Jonathan Dwyer To Train With Tom Shaw This Summer

While it is in no way big news, I enjoy passing along any player related tidbits this time of year. Pittsburgh Steelers third year running back Jonathan Dwyer told me via Twitter on Thursday that he will be spending the whole month of July training with the great Tom Shaw down in Orlando at the Wide World of Sports complex.

So why is this news worthy? Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert gave a radio interview to SiriusXM NFL Radio while in Indianapolis for the NFL combine this past February and was asked about Dwyer specifically as it relates to his potential. Colbert replied, “You know every time he gets on the field he does something good. He came in last year, the game he broke his foot in, and he had a 100 yards. And he\’s a big guy and you know sometimes he\’s a little too big quite honestly. He has to keep his weight in check, but he\’s 245 to 255 and he can run. He played in an option offense at Georgia Tech and he was more like the, I don\’t know what back they call him, but he was more in on a lot of fakes. You know a lot of times he didn\’t get to see the line of scrimmage from a running standpoint. So everything is still ahead of him and he lost a year this year with the injury. So we still think he can get better.”

The comment by Colbert about the weight of Dwyer was one I am pretty sure was made to send a message, and perhaps Dwyer got it. To hear that he will be working out this summer with the likes of Ike Taylor, William Gay and perhaps even James Farrior is encouraging, as all three have shown up for training camp in excellent shape as a result of working with Shaw in the past. Taylor, a self professed obsessive compulsive workout guy, can\’t speak highly enough about Shaw and the work they get done down in Florida every offseason. Taylor is constantly ripped year around as a result. I think Dwyer will benefit greatly by adding Shaw into the mix, and it will not hurt having a few current and former teammates around to push him.

I also asked Dwyer about how his foot was recovering and he told me in so many words that it was good, but that he was not going run full speed on it until June. He said he was just going to take his time as that is what the staff asked him to do. Dwyer promised he would tweet updates during his time down in Orlando, so be on the lookout for those come July.

Colbert stated that he believes Dwyer can get better and I do as well. We saw some improvement in his pass protection and effort last year and he will need a solid training camp this year to make the 53 man roster. Several are certainly rooting for him.

  • Maverickchef311

    Good to hear. He can be explosive if the line does its job. While our RB’s lack experience, they have alot of potential……

  • Ressler Craig

    Dwyer proably could benefit to be down there longer then a month, haha! There is no doubt this will help him. I personally think his weight issues have held him back. If the guy could just get in the best shape of his life, and keep it that way, he could probably (at the very least) be a very good first and second down back!

  • Eric87

    Would like to see this guy step it up big this season. I wanted the Steelers to draft Blount that year and he was still available, but they decided to go with Dwyer who was projected to be like a 2nd round pick, but fell to us because he had taken medication for ADHD I believe, and that scared teams off. I was shocked when he fell that far and if can stay healthy and in shape, Dwyer could be a very powerfull downhill runner.

  • Jprankster2005

    I always thought Dwyer could be the starter for the next 5 or so yrs to come…… I actually think all of our current RB’s except Clay could become Starters…… Batch, Dwyer, and Redman are all beasts and do a great job….. So if 2 of them happen to have a great yr. don’t be surprised if Mendenhall ain’t back in 2013…… actually when he got hurt I thought they should of released him and saved some money roster bonus etc……He would of had some dead money but they could of saved some more seeming he is in his last yr. of contract…..

  • I like Dwyer. As an athlete, he has a pretty high ceiling, he just needs to put the work in.

  • steelfootBalls

    If Dwyer gets serious about his workouts and start training with Ike Taylor in Orlando with Tom Shaw, this would be great. We should see the explosive back that he was his frosh and soph yr at Ga Tech. This woukld give the Steelers a very explosive and dangerous backfield with him and Redman. Then you add in Batch as the third down specialist Haley will be looking for another head coaching job in a couple years again. He would have so many weapons at his disposal, Wallace would not be as much of a factor because there won’t be enough balls for him to show how good he could be. It would show the versitility of Dwyer and how potentially dangerous the offense could be.

  • Clintmartin

    P 90 X