The Terrible Podcast – Talking Wallace, Essex, Cotchery & 1st Round Draft Options Episode

Steelers PodcastSeason 2, Episode 96 of The Terrible Podcast is up and with David Todd have no choice to start off talking about Mike Wallace and the recent news that he might not sign his tender. We both think that the talk of trading is pretty ludicrous and we give all the reasons as to why it will not happen and how his situation is different the Santonio Holmes one.

We move on to talk a little about the rumors that the salary cap could be flat in 2014, which is when the new TV money is expected to kick in. I have my reasons as to why I think that might be premature talk. As part of that talk we get into the admission by Weslye Saunders that he tested positive for Adderall.

Next we move on to talk about the recent signings of Leonard Pope, Trai Essex and Jerricho Cotchery. David and I both agree that these are typical Steeler type moves and that they are solid signings that did not eat up much cap space.

The talk then moves to the players that are likely to be in play for the Steelers as a first round selection. We go through the group that David has narrowed down nicely and I give my reasons as to why many of them likely will not be the pick in my eyes and why I still think Coby Fleener could wind up being the selection. What type of upside does Dont\’a Hightower have? We discuss that as well.

A great, fast moving podcast and we hope to have Dave-Te\’ Thomas back again on the Tuesday show to give his analysis of several players the Steelers might have their eyes on in the draft.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 96 of Season 2 now of The Terrible Podcast.

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  • chuck norris

    Here is the difference between Fleener and Miller in 2005. You listed off a nice list of TEs they had on the roster in 2005. They all sucked and Miller was instantly the best TE when they drafted him. Not to mention tight end was probably their biggest need because they didn’t have a lot and the TEs on the roster were no good. Fleener is being overrated because the class of tight ends is so bad so taking him at 24 is a reach for a guy they don’t have a need for. If they trade down for him and take him then I can get on board with that.

  • The Dave’s made some excellent points about the Wallace situation. I do think the Steelers would entertain the idea of trading Wallace, but only if they have reached a point in negotiations, where they feel that Wallace’s market value, and asking price, are just more than they are willing to pay.

    A trade situation that I could see a possibility of the Steelers being interested in, would be a trade for the Vikings second round pick. The Vikings need a WR, and they hold the 35th overall pick. I know the Steelers aren’t getting a first rounder in this situation, but it’s pretty damn close.

  • Bleebo77

    Have you seen the rumors that the Steelers might move Wallace at draft time?

  • Bleebo77

    I know it hasn’t been confirmed by Wallace, but if it’s true, I actually have no problem with Wallace skipping OTAs.. he should use his leverage during this window when he has some. Only the Steelers will know if the sides are close or far apart on a long-term deal, and only Wallace knows if he’s willing to actually walk away from $3m on the table for 2012 is a deal doesn’t get done. At the end of the day, I hope they either get a deal done, or if not, that Pittsburgh manages to get something for him.

    This is the perfect draft to have multiple picks in Round 2 and/or Round 3. A lot of value out there at positions of need.