2012 Steelers 53 Man Roster Prediction

The 2012 NFL draft is now behind us and so too is the first rookie camp. There are several roster spots left to be decided, but now is as good of time as any to start projecting what the 53 man roster will look like for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Quarterbacks (3)

Now surprises here as Ben Roethlisberger, Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch fill out the group of three. Both Leftwich and Batch come with reduced cap hits and the only fear is if Leftwich can make it through preseason healthy. I do not think any of the other quarterbacks on the roster will stick even on the practice squad.

Running Backs (4)

The Steelers normally like to keep three, but by keeping Chris Rainey, they are essentially keeping a player that can serve as a 4th running back, a 6th wide receiver and as a return man. The experience at this position is lacking until Rashard Mendenhall is healthy enough to come off of the PUP list, so they very well could add another veteran change of pace back prior to training camp. It would not be surprising if it ended up being Mewelde Moore either. John Clay still has plenty of practice squad eligibility left, so I have placed him there for now.

Wide Receivers (5)

The top four are set with Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery. Rookie Toney Clemons will be given every opportunity to make the roster as the 5th receiver and contribute on special teams. As I mentioned above, Rainey could play receiver in a pinch due to his versatility and thus the need to only keep five.

Tight Ends (3)

Heath Miller leads the way and should be backed up by free agent Leonard Pope. Weslye Saunders must miss the first 4 games due to his suspension, so that allows rookie David Paulson to slide onto the 53 man. A dark horse to watch is Will Johnson, who is a very talented h-back. This could easily flip-flop with Paulson being signed to the practice squad and Johnson making the 53 man.

Fullbacks (1)

Call David Johnson what you will, but Todd Haley likely sees him more as a fullback than he does a tight end. You can mix and match the tight ends positions a various number of ways and Johnson is by no means a lock to make the roster out of camp. Maybe Will ends up stealing the spot from David just the same.

Offensive Linemen (9)

I have a strong feeling that Max Starks is in the Steelers plans to serve as a swing tackle this season if healthy by week 1. The days are likely numbered for Jonathan Scott as well. Trai Essex has the position flexibility to play all five positions on the line should the need arise. David DeCastro will be a week 1 starter, while Mike Adams will be groomed for a while. Ramon Foster will likely start at the guard position opposite of DeCastro and Doug Legursky will go back to serving as an interior swing man.


Nose Tackles (3)

Hopefully Casey Hampton will be healthy enough to start the season. If not, Steve McLendon will be the week 1 starter. McLendon can also play defensive end in a pinch. Rookie Alameda Taamu will need some time to learn the nuances of the defense as he is groomed to be the heir to the Hampton throne.

Defensive Ends (4)

Corbin Bryant has the inside track to make the 53 man roster as the 4th defensive end. Ziggy Hood, Brett Keisel and Cameron Heyward are all obvious locks. This would give the Steelers 7 defensive linemen in total.

Linebackers (8)

Rookie Sean Spence fills the spot that was opened by the release of James Farrior. I have Brandon Lindsey making the practice squad. No real surprises as to how these eight spots fill out.

Cornerbacks (5)

Ike Taylor, Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown are all givens. The fifth cornerback spot can go either way and it should be a fun battle to watch in training camp. I am giving it to Terrence Frederick right now as he should have a leg up on the competition due to him playing both inside and outside in college. He is by no means a roster lock though.

Safeties (5)

The Steelers have kept four in the past and Damon Cromartie-Smith could be the wild card. The Steelers could choose to just keep four in Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, Ryan Mundy and Will Allen, but you have to remember that Clark will likely sit out the first game in Denver because of his sickle cell trait. Cromartie-Smith has been around long enough now to understand the defense and he can serve as a special teams player in addition. Allen seems to be a Mike Tomlin guy, and thus he sticks one more season.


Long snapper Greg Warren is the only one you can really put in ink here. Grant Ressel is going to have a tough time beating out Shaun Suisham, who is not safe himself if another veteran kicker surfaces on the waiver wire that the Steelers are more comfortable with. Undrafted free agent Drew Butler will battle Jeremy Kapinos for the punting job, but Kapinos was very consistent last season and gets my vote for now.


