New Steelers Nike Jersey & Uniform Unveiled

Nike and the NFL unveiled the next generation of jersey uniforms for all 32 teams at their Tuesday launch event at Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York and that means we got our first look at the new Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms and jerseys. Nike is taking over this year for Reebok as the league outfitter.

The new Nike Elite 51 is a completely integrated System of Dress for NFL players and the key features of the new uniforms include:

LIGHTER – The Nike jersey and pant, wet or dry, are lighter than previous versions
FLYWIRE TECHNOLOGY – Eliminates layers, reduces weight, and provides lockdown fit
ZONED MESH VENTILATION – Provides cooling zones for optimal thermoregulation
ZONED STRENGTH – High tenacity, stretch material, for light weight lockdown strength
CUT FOR MOBILITY – Four-way stretch, hydrophobic materials enable range of motion wet or dry
STRETCH TWILL NUMBERS – Four-way stretch even on numbering system
CUSTOMIZABLE BASELAYER PADDING – Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong baselayer with integrated lightweight, Deflex padding offering customizable flexible protection
DEFLEX PADDING – Lightweight, flexible impact protection integrated into top “hit zone” areas
ALUMINUM D-RING BELT – Aircraft-grade aluminum D-ring belt reduces weight

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was present on Tuesday as the Steelers team model and the new Steelers jerseys really do not have many noticeable changes as you can see in the pictures and photos below that were tweeted out by UniWatch and Darren Rovell.

Steelers Nike Jersey 2012

Steelers 2012 Jersey Stripes

Steelers Nike Uniform Back 2012

  • Watchthethrone92

    i’ve designed better in madden…

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    No news is good news with the Steelers uniform. This looks, without close comparison, just like the Nike Steelers jerseys that debuted in 1997 (which I didn’t like at the time). I’m glad to see there were no big changes and that the Steelers rejected that horrible collar that Nike tried to force on everyone.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new alternates.

  • Harold

    I hate these new uniforms. I like the stitching better on the old Reebok jerseys. I like the ventilated holes better. I like the old number shapes better. Screw Nike.

  • Leokelwill3


  • John B.

    arnt we getting new throwbacks this year??

  • Mazeigle

    So far a lot of hate from the comments below, i personally think they look sharp.. I think they will grow on everybody.

  • exactly!

  • haha

  • cecka

    its the same thing just a check mark instead of reeboks logo.
    Lighten up!

  • Johnny sims @

    people who hate are virgins… these look exactly the same but are manufacturered by a different company.

  • P

    NFL Blitz anyone?

  • Coorsguy112

    the number shape IS the same

  • Eric Askew

    Rumor has it that they’re using the 1967 ‘Batman’ uniform.

  • Sharonchar

    Like keeping the uniforms basically the same, but wished the numbers were in a different format…too plain. Hate the yellow “cheese head” helmets on the throw back uniforms. Maybe that will change..

  • feeler the steeler


  • Gcheese3900

    It would be nice to see them in the old nitewing uniforms but while waring the gold helmets!