Report: Cal Linebacker Mychal Kendricks To Visit Steelers This Week is reporting that University of California linebacker Mychal Kendricks has a pre draft visit scheduled this week with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kendricks reportedly has visits lined up this week with the Houston Texans, St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons in addition.

Kendricks measured in at the NFL combine at 5111 and weighed 239 pounds. He has 31 5/8 arms to go along with a 9 3/8 hand size. He ran an unofficial 40 time of 4.47 seconds to go along with a short shuttle time of 4.19 seconds. he benched 225 pounds 24 times and posted a vertical jump of 39 1/2 to go along with a 10\’7″ broad jump.

Kendricks is a compact middle linebacker who is slated to be drafted sometime in round two. He was a three year starter at Cal where he recorded 258 tackles, 13 1/2 sacks, 7 fumble recoveries, 4 interceptions and 5 pass deflections. He is considered a high motor, high character prospect and likely best suited to play the BUCK role in a 3-4 defense at the next level. Kendricks has shown above average ability to drop into coverage on passing downs, which should allow him to develop into a three down linebacker at the next level.

Video highlights below:

  • Kendricks was the PAC-12 defensive player of the year in 2012. Kendricks has the skill set to be a LB/SS hybrid type player, which could be a huge asset, now that the NFL has become so pass heavy. Kendricks lacks the ideal height for the position, but so does London Fletcher, who has been one of the most productive ILB’s in the NFL, for a long time.

  • Thom Kay

    I love this guy. Much smaller than Hightower, but at 5’11” 239 he’s very similar to Timmons at his pro day (6’0″, 234). His combine numbers were by far the best of any ILB candidate, and his college production was stellar.

    In a lot of his video, he doesn’t take on blocks all that well. If a guard gets to him, there’s a good chance he’s out of the play. I think he makes up for that with incredible instincts and athleticism. Not sure if he’s an appropriate replacement for Farrior, but I’m confident he’ll be a stud in the NFL.

  • Broderick Wallace

    I would question his ability to shed blockers and get to the passer at the next level. Perhaps that is why the Steelers are having him visit. I wouldn’t want two Timmons on the field.

  • Bleebo77

    It seems likely that Kendricks won’t last until the Steelers’ 2nd round pick, although they could trade up, I suppose.

    Gary Horton from Scouts, Inc recently did a breakdown of team needs in the draft, and I found it interesting that under ILB, Horton explicitly says that what the Steelers need is a 2-down backer:

    “Inside linebacker: Age has finally caught up with this position, as 37-year-old James Farrior is gone and 32-year-old Larry Foote may or may not be around, leaving versatile Lawrence Timmons as the only player who can play either inside or outside. The need here is for a two-down run defender.”

    Thoughts on Horton’s assessment? As some here say, maybe we don’t actually need another Timmons but rather stout run-defender who can shed blocks and plug the middle… and maybe rush the passer on occasion. Hightower, anyone?

  • Ressler Craig

    Here is a guy I would love to see become a Steeler.I don’t care about his size or the different knocks on this guy. Steelers know how to develop LBs! I personally think he will not be there for the Steelers in the second round. And he is a reach in the first. Therefore, if they want him they would have to move up in second or down out of the first round. I personally would love to see the Steelers trade down out of the first round and draft him and one of the second round NT and or OL men. Then in the third address whatever was not addressed in the second round, which would obviously be NT/OL.

  • Busta36

    Seems small and by the video was the 2nd or 3rd guy getting to the QB, but if he can cover and tackle in the open field, maybe. Can’t have too many ‘high character, high motor’ guys…

  • Jprankster2005

    I would rather draft a ILB 2nd round or later…… I don’t think they should get Hightower in 1st…. I hope they pick up a NT or Fleener in 1st round and then OL and ILB 2 threw 5 with us picking up a OL T and OL G

  • If the Steelers are looking for a two down player, that is something they should be able to find later in the draft. Of course, I don’t think the “two down” label fits anymore, because many teams are now throwing on downs, that used to be considered run downs. The minute a team puts a run defending LB on the field, the offense will exploit the match up, by forcing that player to cover a RB or TE in the passing game.