Mendenhall is certain to start the season on the PUP list which will force him to miss the first six games at the minimum. He will not count against the 53 man roster.


Saunders will miss the first four games for testing positive for a banned substance and will not count against the 53 man roster.


A solid camp could earn undrafted free agent Ryan Lee a practice squad spot. For him to make the 53 man roster, he would have to beat out Essex in my opinion. The other 7 positions are just educated guesses and of course could go several different ways.

2012 Steelers 53 Man Roster Prediction

7QBBen Roethlisberger
4QBByron Leftwich
16QBCharlie Batch
33RBIsaac Redman
27RBJonathan Dwyer
20RBBaron Batch
22RBChris Rainey
17WRMike Wallace
84WRAntonio Brown
88WREmmanuel Sanders
89WRJerricho Cotchery
11WRToney Clemons
53CMaurkice Pouncey
66GDavid DeCastro
73GRamon Foster
64GDoug Legursky
79GTrai Essex
77TMarcus Gilbert
74TWillie Colon
78TMax Starks
76TMike Adams
83TEHeath Miller
45TELeonard Pope
48TEDavid Paulson
85FBDavid Johnson
98NTCasey Hampton
90NTSteve McLendon
95NTAlameda Ta\’amu
96DEZiggy Hood
99DEBrett Keisel
97DECameron Heyward
91DECorbin Bryant
24CBIke Taylor
23CBKeenan Lewis
31CBCurtis Brown
28CBCortez Allen
37CBTerrence Frederick
43SSTroy Polamalu
25FSRyan Clark
29SRyan Mundy
42SDamon Cromartie-Smith
26SWill Allen
50ILBLarry Foote
94ILBLawrence Timmons
51ILBSean Spence
55ILBStevenson Sylvester
92OLBJames Harrison
56OLBLaMarr Woodley
93OLBJason Worilds
54OLBChris Carter
60LSGreg Warren
13PJeremy Kapinos
6KShaun Suisham
34RBRashard Mendenhall
82TEWeslye Saunders
67TTrevis Turner
69G/CRyan Lee
38RBJohn Clay
47SMyron Rolle
49OLBBrandon Lindsey
3WRMarquis Maze
46FBWill Johnson
69DEIkponmwosa Igbinosun

  • Dmncwelsh7

    Think you’re underestimating UFA Robert Golden. He’s a safety worth watching. I think he makes the practice squad at a minimum.

  • Kingmagyar

    Fairly accurate prediction although I would like to see Will Johnson and David Paulson excel enough to knock David Johnson from the roster. Also would like to see Myron Rolle make the final 53 over Will Allen. Weslye Saunders better have one hell of a camp too or there may not be a spot for him. Would Saunders qualify for the practice squad?

  • Bleebo77

    No mention of 7th round pick Beachum. I’ve seen a couple prognosticators suggest that he has a chance to make some noise in training camp. He also offers position flexibility across the line, having played OT in college.

    Seeing things laid out like this, esp. on the defense, it’s striking how much continuity there is, which is the Steelers way.

  • Broderick Wallace

    Solid prediction. I’d like to see Myron Rolle make the roster, rooting for him. Release Will Allen and J. Scott to free up some more cap space, sign Wallace.

  • SteelersDepot

    Don’t know where that option comes from as Saunders is not even eligible for the PS.

  • zbluez1

    Barring Injury, I think you have hit it as close to the head as you can swinging from this far out, Dave. The Turner/Beachum battle will be interesting, as will the Golden/Rolle, Is a hard read on Haley at this point, as to, will he keep 2 power and 2 scat backs or go with 3 power and a scat back. Cromartie-Smith is really going to have to show some special teams desire for me to believe he is the fourth safety over one of the youth movement and I could still see a possible corner-back battle over the last CB spot depending on how hungry Carter, or another younger CB who was a practice squad release elsewhere, is. I don’t think Coach Lake is entirely comfortable depth wise in that area yet. Fredrick is going to really have to work for it IMHO especially on special teams. Elsewhere, Coach Butler is really going to have to push the development of both Carter & Worilds since the “hamstring virus” that went around last year could return this year. I do believe that Sean Spence is a “see to do” guy that could become an indeterminate weapon ( will he, won’t he, cover? Blitz? what position is he actually playing? ) in certain sub packages to keep offenses guessing, but, I am not sold on this kid playing power defense in cold weather and meeting backs in the hole and not getting run over, that could leave ILB very thin should the injury bug bite late in the season.I could see Morty Ivy sneaking his way through as an ILB at someone else’s expense. All in all though, as usual, I think you have got it real close, well done!

