Hritz Steelers Mock Draft Second Edition

By Jeremy Hritz

There is depth in this year’s draft, especially at the position of greatest need for the Pittsburgh Steelers (offensive line), giving them some mobility with their first round pick. While trading out of the first round for the Steelers is not very likely, what is more possible is a team trading up to the # 24 spot, providing the Steelers at minimum with a third or fourth round pick. The San Francisco 49ers, who are looking for a wide receiver, are a possible trade partner with the Steelers in order to move up and select either Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill, both of whom could be snagged by the Houston Texans or the New England Patriots, who pick before them. In making this move, the Steelers would acquire the 49ers 3rd round pick, which is essentially the equivalent to an early 4th round value. Making such a move would provide the Steelers with the necessary picks to not only build the offensive line, but also to provide young depth and eventual starters to the roster. Without further delay, I present to you the second edition of my mock draft.

1. FROM SAN FRANCISCO (Steelers send first 7th round pick + 24th pick for 30th pick in first round and the 30th pick in the third round) Coby Fleener – TE – Stanford – 6’6, 247 – 4.5 40 yard dash

I am on board with my fellow Steelers Depot writer’s in their first round selection of Coby Fleener, but I have him falling to the 30th pick. As I have mentioned earlier in previous articles, with the depth in this year’s draft at the offensive line position, there is value to be had in the second and third rounds at guard and tackle. This allows the Steelers some freedom with this pick, and with the explosion of prolific tight ends last year in the NFL, adding Fleener to an already deep Steelers’ receiving corps makes tremendous sense and the opposition very scared. While Fleener’s blocking is an area for improvement, it will not be the reason the Steelers draft him.

2. Bobby Massie – T – Mississippi – 6’6, 315 – 5.11 40 yard dash

Massie’s stock has risen over the last few weeks, and the Steelers must address the tackle position, especially with the injury history of Willie Colon and the overall play at the tackle position in the past. Massie is entering the draft this year as a junior, so he is a young prospect that will be able to help the Steelers for several years. Projected as a true right tackle, Massie could push Colon for the starting job, but most likely he would sit for a year to learn the nuances of the Steelers’ blocking schemes. It is time for the Steelers to get serious about protecting Ben Roethlisberger, and drafting Massie in the second round would be a first step in doing so.

3. Amini Silatolu – G Midwestern State – 6’3 ½, 314 – 5.35 40 yard dash

I would select Brandon Brooks here, but I do not believe he will still be available. Silatolu would be the next best available, and some would even consider him better than Brooks. Though Silatolu played at Division II school Midwestern State, he dominated at the guard position. He is described as a gritty mauler with great tenacity. Though Silatolu will take some time to develop to meet the standards of the pro level, with Doug Legursky and Ramon Foster at guard, he will have some time to develop, and will only be pressed into action because of injury. At the minimum, Silatolu will provide depth at the guard position and will fill the roster spot left behind by Chris Kemoeatu.

3. From San Francisco – Mike Martin – DT – Michigan – 6’1 ¼, 305 – 4.85 40 yard dash

One of the few picks that I stuck with from the first edition of my mock draft. Casey Hampton is returning at nose tackle, yet his effectiveness after his ACL surgery has yet to be seen. There have been rumblings from Ed Bouchette from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Ziggy Hood would possibly be moving to nose tackle, but that has yet to be seen. While Martin will not be expected to come in and start his first year, he will provide some depth at the position, rotating with Hampton and Steve McClendon and gaining experience. Eventually, Martin, who possesses great explosion and fierce resolve, should assume the starting nose tackle position and become a fixture in the Steelers defense for several years.

4. James Michael-Johnson – ILB – Nevada – 6’1 ¼, 243 – 4.64 40 yard dash

Johnson recently did an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, and his passion and knowledge of the game were apparent. Couple this with his leadership (he was team captain as a junior and senior), his commitment to taking care of himself in the weight room, and his production on the field, and what you get is a player with the potential to thrive in the middle for the Steelers. Johnson is another player who would not be expected to come in and start right away, but he will provide depth to the inside linebacker position that is much needed.

