Steelers Sign Back QB Charlie Batch To One-Year Deal

Another Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent has been re-signed as it was announced on Monday that veteran quarterback Charlie Batch will return on a one-year contract. The financial details have not been released but the contract is believed to be a veteran qualifying contract with a base salary of $925,000. The signing bonus is likely no greater than $65,000 and that means the reduced salary cap hit on Batch will likely be between $540,000 and $605,000 depending on the bonus given.

Batch was originally signed by the Steelers as an unrestricted free agent in 2002. Last season he completed 15 of 24 passes for 208 yards in limited action to go along with 1 interception. He made one start last season against the St. Louis Rams in place of an injured Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers still could decide to also bring back veteran quarterback Byron Leftwich, who is also an unrestricted free agent, at some point during the offseason.

The signing of Batch means the Steelers now have four quarterbacks signed to the offseason roster as Troy Smith and Jerrod Johnson were signed following the end of the 2011 season.

  • Tanner

    They need to just sign Batch to be our QB coach

  • Jprankster2005

    Why do u always think they are getting a 65,000 bonus? They don’t have to give them bonuses to make it a qualifiying veteran contract do they……. and I hope they just let Smith and Johnson fight it out for the number 3 spot….. They don’t need Leftwich he’s always hurt and will cost more money…….

  • Jprankster2005

    Batch should of retired in my opinion…. Make him a coach or something he can’t play that good anymore…… They need to get a young qb if Big Ben got hurt for the season they would be screwed…..

  • Jprankster2005

    Essex got a one yr deal worth vet. min. at 825,000.00 No signing bonus I don’t believe….. So I have seen u mention 65,000 signing bonus alot on veterans… Why is that? Pope only got a 25,000 bonus…… Don’t think they should even get bonuses when there not a lock to make the roster….. I’m just curious…

  • SteelersDepot

    Where did I say that was the amount he got? I said at most, as that is the most a player can get on a one year deal for it to be a qualifying contract. Please comprehend better.

  • SteelersDepot

    So Batch is no longer capable of being a third string QB at a reduced cap hit? You would rather have a rookie late rounder at the same price? SMH

  • SteelersDepot

    Sigh! You REALLY should work on your reading comprehension. I always state the signing bonus is at MOST $65,000 on qualifying contracts as that is the MAX it can be. Is that so hard to understand? Funny how you have the NFLPA numbers of the Essex contract before they do. SMH

  • SteelersDepot

    Also Leftwich would qualify for a one-year qualifying contract as well, so I don’t see where you are getting that he will cost more. If signed, it would likely be a one-year deal like Batch received with a MAX signing bonus of $65,000.

  • Jprankster2005

    google trai essex contract it says 1yr. 825,000.00 and ain’t trying to be a smart ass…. Was just asking a question…… So u don’t have to be a smart ass in return…… Just look it up and that’s what it says…… Sorry

  • Villian157

    Yes, they should look for a good backup QB like …ummm… Dennis Dixon. Get rid of Charlie Batch and Byron LeftToMakeAsandwich. We have Dixon and Troy Smith.
    Batch couldnt throw 3 years ago, Dixo nand Smith are more than capable to hand the ball off if Ben gets hurt.

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m not a big thing on the money of it alot of the cap things confuse me I’m sorry if you took it the wrong way….. I just ask questions and u seem like you know alot about this stuff and I get answers back like I’m stupid…. I was just asking a question….. And I think Leftwich has gotten alot of free money from the steelers seeming he’s never healthy so in my opinion I wouldn’t want him back…… But I’m not in the Front Office I have no control just my opinion….. I think we need a young guy to start learning behind Big Ben…… That’s all sorry if I upset you…… Or u think I’m dumb or something…..

  • SteelersDepot

    Aren’t you the one I warned about using Spotrac before? #Smacksforehead

  • Clintmartin

    Get rid of all of these QB’s Troy Smith back up and a rookie brought in or a undrafted free agent like Texas A&M QB Batch couldn’t pass when he played for Detroit!!

  • Eric87

    Batch has lost alot of arm strength over the past couple seasons, but he is a very smart QB and I have no problem with him taking over for Ben if he gets hurt.

  • Vercoe

    That would be a good fit, and his leadership would help the team for the near future.

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Dave, do you see Byron going to the colts? He wouldn’t be a bad back up to Andrew Luck in my opinion and would help him with the Bruce Arians offense. Also either here or in your podcast, will you please talk about where you see Fleener in a year of two. Is he gonna be the next Jimmy Graham, can he line up in the backfield like Hernandez? I just would like to know more on where he fits in down the road seeing as how he was your number one pick. Thanks

  • PoKey21

    Actually i think someone like Kellen Moore or Dan Persa in the 7th round would be an excellent selection for the Steelers. I have no qualms about Batch though he is a good 3rd stringer because he is smart. But this year or the next we do need to start grooming a rookie QB for the future. Ben cant play forever, and we also need a more capable backup than players like Troy Smith or Byron Leftwhich. Bens playing style leads to injuries. We need a good backup QB, for the future, to be gaining that experience when Bens out. not a couple of QBs who have been bounced around the league, and who we know is not the answer for the future.

  • Jprankster2005

    Dave u get on me for not knowing my stuff lol……. U gotta jump on him for this…. We should draft the Texas AM QB so that would mean us moving up to at very least 7 in the draft for a backup lmao…… wow…… And he will actually probably go 3 or 4th… So we should give up our 24th pick and 2nd round pick and next yrs. 1 pick and possibly more for a back up ok gotcha buddy…….

  • Moses

    Yes, but that ignores the fact he’s #2 on the depth chart. Leftwich is not a lock to return.

    It also ignores the fact he’s only still playing because he’s broke. Ideal backup QB in his day and a better person, but the tape and body language in the pocket as of late says it all.

    The prospect of Batch starting a handful of games or finishing out the year under an IR scenario is absolutely frightening.

  • SteelersDepot

    I have a very good feeling they will not be relying on Chuck to be the #2 this year.

  • Clintmartin

    No dude we already have a backup from Texas A&M Jerrod Johnson 6’5″ 251 LBS. Hopefully someone can out play Batch come training camp.

    Tannehill only played QB 1 year in college he played WR 2 years before that.
    Who the hell is DUMB enough to draft that kind of QB in the first round?
    Or second or third for that matter?

    Tannehill is destined for failure!! Wherever he goes.If Miami takes him they are in trouble, He is not any better than Matt Moore.This is not an Elite pick or Blue Chip player

    I meant draft someone late in the draft like Ryan Lindley San diego State
    6’4″ 229 LBS to compete for third string against Johnson, Or just stick with Troy Smith , Jerrod Johnson as backups.

    Sorry I wasn’t real clear about what I was trying to say.

  • Jprankster2005

    No that’s my fault I totally misread it wrong…. My bad I did think u meant bring n Tannehill to be backup……

  • TO

    Yeap. Nothing more than a sympathy/nostalgia signing.