  • JayBirdDC

    Great article. Makes me excited for training camp. Damn it May/June, lets pick up the pace.

  • jpbucco

    I like Rolle over Cro-Smith.

  • Broderick Wallace

    I agree, Beachum should make the practice squad unless he flunks. Read that Beachum, wearing #68, ran in the opposite direction (wrong way) on a play during drills this past weekend. Maybe he should get a different number, 68 may be tainted. Hahaha.

  • Beard

    The punter battle between Kapinos and Butler should be interesting. Butler’s college career seemed to peak a bit early, but it was still pretty amazing. Top 5 in NCAA career punting average I believe. If the Steelers cut Butler and keep Kapinos I don’t think they will have another opportunity to re-sign Butler as another team will likely grab him. If he proves capable of holding for the placekicker I think I would prefer Butler at this point because he probably has the higher ceiling. Kapinos is basically just ok at best. (Also I sure wish there was some competition for Suisham at PK. He is not even average.)

  • Broderick Wallace

    He would get snatched off the waiver wire before he made it to the practice squad.

    Saunders should have no problem making the 53 man roster, provided he stays out of trouble. The benefit of OTA’s should help him and the rest of last years’ rookie class improve.

  • Sabinelesperance

    I think he will be a surprise UFA to make the roster he might be as good as “Revis” with some experience under his belt

  • It would be great to see a second column for players you think might beat out your current choice for any specific roster spot.

    I know the first things that comes to mind for me are

    1. Spence is going to see the field more then I thought this year.
    2. We need to draft a safety next year in round 1 or 2
    3. Number 69 needs a nicname. I say nick…or ikison

  • As a matter of fact I wouldn’t even invite the offense to the draft next year.

    What’s the scoop on Keisel healthwise?

  • dgh57

    Here is why Beachum will have a hard time making the 53 man roster:

    WEAKNESSES Beachum is a soft prospect. He comes off the ball and moves quickly, but he is not explosive and has a hard time generating push on his man off the snap. He struggles in the run-blocking game, which doesn’t bode well for his development and projected move inside to guard. SMU’s style didn’t offer many chances to show that he can perform in a classic run-blocking scheme, and NFL teams will have to guess whether he can successfully make that positional shift. Beachum is a mirror and patty-cake blocker who was effective and productive at SMU; whether his skills transfer to the NFL is another question.might not make the 53 man roster:

    Source NFL.com draft analysis sheet.

    Can’t see him doing much with the above.

  • SteelerDave

    I think the Steelers will draft a safety next year in round 1 if one they like falls to them, if not then in round 2. I would also look for a WR to be drafted between round 3 and 5.

  • Broderick Wallace

    I made no reference to Saunders in above post that you replied to. Regardless of whether he is eligible or not, he wouldn’t make it to the Steelers practice squad.

  • Intropy

    This is pretty close to my guess. I only “predict” a couple of things differently.
    Wes Lyons beats Leonard Pope for the last TE spot.
    Cameron Heyward beats Ziggy Hood to start at DE.
    Drew Butler beats out Kapinos.
    Hampton starts on PUP leaving room for one more player, I’m thinking Myron Rolle.

  • pittsblitz

    Beachum I predict, will make the roster, cheaper option, with position flexibility to take the long snapper roster spot…. He’s a bright kid that fits the prototypical steeler profile, Not a blemish of character concerns.

  • ashaver13

    My feeling is Butler makes this team over Kapinos.

  • I could see a WR or TE depending on Wesley and Wallace but agree only in the lower rounds. I think I would wait until the 4th or 5th.

    I think Safety and pass rush in the first 4 rounds next year.

    I would consider a safety or ILB in FA.

  • Harold

    The Steelers and Mike Wallace are a couple million dollars apart (per year). I don’t want to lose Wallace just to keep Will Allen, Trai Essex, David Johnson, Charlie Batch, as back ups.

