Mike Wallace Might Have His Stats Confused

On Tuesday Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor told John Harris on Trib Live Radio that restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace told him while the two were together in Las Vegas this past weekend that he had more yards than both Jerry Rice and Randy Moss through each their first three years in the league. Taylor told Harris that Wallace said, “Man I got more yards than Jerry Rice and Randy Moss in three years. From their first three years.” Taylor continued on, “And that\’s a stat I didn\’t know. So I\’m looking at it like, shoot, I cant really argue with you.”

Either Taylor misinterpreted what Wallace told him about the stats or both of the two really need to get on a computer and go to NFL.com. Wallace is 369 yards behind Rice through three seasons and 957 yards behind Moss. Now Wallace does edge both Rice and Moss in yards per catch, but he trails both in receptions and touchdowns. In fact he is way behind in the touchdown category.

Hopefully Taylor can relay this info back to Wallace or hopefully Taylor can clarify what stats Wallace might have been referring to.

ETA: Mark Kaboly thinks Taylor means yards per catch. Let\’s hope so.

Randy Moss
1998Minnesota Vikings16691,3131961T17
1999Minnesota Vikings16801,41317.767T11
2000Minnesota Vikings16771,43718.778T15
Jerry Rice
1985San Francisco 49ers164992718.966T3
1986San Francisco 49ers16861,57018.366T15
1987San Francisco 49ers12651,07816.657T22
Mike Wallace
2009Pittsburgh Steelers163975619.460T6
2010Pittsburgh Steelers16601,2572156T10
2011Pittsburgh Steelers16721,19316.695T8