Steelers Bring In Memphis NT Dontari Poe For Pre Draft Visit

The Pittsburgh Steelers have brought in Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe for a pre draft visit on Wednesday according to Gerry Dulac. Poe measured in at the NFL combine at 6041 and weighed 346 pounds. He put on a good show in Indianapolis as he ran a reported 4.98 40 time to go along with a 4.56 short shuttle time. He was the strongest player this year on the bench as he put up 44 reps of 225 pounds. His vertical leap was 29 1/2 inches and his broad jump was 8\’09”.

Poe played up and down the line for Memphis and flashed the most as a one-gap, three technique defensive tackle. He is quick off the ball and is very agile for a player of his size. Poe did not flash consistently on tap against lesser competition and he did not show a consistent ability to anchor over the nose with two gap responsibilities. He is very strong in the weight room, but that strength is hard to find on the tape. He never dominated games.

One plus for Poe is that he is very raw and his technique is very sloppy. He has been compared to Haloti Ngata, but that appears to be in measurables only as Ngata flashed much more on film in college against much better competition. He looks best suited to contribute as a 4-3 defensive tackle at the next level, but his size and rawness could allow him to play nose in a 3-4 system if he can become a better anchor that can control two gaps. That would take some time in my opinion to happen. He appears to have a good character, which is a plus. Currently Poe is deemed to be a mid first round selection.

  • JasonDC

    Naw. He is not using that arm and leg strength when he rushes.

  • With the right coaching, I don’t see how Poe can’t develop into a quality 3-4 NT. He has the body type, and power to play the position, he just needs some tweaks. I think the real question, and one that will most likely be answered during his visit, is how well he takes coaching. If he’s a sponge, than I think he’s worth the risk.

  • Arkansas WR Greg Childs is also in for a visit. I was able to watch a number of Arkansas games last year, including the game he injured his knee, and came away pretty impressed. He could be a good late round pick up for the Steelers.

  • LOC

    no thanks to Jarron Gilbert 2.0

  • Thom Kay

    It’s not out of the question for Poe to drop into the second round.

    Remember when everybody had Bruce Campbell as a first rounder in 2010? He dropped to the 4th, because tape means more than the Combine.

  • Jr

    i agree. game tape > combine.

  • Cols714

    Do not want at all.

  • Jprankster2005

    I wanted Poe real bad but after everything I’ve heard about a month ago I changed my mind on him and even if he fell to us I would hope they don’t take him……

  • Just heard an interview with Mike Martin, on “Movin’ the Chains”. He said he’s added weight, and has had a lot of conversations with the Steelers. When asked about his weight room numbers: bench – 550 lbs, squat – 700 lbs, power clean – 400 lbs. Stated differently, Martin’s numbers are almost identical to Poe’s.

  • As a Michigan fan, I would love to pick up Martin in rd 2 or 3. Love his heart. But, I really like Poe.

  • Steeler Stud

    1st round Steeler picks, availability pending, lists as follows:

    #1 Poe
    #2 Hightower
    #3 Adams
    #4 Konz

    Remember how right I am when one of these athletes get picked in the 1st round by the Steelers on April 28th, 2012

  • LOC

    I can’t believe nobody else bothered to point out how wrong this is…


  • Steelersrule

    they got adams, you nailed it.

    chiefs stole poe, nt of the future, oh well, steeler nation