    This year is not just about talent. We have to consider economic cuts as well. Those four guys are in jeopardy IMO.

  • sweetleb

    no reason to keep batch, maybe go with johnson or smith. johnson has size and can move ,while batch is frail and old.

  • Saunders is not eligible for the practice squad. He was on the Steelers active roster for all 16 games last season, which is more than the number of games required to count as an accrued season, which means he can not be added to a teams practice squad.

  • Lyons will make last TE spot!

  • Woodley56

    I think John Clay should make the team over Batch/Dwyer. Batch is a poor man’s Rainey and Dwyer, other than that long run, has shown nothing over 2 years on the team. Clay is a bruiser who has a nice running style. Love this guy and hope he makes the 53.

  • SteelerDave

    I personally hoped Batch would be offered a job within the organization as an assistant QB coach. I think this will be his last season as a player. I have never been a Leftwich fan and would much prefer someone beats him out for 3rd string this season. Next season I believe the Steelers may just draft Bens eventual replacement to start grooming them. Might not be 1st round as next years draft should be deep in QB talent. I would not be surprised to see a FS/SS in round 1, a QB in round 2, a WR in round 3, a pure ILB in round 4, and a 4-3 DE in round 5 as well as an OLB in round 6 and 7.

  • Whether we keep them or not will not effect us throwing a few million more Wallace’s way. He isn’t an LT like Starks was a few years back, they aren’t going to throw more money than he is worth at him just to keep him.

  • Why the change of heart on Pope? Last I read, you seemed to think he wouldn’t make the team.

  • SteelersDepot

    Also thought they might draft a tight end earlier than the 7th round. Not a vote of confidence for Pope by any stretch just because he is on my list. Still not a big fan of the signing either. I still would not bet my house that he is a lock either.

  • zbluez1

    You do not cut back-up Vets without any reasonably talented younger back-ups ( rookie or not ) that can step in, in the case of Will Allen, there is as of yet, no such player, it is possible for that to change as camp progresses, Same can be said for Trai at this time, however IMHO , he is going to be harder pressed than Will Allen. There isn’t ANY other “fullback” on the roster then D.J. period. As far as C.B. is concerned, he still wins, and when it comes to Q.B. play, you take a proven winner over everyone else until the talent differential is just so huge you have to go talent first. Maybe camp will show that, but at this point, probably not looking at the talent level of the Q.B. kids we have throwing in camp (they have little to zero Football I.Q. that has been shown, even the ones who have played the game prior at the NFL level). Economics always takes a backseat to winning when the numbers are small ( a few million is small in NFL terms usually), In Mr. Wallace’s case the numbers he wants are huge, he is going to have to sign his tender, which is a nice pay day for a younger player to begin with, prove he can play an entire season at the level where a long term investment of that kind of substantial cash WILL INSURE Winning and that he is not a locker room cancer with an attitude. That is not just the Steeler way, but more often then not, the NFL way unless the Front Office is afraid that without that player their team has no or a lots less of a way to win ( see Tennessee, Baltimore without Rice, Indy, etc…) and even then it doesn’t always work out ( see Tennessee ). Camp will tell a lot about who is on the verge of stepping up and who isn’t as far as the youngsters and which Vets have been passed by severely talent wise, but until those battles are fought, it is hard to prognosticate the victors. Putting my cracked crystal ball away for awhile, Z.

  • zbluez1

    ” Like with all things each according to their gifts, ” You never really know until you know, you know? ” ” ( Spock/Yogi/Tomlin-ism mash up ). Pope will have more than a tough enough battle on his hands to prove if he belongs and of course IF Lyons can block. open Camp, open open open !!!

  • neighborhood drunk

    Marquis Maze will not make the practice squad.

  • PoKey21

    I think Batch the RB needs to go and we need to bring in a decent verteran running back, who can hold onto the rock. Julius Jones, Lawerence Maroney, Mike Hart, Kevin Smith, or even an aging vet like Clinton Portis or Brian Westrook. Both come with baggage but could pay off dividends if signed cheap. Both are 30, and Portis has been used lightly the last 2 years because of injuries. If one could stay healthy it would be huge.

