Mike Wallace Might Have His Stats Confused

On Tuesday Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor told John Harris on Trib Live Radio that restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace told him while the two were together in Las Vegas this past weekend that he had more yards than both Jerry Rice and Randy Moss through each their first three years in the league. Taylor told Harris that Wallace said, “Man I got more yards than Jerry Rice and Randy Moss in three years. From their first three years.” Taylor continued on, “And that\’s a stat I didn\’t know. So I\’m looking at it like, shoot, I cant really argue with you.”

Either Taylor misinterpreted what Wallace told him about the stats or both of the two really need to get on a computer and go to NFL.com. Wallace is 369 yards behind Rice through three seasons and 957 yards behind Moss. Now Wallace does edge both Rice and Moss in yards per catch, but he trails both in receptions and touchdowns. In fact he is way behind in the touchdown category.

Hopefully Taylor can relay this info back to Wallace or hopefully Taylor can clarify what stats Wallace might have been referring to.

ETA: Mark Kaboly thinks Taylor means yards per catch. Let\’s hope so.

Randy Moss
1998Minnesota Vikings16691,3131961T17
1999Minnesota Vikings16801,41317.767T11
2000Minnesota Vikings16771,43718.778T15
Jerry Rice
1985San Francisco 49ers164992718.966T3
1986San Francisco 49ers16861,57018.366T15
1987San Francisco 49ers12651,07816.657T22
Mike Wallace
2009Pittsburgh Steelers163975619.460T6
2010Pittsburgh Steelers16601,2572156T10
2011Pittsburgh Steelers16721,19316.695T8

  • Tann84

    It should aslo be noted that Jarry Rice’s third season came in a shorten 12 game season. If you extrapolate out to 16 games Rice has 1437 yards and it raises his total to 3934. This is probably something Wallace’ agent told him and he told Ike without checking.

  • Colin Grant

    We have to remember that Ike also went on record as saying Todd Haley formerly assisted Bill Bellichick the Patriots staff.

  • Given all the cuts and contract renegotiations this year, the steelers are suprisingly low on the chaos meter. Mike Wallace is pretty much the story. Let’s remember where we’ve been over the last few years (Las Vegas, Milledgeville, “Wake and Bake”, “I’m not Muslim, but I believe in truth”). This and the Rosetta Stone are the biggest worries, and I like the latter. Bring it on…

  • SteelerDave

    Ok, maybe a two trick pony…. fast and delusional.

  • Ark2077

    Jerry Rice and Moss made there Stats in a league with rules not slanted in favor of passing offenses. Modern day offensive stats are a joke and should not be taken seriously. Wallace isn’t half the player Rice or Moss were.

  • CW

    That sounds about right. An agent filling his next big payday’s head with false information to inflate what the kid thinks he’s worth thus creating a massive offseason headache for both the team and the player.

  • Kyle Kitzmiller

    Dave, do you think you could post with the postseason totals as well? Maybe that’s the confusion.

  • kevin

    I think that stat was that he had more yards than anyone but Moss and Rice, but don’t quote me on that.

  • Cols714

    I doubt the Steelers are worried about Wallace. He’ll eventually sign his offer and play.

    I don’t understand why SteelersDepot is so worried about this. Pretty much every time a Steeler FA was wanted back by the team he’s come back.

    Mike Merriweather was a long long time ago.

  • Mwormack

    I think Wallace should get paid, but passing has changed so much in the NFL. With teams passing for over 4000 yards. The number one or two receiver should be at or above 100 yards. Antonio Brown had over1100 yards last year plus his special teams controbution. Wallace was shut out in a lot of games last year, and in the playoffs where stars shine he didn’t. The fact is Wallace is not worth more than six or seven mil a year, but that is still a heck of a lot of money. About five years ago Guards were over valued in the in NFL now it appears receivers are. My advice to Mike get the deal before it gets taken off the table. You don’t want sanders or someone else to get your 1000 yards this year, because all that money you think you will get next year probably won’t be there. Number 7 has a way of producing 1000 yard receivers, so don’t get it twisted. Get a contract now and play for a bigger one down the road. You could be out buying a mega house now before the season starts.

  • Bruce Humbert

    A more relevant comparison would be calvin johnson and larry fitzgerald…

    And while Wallace compares favorably to both, neither of them was able to get the mega contract until year 5 and later…

    It is going to be interesting to see if the Steelers reduce the tender when they can on june 15.

    Three specific factors work against Wallace

    1. His drop of in performance in the second half of last year. This was probably due to limits on Ben resulting from his injury – but for the last 8 games…
    Wallace – 393
    Brown – 677

    2. The lack of “felt need” at wideout. Cotchery, Sanders and Brown would be a solid first three – Miller had a nice year last season and should florish under Hayley – Rainey is an interesting wild card in the mix. YES – the team needs Wallace – but is way short of desperate.

    3. The new economics of the NFL – not much is being said yet, but salary cap increases will be smaller or non existant – and might even turn into decreases if any of the concussion law suits is successful (revenue sharing works both ways 😉 )

    So Wallace stands to be a big loser if he chooses to not sign his tender and play – hope he comes to his senses – signs his tender and comes in to play a GREAT season and make life difficult for the Steelers if they have to choose between him an Antonio

  • Jprankster2005

    Now Moss deserved a huge contract after his rookie deal……. This dude thinks he’s good gift to football seriously……….And I’ve been arguing this all along……. Wallace isn’t going to get that huge contract this yr…… And I’m glad people are finially seeing what he’s about and it’s ALL about money……..

  • Jprankster2005

    I want to also say that back in Moss and Rice’s day it was a more of a running game and now the leauge is more pass happy…… And there are a good amount of guys that have better yds. and td’s in the last 3 yrs. than Wallace…….

  • CW

    Oh, I’m sure that there is a very good chance the Steelers get Wallace signed to a long term contract sometime this summer, but the point I was making is that it sounds like something an agent would do with a potential big payday player.

  • Cols714

    I’m actually a bit doubtful about a long term contract. But he’ll be here in 2012.

  • Jprankster2005

    I totally agree with everything you said…….. And the money is right on, What I believe and alot of people believe he is worth at the very most……

  • Jprankster2005

    Yep and the Rosetta stone he should be practicing with his team, Not sitting on the coach complaining

  • kevin

    Name them.

  • Rick Brenchak

    There’s at least 9 other recievers with more catches AND more yards than Mike Wallace over the last 3 years (I stopped counting after these 9):

    Roddy White
    Marques Colston
    Greg Jennings
    Andre Johnson
    Brandon Marshall
    Reggie Wayne
    Calvin Johnson
    Wes Welker
    Larry Fitzgerald

  • neighborhood drunk

    Mike Wallace is an ELITE WR! Get over it!

  • kevin

    You conveniently ignored touchdown catches, which was half of what was indicated. No one mentioned catches, which is not that big of deal. I can throw in stats like DYAR and Yards per Catch to make my point, but that was not what was being responded to in the post.

  • 4STEELERS2012

    The bottom line with Mike Wallace is the fact that he made significant contributions to the Steelers offense over the last three years. What needs to be relayed to Wallace is the fact that many fans are hoping the contract issue is settled soon so that he can get back to business on the field. Even if his stats are not matching up to Rice or Moss right now, he has a promising future ahead. He will match up with them eventually, if he keeps performing at the level he has performed since 2009. Rice and Moss are the past NFL greats, Wallace is the future NFL great.

  • Steelerfan1

    Amen I agree