5. Trenton Robinson – S – Michigan State – 5’10, 195 – 4.44 40 yard dash

Another pick I am sticking with from my first edition. In an article that I wrote a few weeks ago, I talked about the need that the Steelers have at safety and how the defense is one injury at safety away from being mediocre in the secondary. The depth at the position is not much to talk about either, with average players in Ryan Mundy and Will Allen. The Steelers need to address the safety position and will do so by drafting the physical Robinson who is known as a leader and is always around the ball. Robinson would benefit greatly in learning from Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu so that he could eventually develop into a starter.

6. Keith Tandy – CB – West Virginia – 5’10, 198 – 4.51 40 yard dash

A player that struggled early in his career who recovered in his junior and senior year to earn some positive attention. Known as an intense competitor and a leader, Tandy would be a body in camp that could compete to make the roster as reserve cornerback. Visited with the Steelers.

7. Bobby Rainey – RB – Western Kentucky – 5’7 ½, 197 – 4.45 40 yard dash

The Steelers have said that they were looking for a running back either in the draft or in free agency. Well, it ain’t happening in free agency. Rainey is an intriguing prospect who played in the East-West Shrine Game and showed a nice blend of power and quickness that would fit nicely with the Steelers. Though Rainey is diminutive, he is not afraid to hit the hole and shows toughness in his running. Struggles in pass blocking.

7. Jerrell Harris – OLB – Alabama – 6’2 ½, 240 – 4.71 40 yard dash

Visited with the Steelers recently. Played for a winner at Alabama. A developmental player at outside linebacker that would provide a body for the Steelers in camp.

7. Derek Moye – WR – Penn State – 6’4 ½, 206 – 4.5 40 yard dash

A tall and fast receiver (and a Western Pennsylvania native) that would provide a body for the Steelers in camp. His size is needed at the wide receiver position for the Steelers. A developmental player.

RoundPlayerPositionSchoolHeightWeight40 Yard Dash
1Coby FleenerTEStanford6’62474.50
2Bobby MassieTMississippi6’63155.11
3Amini SilatoluGMidwestern State6’3 ½3145.35
3Mike MartinDTMichigan6’1 ¼3054.85
4James Michael-JohnsonILBNevada6’1 ¼2434.64
5Trenton RobinsonSMichigan State5’101954.44
6Keith TandyCBWest Virginia5’101984.51
7Bobby RaineyRBWestern Kentucky5’7 ½1984.45
7Jerrell HarrisOLBAlabama6’2 ½2404.71
7Derek MoyeWRPenn State6’4 ½2064.50

  • Wow. It will be tough for the “anti-Fleener” crowd to have an issue with this mock. You basically addressed every issue on the roster, with some very quality players. I love the second, third and fifth round picks. Personally, the only flaw I can find (and this is me being overly nit-picky), is that there wasn’t a higher rated WR.

  • Cols714

    1. We aren’t drafting Fleener.
    2. Considering they have Gilbert at LT, Colon at RT, what looks like a healthy Max Starks hopefully, they aren’t taking a tackle in the first 3 rounds. (and no, they aren’t moving Colon to guard)


    Gaining what is essentially another 4th round pick is not enough compensation for sliding down six spots in the 1st round, particularly without yet knowing who will be available at that pick.

  • Woodleykills56

    I hope if he is available, they don’t pass on Cordy Glenn.

  • Dmncwelsh7

    No chance for Massie ane especially Silatolu to be ther in 2nd and 3rd. Silatolu is gone within the first 40 picks.

  • Randy Steele

    Get over Fleener. It ain’t happening.

  • Yes, the Steelers have two OT penciled in as starters. Who do they have behind them? A team needs more than two OT’s on the roster. The Steelers are coming off back to back seasons, where they have lost at least one starting OT to injury. Maybe Willie can make it through the season healthy, but do you really want to take the odds on that one? The last starter who missed a significant number of games, over the course of two seasons, was Aaron Smith. We all know how that worked out. It’s asking a lot of a player, to miss almost two seasons of football, and be able to come back and compete at a high level.

    As unlikely as you think it might be for the Steelers to take an OT in the third round, it’s even more unlikely that they re-sign Starks. He’s not exactly one of Tomlin’s favorite football players.

  • No chance? Are you suggesting that players never get drafted, lower than they are projected?

  • Grw1960

    Silatolu won’t make it out of the 2nd round.
    and Massie is a bit of a project , but will probably go in the first half the 2nd round .