  • PoKey21

    I also think next year the Steelers cut Mendenhall and go through Free Agency or via trade to sign a solid RB, just like they did when they got Bettis. Next years FA RBs are loaded. Rice, Foster, Forte, Lynch, and Bush.

  • zbluez1

    Another sighting of the ” Amazing Phantom Fumble ” that all rookies and young RB’s are accused of making. Last year B. Batch was the camp darling with him expected to unseat M. Moore as the 3rd down back and this year before the kid even gets to go to camp and show he has rehabbed and healed up he ” needs to go ” ? With a new O-coordinator that loves , LOVES! to throw to the backs you want to ship the kid off to oblivion ? I must need therapy, I just don’t get it, I just don’t get it ! The playing life of a RB is short enough without helping a young man like this, Dude, which is why all the guys you mentioned above are still out there including M. Moore who doesn’t fumble and don’t have the baggage of the guys above. I get that young RB’s make you nervous with little to no veteran players in their room to help them along, I get that Redman as a starter is unproven, I get that we have no idea what Haley is thinking in the running game, but Dude, switch to Decaf !!!!! Don’t dump a young guy with promise until you see him explode, don’t dub him injury prone until he has more than 1 injury, If we did that Pouncey would already have been cut instead of building an offensive line around him with him as an anchor. Just take a deep breath and then let it out and chill. And Dave and I think we are paranoid ? Dude come to therapy sessions with us, you’ll feel so much better.

  • zbluez1

    Odds are Rice and Foster won’t hit the open market, Rice is just too much of Baltimore’s offense, Foster is now part of a devastating tandem, but that matters little anyways because the Steelers will have NO MONEY to go get these guys anyways. See my post above to you on other reasons like Haley being OC. Do not live in the past, deals like the one where the Steeler’s got “The BUS ” are going to be virtually non-existent under the new CBA. ” “Come to the Dark-Side, Luke ” it really will be okay

  • Jprankster2005

    I like Rolle and hope he makes the team…… What about the TE I think his name is Mccoy

  • Perry331

    You have Greg Warren at long snapper remember that Doug Legursky is also a long snapper

  • Harold

    You seem pretty certain of your predictions. You are probably one of those people who said Frank Summers “couldn’t” be cut because we had nobody with experience behind him. Well he did get cut. And so could the others. If you think the Steelers are not looking at their salary cap when making roster decisions then you have not been paying attention any of their off season moves or Colbert’s interviews. I suggest you do some studying on the young players we’re bringing into camp before you declare Will Allen and David Johnson as irreplaceable talents. Essex and C. Batch provide solid veteran experience but their physical skills are deteriorating (much like James Farrior). You may be surprised when some of these guys are beat out by better talent? I guess we’ll see…

  • Reader783

    Wes Lyons is a WR…

  • Reader783

    Kapinos was very consistent last year, though.

  • Reader783

    When have the Steelers ever signed a big name free agent like those? There is no chance we can afford Rice, Foster or Forte and Lynch and Bush are probably going to push a big contract somewhere, too.

  • Reader783

    First off, Batch was a rookie last year and didn’t play because of a torn ACL, so that is why you didn’t see anything out of him. Secondly, did you see the training camp Batch had last year? He was absolutely tearing it up in camp last year before he tore the ACL.

  • Reader783

    He’s a WR.

  • timrankin

    Spence is the answer to small, shifty RBs (which are becoming more prevalent), along with an increasing need for LB’s with play-reading ability to drop into coverage.

  • timrankin

    We could’ve done worse than Suisham in ’11. He’s the only NFL player ever to make four 40yd or greater FGs in a single game. But 50+ yd’ers would be nice.

  • zbluez1

    I said ” Camp will tell a lot about who is on the verge of stepping up and who isn’t as far as the youngsters and which Vets have been passed by severely talent wise, but until those battles are fought, it is hard to prognosticate the victors. ” I didn’t say either of those guys were ” irreplaceable” and I for one never said the Tank couldn’t be cut ( Just an FYI ) I am very hopeful that the younger talent does beat some of the Vets we’ve been talking about, but, what I have said is don’t hack these guys off the roster UNTIL that talent has demonstrated itself !!! I am wondering whom you think is of talent level safety wise to step over Will Allen on the Depth chart because neither guy from the P.S. could do it last year. I am anything but certain of my predictions and have said I am viewing things through a cracked crystal ball. I will say this for you Harold, you do keep the conversation interesting.

