-Chattanooga.

    Did you go with a tall WR b/c Cotchery has now signed?

    I like that you passed on RB. The Steelers have a stable of younger guys and Mendy coming back, so it’s a good season to see who from among the young guys is ready to step up. Maybe RB next year?

  • Bleebo77

    I have to echo your comment about “reach.” Right on! Of course teams want value, but at the end of the draft, the Steelers will emerge with around 10 new players. A player can’t help them if they don’t draft him. The ultimate measure of success will be whether or not the guys the Steelers pick contribute. If they think Brooks, for example, can be a long-term starter and fits what they want to do, then the only thing that matters is that he’s a Steeler at the end of draft weekend! If they have to take him half a round earlier than some project him, then so be it.

    I think this also illuminates the challenge of drafting late in the round. Players graded for that round may or may not be there, so if there’s a guy they like, they might need to be prepared to draft him a little early rather than a little late. But the Steelers always seem to do a good job letting things fall to them.

  • Bleebo77

    P.S. I also wouldn’t be sad to see them take 2 OGs. Brooks or Osemele in the 2nd and then maybe an Adam Gettis, Lucas Nix or Rishaw Johnson in the middle rounds.

  • Ressler Craig

    Might not disagree with you about the 1st round pick, but Brooks in the 2nd is not a reach. In fact, Steelers would be somewhat fortunate if Brooks feel to them in the 2nd.

  • Jprankster2005

    I’ve been a huge fan of Fleener and was hoping they would pick him with 24th pick…… But as of today I gotta say they should try and trade there pick in the first for a second and early 3rd round…… I like Egnew in early 3rd…… and pick up a OL with a 2nd round and a NT…….ILB in 4th WR 5th CB 6th Safety 7th another OL 7th another CB 7th and possibly a RB in one of them 7th round picks I just think Egnew will have the better career……. And I would love to have Chapman in 3rd but think they should go with Egnew and hope they can pick up Chapman……. Would be a great pick up….. I don’t think ILB is that important this yr. with Foote and Sylvester possibly being able to take over…… So don’t think they should draft one til 4th round at earliest…….

  • Jr

    At least this draft makes sense unlike chris Dimarinos

  • PA2AK

    They got Miller, Johnson, Saunders, and the vet from Arizona. With their roster, they will be looking to get rid of a TE not add one, imo.

  • Bialo38

    Coby Fleenor????????? Really?????????? Have you ever watched a Steeler game!! OL, DL, or ILB in the first 2 rounds PERIOD!!!!

  • SteelersDepot

    Judging by the way you spell Fleener, you have never seen him play. Your ignorance really shows.

  • kyle

    Dead horse beating:

    Fleener caught passes from the best QB prospect in years. He played in an offense that doesn’t exactly favor Wideouts. He is purely a pass catcher and he’d be coming to a team with 3 or 4 pass catchers who should get the ball before he does. The left side of the Stanford OL is most likely going to be drafted in the 1st round whereas the Steelers line is – to put it charitably – a work in progress, so he’ll need to be at least an ok blocker. Those are the reasons I don’t want him, here’s why I don’t think the Steelers should take him: at the end of the college football season nobody was talking about any TE prospects going in the first, his profile has raised in offseason nonsense, he is not a value pick, if he’s available in the second go for it. Fleener is not the 24th best player in this draft, not even close.

  • kerror

    Yeah, like the first 4 rounds!
    If steelers draft Hightower in the 1. i would prefer LaMichael James in the 4th – I think his still available there!
    The 5-7 Round-Picks are very interessting! I ‘scouted’ them and like them – would be a dream if it come true!
    But the most important for me is a Guard in the 2nd round – brooks, silatolu or if available Zeitler; and of course that alabama beast Chapman!

  • kerror

    Thank you 2 guys! That’s my opinion 😉

  • SteelersDepot

    So you are already locking Johnson, Pope and Saunders on the 53 man roster right now?

  • avid brazzers watcher

    no way do we pass up one of bamas defenders.. no way in hell if they do i wont watch brazzers no more

  • Sorry, Dave, I’m not buying Fleener by the Steelers at #24 with ANY logic. TE for the Steelers isn’t a glaring need position. Colbert will pick BPA at a need position, but TE isn’t one of them. The rest of the mock… not bad.

  • Foley718

    Fleener with the 24th pick? I think not, especially with the recent signing of Leonard Pope and David Johnson signing his one year tender. Saunders will be the #2 TE once he completes his suspension. While Colbert loves to take the best value player available, that player maybe Barron from Alabama. No way does he draft Fleener. The steelers do not take TE that can’t block, they don’t have to catch but they have to block. Also as bad as the offensive line is , the steelers can’t afford to have another player on the o- line that can’t block…….

  • Ginko18

    I think you are confusing Fleener with WR Chris Owusu…..

  • Ginko18

    For 2011 draft, Heyward (R1), Gilbert (R2), Brown (R3), Allen (R4), Williams (R5) all had visits. For 2010 draft, Pouncey (R1), Sanders (R3), Brown (R6) had visits. Steelers attended Pro Days for Gibson (R4), Scott (R5) and Worthington (R7). For 2009 draft, Burnett (R5), Summers (R5), Sunny Harris (R6) and Shipley (R7) had visits but I may be missing some since I only have 25 visits recorded. Here’s to having a similar track record to 2011 draft.

  • I think A LOT of people are underrating a need at tight end for the Steelers. Weslye Saunders is unproven, Wes Lyons the same and Leonard Pope/David Johnson are strictly blocking tight ends.

  • LOL I know right? Saunders is unproven and will be suspended for four games. Johnson and Pope are just primarily blockers with no upside at all.

  • I fully understand the Fleener logic. The one thing that bugs me with this draft and others I’ve seen is, can we really not use one of our 7th rounders on a damn kicker? Sign me up with Bullock or Zuerlin, IDC I just can’t stand Suisham

  • SteelDawg

    I really like Fleener as the first pick, Heath Miller is in my opinion a top 10 tight end, but Fleener as a back-up and to include him in the passing game would be like Gronk and Hernandez in N.E., a matchup nightmare…

  • Steel Dawg

    I like Fleener in the first, living out west and seeing him play often in the Pac-12, the guy would be a great addition for us, and would create matchup problems being paired with Miller and our wideouts. Similar to Gronk and Hernandez with the Pats….

  • JerseySteel

    I wouldn’t be upset with Fleener, one of my biggest fears is that the Steelers will draft for position and end up with a bust.. however if the steelers are going to draft based on need then a vesatile G/T has to be the pick.. honestly ILB falls 3rd in the pecking order of positional need (NT being the 2nd) ..We’ll be lucky if Fleener falls to 24.. outside of that I really like this mock draft.. I honestly think Sylvester and Foote will be able to perform the ILB spot well enough that we won’t miss Farrior as much as a player.. but as the defensive playcaller, that will remain to be seen. Casey Hampton is on his last leg (literally) and I doubt he’ll be able to stay healthy enough to complete the season..

  • Grububis

    I agree about Hightower. I’m not saying I would be disappointed if they drafted him, but I think there are better options in the first round. Im curious on what you think about Mychal Kendricks? He seems like he could be a more athletic Larry Foote to me and would be a pretty good fit for the Steelers. Any thoughts?