  • Kevin Richters

    Agreed Fleener is not happening but would not be upset if it did – the league trend will dictate we get on board sooner rather than later with the double TE thing – I like your later round picks but I hate to say that none of the picks you have us taking will be available at those spots so I see this mock as very ‘best-case scenario’ – would love Silatolu in the 3rd but hes going much earlier than that, love Martin and JMJ but question if they will be there at those spots too..

  • Grw1960

    Close in the first rounds I think you will see in no set order LB , OL unless a quality offensive weapon WR,Stephen Hill, TE or RB. falls into their lap in the 2nd round.
    In rounds 3 -4 – 5 Their will be one offensive weapon WR,TE or RB and another OL or LB

  • SteelerNationVA

    This blog has lots of great stuff. Your obsession with Fleener is getting to be way too much. Are you his agent or what? WE ARE NOT TAKING A TE IN THE 1ST ROUND.

    By the way 50% of the visits are smoke. All but a few are looks at players incase they become available as FA.

  • LOC

    Silatolu will be long gone

    not a fan of Massie, who Fangupo made look silly on many occasions

    not enough value back in that trade

  • Wxman1

    Agree with others Silatolu long gone by 3rd if fact I would like to see Steelers grab him in 1st round…I would like to see this from Steelers:

    1. OG Silatolu
    2. DT Josh Chapman
    3. ILB James Michael Johnson
    4. WR T.Y. Hilton

    These picks may be about 1 round ahead of where most are expecting them to go however would really fill big holes on current roster.

  • Cols714

    What makes a TE a TE anyways? Is Aaron Hernandez really a TE? Most of these guys labelled as TE in these 2 TE offenses are just big WRs. They don’t block.

    Hernandez, Finley, etc. are just big WR. Considering the Steelers depth at WR taking a TE is just going to take snaps away from those guys. It’s not happening.

  • Cols714

    Gilbert, Colon, Scott, and probably Starks. Even if they cut Scott or don’t resign Starks, then they will probably take a OT for depth. Which, once again, won’t be in the first few rounds.

  • Broderick Wallace

    Silatolu in the bottom half of the 3rd round!? Steelers will be lucky if he falls to them in the 2nd round. He is ranked as high as #2 to #5 guard prospect by most NFL draft gurus. Fact check, he played left tackle at Midwestern State, but is projected as guard at next level. Not that it really matters. He would probably be graded a 1st round prospect if not for his Division II experience. Coach Kugs could turn him into a pro bowler if his potential upside is true.

  • Pauli

    I just dont understand this websites obsession with at TE in the first round?

    FYI…No way the Steelers draft a TE round 1, no way.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    What I like: I love the trade down for the additional #3 pick. You get better talent there for sure. That being said, if Hightower is still on the board at #30 meaning the Ravens pass on him, I still think he is a Steeler. I like the rest of the mock, but am not sure many of the guys fall that far.

    What I don’t like: Fleener. I know the Depot has a huge man crushh on him, but I am not even sure he is the best TE in the draft class. I would be seriously surprised if that is who we take.

  • kerror

    Hm, I’m not going with a TE in the 1st round! It’s also not in the head of the front office -> In my opinion the many late rounds te’s as draft visits is a clear expression for that!
    I would rather see chapman than miller -> I would’nt take poe either in 1st round, chapman is the best NOSE tackle in the draft 😉
    So what doing in the first 2 round-> really should drafting a red chip tackle for big ben, best case a tweener like glenn, thats a true steelers-style-pick. The 2nd is the last chance to get a sure pick guard -> Silatolu or better Brooks – one of them have to fall to us in round 2!!
    Round 4 till 7 are great picks! I LOVE Johnson, think value is better than taking an hightower in the 1st round, it isnt SUCH a big deal in my opinion, but who am I… 😉
    And if robinson fall to us in round 5 I will think I’m dreaming – would be nice!
    The other picks seem like good guys.. .perhaps I would draft an atheltic, dualthreat QB, who can throw as good as run! I see an guy named DOMINIQUE DAVIS in round .. em 6!
    What’s your opinion on him, JEREMY ? (the other true steelers can answer too!)