  • Intropy

    He’s listed as a TE now, and the only report I read that mentioned him said he is indeed practicing as a TE.

  • zbluez1

    He weighs in at 255-260 as of last report, eh, That is a tight end approaching tackle size.

  • When have they ever not carried a separate long snapper?

  • Asmitty56

    Greg Warren is not in ink. Kelvin Beachum very well could unseat him and it would mean they wouldn’t be wasting a roster spot on a special teammer because like Essex, Beachum can supposedly play all 5 OL positions in an emergency.

  • Rubem Dornas

    Just me who likes Mortty Ivy?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think you have done a great job. It is about what I would have said as well. Here are the position battles IMO:

    RB: 2 of Batch, Rainey, and Clay.

    WR: 1 of Clemons or another WR

    OT: Starks leads, but if he isn’t healthy that spot gets interesting.

    TE/FB: Keeping David Johnson means you have basically 4 TEs on the roster. I think we have 5 guys fighting for maybe as few as 2 spots. This position better have their stuff together. There is competition here.

    Dline: I think you have pegged it perfectly.

    LB: I could see us keeping 9 LBs rather than 4 safeties, although it wouldn’t surprise me if we cut a LB leaving camp, and resigned him after the Denver game in order to keep an extra S.

    CB: The Terrance Fredrick spot is about as up for grabs as it gets.

    Specialists…all of them will be challenged this year.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I have Ivy being a guy who makes our squad

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Beachum at least makes the PS IMO

  • Shannon Stephenson

    What has Clay done that is so spectacular? I believe that Dwyer is the best RB we have…maybe not the best overall(Mendenhall) but he is very talented…he just needs the oppurtunity

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Summmers never was proven and did he even play a NFL down…at least use a guy who has actually played some

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Smith knows the nuances of our defense…may take Rolle a year to get it on the PS

  • I have a feeling that Barron Batch may end up making the roster

  • I think you can put Rainey in the WR battle with Clomons and Maze. I don’t think Rainey will play much RB at all.

  • dgh57


    Again check the above link out!! If Beachum does make the roster it WILL BE as a long snapper! Problem is he has Greg Warren in front of him and Foster, Essex, Legursky in front of him to play on the o-line.

    Practice squad at best!

  • Craigbates740

    I agree with this 53 man roster, with a few exceptions. Troy Smith or Jerrod Johnson should be the third Quarterback. Charlie Batch should be second string. Another safety should be added via free agency. Will Allen is average at the position.

  • Reader783

    I apologize to Intropy. Tomlin told him he was moving to TE when he saw that he put on around 50 pounds. But he is 6’9″…not too heavy for a guy that tall, and in all honestly, how could you not like a 6’9″, 255 lb target in the red zone.

  • zbluez1

    That is not a target, That is a wall. It’s not that in that 30 X 50 yard box, assuming we are at the 10 yard line, that I wouldn’t think it wasn’t great, provided he could be enough of a blocking threat, to make a play action pass a reality, and add in his reported 28″ vertical, Ben could throw it way higher than most DB’s could hope to get at. I like that part, jump ball, use his body as a shield, alley ooop, sort of play. Got that picture firmly in focus. But, what else can he offer ? That is about as one trick as a pony gets. Even if it is a very good trick it only works reasonably well if he isn’t surrounded by LB’s with an attitude, and if he is within the first five yards, 11 guys can hit him at least once, right? Kinda kills part of the trick doesn’t it?

    IF he can become the complete player at tight end, that gives the Steelers a weapon unlike any they’ve had since Eric Green to use. Now that would be something combined with Heath, AB, & Wallace or Sanders. 2 possession type guys that can shield the catch with their bodies, 2 burners that can go deep, one guy that can run precision routes, even the double move type, all on the field at the same time, 3 wide, 2 tight. That would make 5 D. Revis’s nervous, or 5 Mel Blounts with 5 Donnie Shells nervous at the same time, even under the old rules. I do see the possible upside (s) .

