Trai Essex Is A Big Loser That Could Wind Up Back With Steelers In 2012

The title of this post is sensational, but it is also so very true as Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent tackle Trai Essex has dropped some more serious weight this offseason as you can see in the picture below that he uses as his Twitter avatar.

When Essex showed up last summer at the wedding of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger he reportedly weighed around 375 pounds, close to 50 pounds over his playing weight. Essex, who was also an unrestricted free agent last offseason, was pretty much told he would need to lose weight if the Steelers were going to consider bringing him back. While he never revealed how much weight he actually lost by the time the Steelers re-signed him in late August, he did hint that was a couple of newborn babies.

Essex was quoted as saying after he was signed back, “I have a new lease on life and I want to make it work. I had to change some things, my eating habits, workout habits, being more of a professional. The Steelers brought me back and I am forever grateful to them. I am in a situation where I can change some beliefs they may have about me and rectify them and I plan on doing that. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of the Steelers organization.” Judging by the recent photo, Essex has continued to do just that.

The Steelers have yet to re-sign any of their own unrestricted free agents this offsesason, but Essex certainly could be on their agenda as they could use experienced depth on the offensive line. Currently the Steelers only have five linemen that are considered locks to make the 53 roster right now and they figure to draft a guard and a tackle later this month. Even then, the Steelers could still use another versatile player such as Essex, who showed he could even play center in a pinch against the St. Louis Rams in week 16.

Essex looks great right now and all of that losing in the weight department, could wind up with him winning himself another year with the Steelers. He really does look great and looks like he could play tight end again like he did at Northwestern.

Trai Essex

  • mghjr88

    Essex played tight end? Crazy


    Can he LS? Right now, Jonathan Scott is the backup LS. We don’t want to have to ask James Harrison to do that again.


    Only as a freshman. LT after that. 3rd round draft pick.

  • Bleebo77

    I’m worried about the offensive line, so this is some good news.

    FYI, Mel Kiper’s mock draft 4.0 is up, and he projects quite a run on OGs in round 2 (in this order): Zeitler, Allen, Osemele, Brooks, and Silatolu. He has the Steelers taking Osemele, which I’ve seen in other mocks. Any idea how the Steelers feel about him? Would they take him over Brooks or Silatolu? Seems like they need to get their OG in round 2 unless they want to roll the dice and see who’s left at the end of round 3.

  • Derick

    they have greg warren… have had him for years now. I know steelers depot reported the LS they just signed probably to compete in the off season.

  • Robhenderson

    He looks great.

  • I’d prefer Brooks, but would take any of the three.

  • Jprankster2005

    Dave do you actually think that Johnathan Scott will be on the team season opener with his current contract at 2.2? I would think he would have to take veteran min. to Be on team….. I looked it up and if we cut him it wouldn’t leave any dead money…… I would like to resign Starks or Essex…… I hope we can get some good guys in the draft to protect Ben…… Do you see any potential draft picks starting right off or sitting atleast a few weeks before getting into action? Just curious about what you think about them 2 questions……. I like Pouncey,Gilbert,Colon,Foster….. I also like Legursky but don’t know about starter….. Please give your thoughts thanks…….

  • Jprankster2005

    I didn’t know they signed the guy from Stanford to compete for LS…… I thought they just brought him in for a visit…….

  • SteelersDepot

    Scott carries a $500K dead money charge. Wherever you are getting your cap info from is wrong. I thought I made it clear in my other post that Scott was not a lock to make the 53.

  • Kysteeler

    I would love to have Essex back, I think he would be great for depth. I wouldn’t want him starting anywhere on the line, but definitely would like him on the 53. Offensive line is huge need in the draft, I think bigger than ILB, we have zero depth at OG or OT right now. I could easily see us picking up some thing like; Massie and Brooks.

  • dpatt67

    Whoa! Who’s the skinny dude, and what did he do with Essex? Good work by him.

  • Sam

    Trai looks awesome, like Tomlins brother

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m sorry I didn’t really see where you said that….. But I don’t understand why they haven’t made him to less or cut him……. But I was asking you the question I’m sorry if it’s to much to ask questions……. I’m not being a smart ass either…..

  • johnstown jim

    the problem with essex is , he stinks no matter where they play him.

  • Ellwoodd

    You have the talent, Trai, and I hope now the discipline. You have the feet to play LT, but only if you’re dedicated to the game. Do yourself a favor, and GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT. You could be a major factor in the success of this team if you stay in the weightroom.