  • jr

    love the trade in round 1. only problem is in not %100 that any team is gonna want to move up to that 24 spot. not a huge fan of massie dont think he fits the steelers scheme. more finesse then power. dont think mike martin will fall to the end of the 3rd. but i deff like the concept of this mock.

  • Blacktino Los

    Chapman is no where near a second rounder, at best my guy is a 3rd coming of the injury.

  • Jprankster2005

    I want Ta’amu or Chapman at NT, would rather have Egnew instead of Fleener after everything I’ve seen….. I wanted Fleener to be there 1st pick for a while but I’ve changed on that…… So that’s 2nd and 3rd round picks for my first I would say draft Hill and say good bye to Wallace after this season…… Then pick up some OL and CB and Safety and RB in later rounds…… I’m not sold on them needing a ILB or OLB as much as everyone thinks I think the young guys will step in and do better with more time this yr……… But you know they will pick atleast one LB so I’d have to put that in there…… But they can sign a few undrafted players for OL or LB and also think they need to bring in a kicker to compete and hopefully win the job……

  • Ressler

    It stinking makes me laugh that everyone who does a mock draft on this site has Fleener going first. I tell you what, if you guys end up being right, I will have the utmost respect for steelers depot and all you writers! I say that because I just don’t see it happening! However, if it ends up happening, and you all were right, then I take my hats off to everyone of you and give you props! But until then, I guess I will feel as strongly about them not drafting him, as you all probably feel about them drafting him.

  • Dmncwelsh7

    Massie won’t be there at #56 and Silatolu is a top 40 pick.

  • Grandy

    If the Steelers trade down I’d rather see them trade down to the second and get better value in the trade. With two 2nd round picks they could grab Brandon Brooks & Silatolu, and TE could be addressed a couple rounds later with Egnew or Hanna.

  • Putter

    I get the sense that we’ll draft a running back before the 7th round

  • greeny

    I don’t want to see a TE in the first round either..but with Heath Miller’s cap hit next year this might be the direction

  • tricitysteel

    I think most everyone would agree that as good as Heath Miller is, he is underutilised. That is just the way the Steelers view the position. I realize Todd Haley is new but I don’t see that philosophy changing given the talent at WR. They need their TEs to block and given their needs at OL they don’ t have the time or talent for Fleener to learn. Ther is a reason the 2nd TE plays H-Back, his job is to block, like all Steeler TEs. Draft OL or trade down for any postion on defense.

  • Hoge’s Homeboy

    I happen to love this mock. If Glenn, Decastro, Barron, or Martin happen to fall to us (all doubtful) then I wouldn’t mind taking a long look at them, but I think that my favorite realistic pick is Fleener. I really have to disagree with the people who want Hightower and Poe. Both players are essentially 2 down players, and I’m not wasting my first rounder on a guy that has to come off the field on 3rd down in this pass-happy NFL. Let’s take the best available football player with our 1st rounder, and grab a LB like Ronnell Lewis (who can cover TE’s & RB’s on 3rd downs) in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    This year’s middle linebacker class is weak, and while Hightower is good, he is overvalued in this year’s draft. The Steelers can get value in the later rounds at middle backer.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    Correct, my error on line position. I see Silatolu here because of the level of competition he faced in college.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    I can see the Steelers trading out of the first round completely to acquire more picks, and I would be a fan of such a move. There are some gems to be had in the second and third rounds. However, Fleener would be a nice addition in the later end of the first round.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    I could see Isaiah Pead, but when you think about it, the Steelers have Redman, Dwyer, and Batch, with the possibility of Mendenhall returning productively. I would say the earliest, 4th round.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    Dominique Davis out of East Carolina is projected to be a rookie free agent, and with two athletic QBs already coming into camp, this just does not seem likely. They could draft a pocket guy in the 7th though. I agree with your thoughts on Dontari Poe; I’m no longer big on him, though I was back in January.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    Player tend to be overvalued and undervalued leading up to the draft; my 2nd mock reflects what we will actually witness come draft time.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    Ed Bouchette would agree with you on Cordy Glenn… I see Jamain Stephens.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    What do you see as appropriate compensation?

  • Jeremy Hritz

    You cannot put stock in Starks or Colon. Too many injuries. Need insurance and stability.

  • Jeremy Hritz

    Don’t need one. Wallace will be in camp. Fleener will catch plenty of passes.