    But, Wes really has to learn a whole new position, not lose any speed with the added weight, develop a stronger and different type of core strength, blocking skills improvement on a scale that is difficult if not unprecedented, and increase his eye hand coordination to compensate for the increase in obstacle traffic ( hands, heads, etc…. that get it the way ) IF he can or shows progress towards doing so then keep him at least on the practice squad moving forward. If he cannot or he plateaus, that could signal the end of his chances to develop.

    Besides another 40 lb increase over a single off season would put him at or over 300lbs, that wouldn’t be good for a pony with one trick to weigh so much.

  • Robhenderson

    No Mortty Ivy, again? I hope Ivy makes it because Foote will not finish the year with a lot of playing time. Also Will Allen can be let go but I agree he’s Tomlins guy. I also see Will Johnson knocking DAvid Johnson off the 53 man roster.

  • SteelSpine

    Everyone’s gonna have opionions for the roster. DaveB yours is good including good catch about Corbin Bryant whom was forgotten. Our 3rd QB being old experienced vet insted of a rookie is rare in NFL & thats a reflection that our OL (especially OTs) arent improved enough yet to keep Ben from being busted up by end of season. My disagreements are:

    – I would not tie up a 53-man roster spot with David Poulson, my preliminary guess is he could easily be replaced by a TE off the street.
    – Doubt Sean Spence is a starter this year.
    – I’ve seen enough seasons of #29 jersey (Ryan Mundy) chasing people into endzone especially on special teams where Mundy gets juked so easily. Hopefully any other prospect for SS (i.e Myron Rolle or any other) turns out to be a decent tackler on special teams & let Mundy get picked up elsewhere (& Mundy would get picked up just because he has perfect size for SS). Maybe Myron Rolle can double as our backup team doctor 🙂

  • notjustasteelerfan


    Like your choices but here’s My 53-man roster..

    WR (6) M.Wallace TE (3) H.Miller T (3) M.Adams-L G (4) M.Gilbert-L C (2) M.Pouncey
    A.Brown L.Pope W.Colon-R D.DeCastro-R D.Legursky-G
    E.Sanders D.Paulson T.Essex-G/C R.Foster
    J.Cotchery K.Beachum-T
    FB (1) W.Johnson QB (3) B.Roethlisberger RB (4) I.Redman
    B.Leftwich R.Mendenhall-PUP
    T.Smith J.Dwyer

    CB (6) I.Taylor-R LB (8) J.Harrison-RO DE (4) B.Keisel-R NT (3) A.Ta’amu
    K.Lewis-L L.Woodley-LO Z.Hood-L C.Hampton-PUP
    C.Allen L.Timmons-RI C.Heyward K.Weston
    C.Brown S.Sylvester-LI S.McLendon-NT
    T.Frederick S.Spence
    S (4) T.Polamalu-SS K (1) S>Suisham P (1) D.Butler LS (1) G.Warren

    with Possible 8 new starters.

    TE= W.Saunders, T= J.Scott, FB= D.Johnson-TE, QB= C.Batch
    RB=J.Clay until R.Mendenhall returns from PUP
    LB=M.Ivy, DE=A.Wood until C.Hampton returns from PUP
    SS=W.Allen, D.Cromartie-Smith.

  • James

    He’s playing TE in rookie camp

  • James

    I think Maize & Rainey will be battling for the return job.

  • Mmartin804

    Golden or Rolle will make final 53 – other will probably be practice squad- either cromartie-smith, allen, or mundy will be cut – probably either allen or mundy to save money to pay wallace and a.brown next year, etc…

  • Reader783

    I honestly see Lyons as simply a redzone threat this season. Let him on the 53 man roster and assuming he has at least some of the intangibles, like jumping, getting off the line, strength and ball awareness, I could see him having around 6 or 7 TD’s this year as a redzone threat. Can you just imagine if they can develop Lyons?! The most elusive QB in the NFL at 6’5″ scrambling away and tossing it to a giant, 6’9″ TE, standing nearly 5 inches over the linebacker defending him! Oh what a sight it would be

  • Delilah

    Largely, I agree with Dave’s early guesstimate of the 53-man 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Roster.

