The Terrible Podcast – Talking Mike Adams, Bobby Massie & Draft Need Versus BPA Episode

Steelers PodcastSeason 2, Episode 98 of The Terrible Podcast is up and with David Todd start of by talking briefly about the restricted free agent offer sheet deadline today as it relates of course to Mike Wallace. No dead horse beating here, just a quick recap.

We then move on discuss Ohio State tackle Mike Adams testing positive for marijuana at the combine and how the Pittsburgh Steelers likely have removed him from their draft board now, if they hadn\’t already. David and I get into the character aspect of players and where each of us might draw the line. Would we take one player off the board completely if all he has is just one positive drug test? We get into a pretty good discussion.

Just how much of a need is tackle for the Steelers and has Mississippi tackle Bobby Massie done enough now to warrant end of the first round consideration. We discuss if he very well be the 3rd best tackle in the draft now after my two hour look at film on him Thursday night. Where does the need axis cross the best player available axis in relation to the Steelers and what constitutes a top rated tackle measurable wise? We take a few stabs at both of those questions. I update David as to where I am at in regards of my draft detective work.

We discuss the current draft stock of Alabama linebacker Dont\’a Hightower and discuss whether or not we think he could still be the pick. We discuss if we think there will be any round one trades Thursday and David throws in a few more talking points for us discuss before we close out the show and they include first round quarterbacks and Trent Richardson to name a few.

53 solid minutes of football talk in total and we will be back at you again on Tuesday.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 98 of Season 2 now of The Terrible Podcast.

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  • LOC

    should the “3rd best OT” in the draft really get manhandled on numerous plays by a DLman playing out of position and who is slotted somewhere in the 4th-6th rounds ?

  • Steel town south

    the more time Dave Te visits the better, this man is a legend, please do not take this as a slight against you Davied’s i love your show but when Te is around the shows goes to another level when talking about the draft

  • Clintmartin

    Bobby Massie would be a huge reach. Steelers don’t reach!
    Steelers take best player available,there will be alot of players to draft ahead of Bobby Massie even if it is a player of position we think the Steelers don’t need

  • Reese

    Character issues…I want the us to draft Burfict in the 4th round if available. OG 1st, DT 2nd, RB 3rd, Burfict – who will be a stud if he has a good role model/coaching and then whatever after that. Couple more OG/OTs and a late round WR maybe.

    We shouldn’t just dismiss someone based on character issues and I know he had a bad combine, but he did well at his pro day and I think he has realized the mistakes he made. Former top 15 talent available at a need position in the 4th round?? Nom nom nom

  • Good stuff. OT has to be considered a need. I think the Steelers have to go into the season, under the assumption that one of their starting OT’s is going to miss games, due to injury. You hope that Colon can still play at a high level, but the reality is that he has played a limited amount of football over the past two years, so there is no guarantee that his body has retained the ability to hold up to a full season.

    Re: pre-draft visits. If Tomlin, Colbert, and a position coach attend a players pro-day, then I don’t see the need to bring that player in for a work out. Coaches have plenty of opportunity to pull players aside at their pro-day, and run them through drills, which would provide them with the same information the organization would get from a pre-draft visit.

  • “We shouldn’t just dismiss someone based on character concerns”

    Yes, yes we should. Burfict couldn’t be bothered to prepare himself for the combine. who couldn’t even be bothered to prepare for the combine. A team only has so many roster spots. Why waste on a guy like Burfict, when you can get a kid who has proven to be a hard worker, and does the right things.

    There is nothing to suggest Burfict will be a stud in the NFL.