  • Jprankster2005

    I here alot saying we should trade out of first round….. I don’t understand why the steelers wouldn’t straight out pick up Fleener in 1st round……. He would make the offense way better and open up guys like Wallace,Brown, Heath…… to me it’s a no brainer Fleener in 1st round…. NT in 2nd and OL and ILB 3rd threw 5th seeming we need to OL guys then address CB and Safety…… Then get a late round WR and RB…… Atleast that’s what I hope they do…..

  • Finnegans Wake

    James Farrior was listed at 6’2″, 243#. I’ve seen Farrior up close with pads off, and if he’s 6’2″ 243#, I’m 6’7″ and 3 bills. Farrior might have been 6′, 230#…

    If you’re into the combine numbers, Kendricks is notable for having the 2nd fastest 40 from 2000-12, the 2nd best vertical, and the best broad jump. No doubt he’s got speed and explosion. How PAC-10 productivity will translate to the bigs remains to be seen, but there are guys who come in a shade under 6′ and do fine.

  • james

    i can see it already, u guys are gonna jump all over this. This guy will not do. 2nd round pick, really? and there is no way that coby fleener is a good pick either!! We already have HEath miller who will play next season as a 30y/o, maybe two years left= not a need (YET!) and beneath we have saunders who the steelers really like so if you disagree with me or not, the chances are very low of taking fleener.

    I personally like the idea of vontaze burfict in the 4th/5th round… undisplined dipshit, i know, but with people like harrison and ‘no nonsense’ tomlin, this should be able to be coached out of him. If not, the 4th round pick would be worth it.

    1st round take hightower… not the biggets need i know, but steelers have a habit of taking best player available and that will likely be him. And he a run-stopper, the part that we were weak-er on last season (did well anyways thohg) so he will imrove that. That then give sus LB corp for years!!!.

    Some say MArk Barron, I think hmmmmmm, maybe but it seems like a poor year for safeties to me although we do need them..

    deep class for o-line, take one in the 2nd round. I like the idea of ALameda Ta’amu in the 3rd. Take a chace on a WR (maybe secondary somewhere) in the 4th, burfict 5th, keenum 6th, and whoever fills needs in the 7th.. that would be a good draft.

    Resulting weaknesses, still O-line but not as much- 2nd rounder+pouncey+foster+gilbert= not bad. Secondary, yeah, not helped at all here but hopefully keenan lewis/curtis brown/cortez allen take their opportunities. Mundy is starting to do well-ish. Oh, and RB… i like redman/batch for a season and draft one next year, maybe trade mendenhall to a rb-starved team for a 1st or 2nd round and whatever else it will get us for next year and 2013 will be great.

    You probably hate the idea but personally, id say its a pretty string draft bar the idea of using two picks on LB- not a massive need.

  • What specific players do you want to see the Steelers pick up in rounds 2-5? It’s easy to say, “pick up an NT in 2nd,” as if they could pick any old NT and plug them into Snack’s place right away, but something quite different to mention a specific NT that would likely be available at pick 56, and actually fits what the Steelers need their NT to do. Same goes for the other picks – will any old OL do, or would you target a Guard or Tackle in rd 3? Which ones? Would you consider a guy like Kendricks in rd 2 even though he fits the position TImmons already holds (BUCK)?

  • Smashinpinkcookies

    if they dont get any lineman big ben may not play anymore hell be in the hospital

  • Man532

    No LB starts his 1st year in Pittsburgh and that will include Donta Hightower or anyone else. It doesn’t work that way in Pittsburgh. So, I don’t understand the value of selecting one in the 1st Round, when that pick needs to start immediately and that can only happen on the offensive line. No where else can you start year 1 for the Steelers. As a result, the only trade up option is DeCastro at starting left/right guard.

  • Broderick Wallace

    If teams cannot get to the QB, they will not fare well against the likes of Brady, P. Manning, Brees, Rodgers, etc. When the QB is under pressure and taking hits, that is how you beat the elite QB’s in today’s pass happy NFL.

  • Broderick Wallace

    I like Bobby Wagner in the 2nd round if the Steelers do not pick Hightower in the 1st. Mike Martin in the 3rd would be a great pick with his experience in 3-4 defense and ability to stay on the field for 3rd downs.

    It is highly likely the #24 pick will be an offensive player as Tomlin has stuck with his offense/defense rotation for 1st round picks since he became head coach. Perhaps this is the year that Tomlin breaks the cycle, but I doubt it.