2011 Rushing Stats Of Rashard Mendenhall & Isaac Redman By Direction & Down

I received a few emails since the post yesterday in which I broke down the rushing of the Pittsburgh Steelers running backs by direction and was asked if I could post the stats of each running back by direction and down from 2011. I compiled the stats of just Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman below as there really is no reason to do Mewelde Moore, Jonathan Dwyer and John Clay as they all combined for 48 carries total.

Both Mendenhall and Redman finished with a 52% and 53% success rate respectively. To reiterate what makes a play a successful play, if a back gains 40% of the yardage needed on first down, 60% of the yardage needed on second down and 100% of the yardage needed on both third and fourth down, the run was deemed a success.

Although Redman had a 5.38 yards per carry to the left side on 21 carries and a success play rate of 62%, he also was stuffed 5 plays for zero or negative yards for a 24% stuff rate. Mendenhall had a 29% stuff rate to the left and only a 3.26 yards per carry on 38 carries to that side.

Of course down, distance and field position play a big role in these stats, Mendenhall managed a better yards per carry, a better success rate and a lower stuff rate than Redman on first down carries last season. Redman was the much better second down back, although he had half as many carries as Mendenhall did. It is also pretty revealing that Mendenhall received only 6 carries on 3rd and 4th downs compared to 14 for Redman. 10 of those 14 runs by Redman were deemed successful with only 2 of the remaining for being stuffs. Mendenhall was stuffed on both of his 4th down carries last year and 3 of 6 carries on 3rd and 4th downs combined were stuffs.

The big question heading into this year is whether or not Redman can handle a bigger load with Mendenhall expected to start the season on the PUP list. He is a much more violent runner than Mendenhall is though and the rebuilt offensive line should fit his straight ahead style well. The line, as I pointed out in the previous post, must prevent less stuffs this year and the Steelers must be able to be more balanced directionally as well.

I fully expect this to be a run first offense early on in the season until Ben Roethlisberger and the young wide receivers all get in tune with the new offense of Todd Haley. I think Redman is more than adequate to be able to handle the extra work, but do expect him to be spelled on third downs quite a bit and that will probably be either Baron Batch or Chris Rainey doing the spelling from time to time. I could also see Mendenhall slowly working in a series here and there once he returns from the PUP list as well.

Rashard Mendenhall By Direction

DIR %2%5%9%30%25%19%9%100%
SUC %0%50%48%49%60%51%55%52%
STF %60%33%19%25%16%16%25%21%

Isaac Redman By Direction

DIR %3%7%9%31%35%14%1%100%
SUC %0%63%80%38%62%53%0%53%
STF %67%25%10%12%18%27%0%18%

Rashard Mendenhall By Down

DWN %64%34%2%1%100%
SUC %50%56%50%0%52%
STF %21%21%25%100%21%

Isaac Redman By Down

DWN %59%28%12%1%100%
SUC %45%61%69%100%53%
STF %23%10%15%0%18%

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Please tell me we rushed the ball more than 20 times on 3rd or 4th down on the year…If not….no wonder we were predictable as an offense.



  • SteelersDepot

    So you would have rather run more on 3rd and long?

  • Dan

    I am suprised to see Redman’s and Mendenhall’s. Redman “seemed” to be so much more successful than Mendenhall last year. Perhaps this year someone new will really step up and the comparison between these two will be moot.

    And Kudo’s to Dave Bryan for publishing these drilled down stats…this really is the best Steeler site on the net.

  • Intropy

    Perhaps not, but I remember watching the games and being somewhat discouraged that they ran so rarely on third and short. Maybe that should be understandable given the guard play they’ve had.

  • Rpiezzi

    Obviously someone has a lot of time on his hands.
    Much to involved and worthless for anone who has a life to read never mind trying to digest.

  • Larry Schmid

    Very good article, but Mendenhall was run into the line to many times on first down with the defense knowing it was coming. No way can Redman spread the field sideways like Mendenhall can. Both a very complete backs by todays standards. Little play action on first would have been good for both.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    It doesn’t say 3rd and long, it only says 3rd down. I have trouble believing that we ran the ball on 3rd down only around 20 times last year. This would imply that we were 3rd and say 3 yards or less only 20 times last year. That is horrible if that is the case. It may be but this shows something about this offense, we made things WAY too tough on ourselves.

    Let me ask these as well. How many times did we throw the ball on 3rd and 3 yards or less? How many times did we line up on 3rd and 3 or less with an empty backfield?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Let me add one thing, I should have included in my point above. If you take Redman’s and Mendy’s numbers above, we ran the ball on 3rd down 17 times times last year, or basically 1 time per game if you have included the playoff game in the stats. 1 time on 3rd down we ran the ball each game. That can’t be right….can it?

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I am curious what the consequences of a stuffed run on first down is. Does it always kill the drive?