    Here’s a few thoughts:

    Now that Dennis Dixon is gone, I think the Steelers are looking for their next young backup QB to develop. With C. Batch getting pretty old, I think there is a chance Jerrod Johnson becomes the #3 QB behind R-Berger & Leftwich. Troy Smith has washed out too many other places to make this squad. If Johnson shows any promise, he may make the roster. If not, it goes as Dave said and will be R-berger, Lefty, & C. Batch.

    Regarding RB, I believe the Steelers keep 3, and they are: Redman, Dwyer, Rainey. B. Batch goes to the PS. Batch is a 3rd down type scat back like Rainey, but does not have the WR type abilities as Rainey, nor the ST capabilities, particularly P&K returner. Batch on the PS is a nice insurance policy when injuries come to others, and they will come.

    Fullback – Yes, the Steelers will once again have a FB now that T. Haley is here & BA is gone. I am predicting it will be John Clay. He has the big body type, so it is just a question of does he truly have the blocking & catching abilities. D. Johnson, Will Johnson, & Paulson are NOT FULLBACKS. They are TEs who can also play H-Back. I believe Haley wants a FB, NOT an H-Back. H-backs DO NOT run the ball. The FB position not only blocks & catches passes, but also RUNS THE BALL on occasion. Clay is the only one who can do all these things. It will be way easier to coach up Clay to expand his blocking & catching abbilities than it would be to teach the other 3 guys to become ball carriers.

    WR – I agree with Dave. It will be 5 guys (not 6) and they are Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, and most likely Clemmons. Look for Derrick Williams & Connor Dixon to challenge Clemmons, but neither beating him out. The better of the 2 goes to the PS. If the Steelers need to utilize someone else as an extra WR, look for it to be Rainey, Pope, or Lyons.

    TE – I think the Steelers keep 4 with Miller & Saunders being the 2 traditional balanced catch/blocker types. Saunders’ suspension won’t hurt his chances of remaining on the team. Pope & Lyons will be the two over-grown receiver types that are becomming more popular in the NFL now-a-days. As I explained earlier, with D. Johnson being an average TE (both catching & blocking) and also an average H-back, he will get a long look, but will end up getting cut. Look for W. Johnson, Paulson, or McCoy to possibly make the PS. But, with 4 on the roster, they might not have one on the PS.

    OL – it will go just as Dave says. Once fully healthy, Starks will be signed to be swing OT. Trevis Turner is the PS OT, and it will be a dogfight beteen Beachum & Lee for the PS interior lineman spot. I have Beachum winning it, as he can play all spots but center & some LS ability.

    NT – Just as Dave said.

    DE – I agree with Dave on the top 3, but it will be a dogfight between Al Woods & Corbin Bryant for the last spot. I can really see it going either way. As long as Woods shows something, I think he wins the spot. As Bryant has 2 years of PS ability left, I think they stash him there, saving him for the inevitable injuries to others time.

    LB – Just as Dave said. I too have Lindsey as the PS OLB. I also have Ivy as the PS ILB.

    CB – I agree mostly with Dave, but I think they carry 6. Frederick probably gets the 5 spot, and Carter initially gets the 6 spot. But look for the Steelers to scan the wavier wire at the end of pre-season when all the teams make their final cuts. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pick up a free agent with 4-5 years experience. That dude could squeeze out Carter. No other CBs on the PS as they carry 6 on the 53.

    S – Of course Troy & Clark are the starters, and Mundy is the primary backup to FS & SS. I have Will Allen being cut (salary cap casualty) and Rolle taking his spot. DCS to the PS for his final year of eligibility.

    Specialist – Warren remains LS, Suisham holds on as kicker, but look for a dogfight between Kapinos & Butler. I think Kapinos hangs on to his job, being that he has pro experience.

    PS = Beachum, OG/OT/LS; Turner, OT; B. Batch, RB; Williams, WR/KR/PR; Bryant, DE; Lindsey, OLB; Ivy, ILB; DCS, S.

    Late in the year, Mendenhall may be ready to come back. If one of the other RBs gets hurt (and by late season, they usually do), look for Mendy to possibly take over & be the fresh legs late in the season.

  • Tim

    Wait, Mendenhall is certain for the PUP list? When was that announced? I thought we were going to wait and see. I’m not making any predictions, but I know Adrian Peterson is promising to be back for week 1 and he was injured only a week before Mendenhall.