New News That There Is No New News With Mike Wallace

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Adam Schefter of ESPN reported today that there was no news to report on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace, who continues to refuse to sign his restricted free agent tender until he has to. Schefter said Tuesday on NFL Livethat it “may be awhile” before the Steelers see Wallace at the team facility, and that Wallace won’t sign the tender “until he absolutely has to.”

If you are shocked by any of this then you likely missed my post last week in which I stated that you likely will not see Wallace taking part in any of the OTA or mini-camp sessions this summer as he continues to make his statement that he wants a long-term deal done, something the Steelers want done as well. The next important date for Wallace that likely will end up being not important at all is June 15th, the date that the Steelers could reduce the tender offer given to Wallace to 110% of his 2011 salary and still retain his rights. The Steelers are unlikely to play that kind of hardball with Wallace and instead will wait until training camp to see if he reports.

There has been quite a bit reported about Wallace and his supposed wants and forthcoming actions ever since the he was tendered back in March, but neither he nor his agent Bus Cook have responded publicly to any of these reports. The Steelers have maintained their same company line throughout the entire offseason in stating that they want Wallace in Pittsburgh long term.

The Steelers first OTA session begins next Tuesday and Wallace is not expected to be in attendance for that or the two that follow in the consecutive weeks after that one. I suspect we will continue to get more of these new news reports that there is no new news to report on Wallace as the summer rolls along, and as usual, I will continue to pass along the new news of no new news to you so you can stay informed. You\’re welcome!

  • Rhankey72

    Let’s put this in perspective here. Wallace is a very good receiver but not the best, his boss offers him the going rate for very good receivers, but not the best – 5 years 55 million (with 10 million guaranteed). And he says no – crazy. I’m a good Systems Analyst, but not the best. If my boss offered me (keeping this in perspective) 5 years $550,000 with ($100,000) guaranteed. I would jump at that. Come on man (as DMX would say) “Stop being greedy!!!..” Unless of course I’m wrong and they didn’t offer him that at all – then well, the Steelers need to buck up to that number.

  • I agree that if that was really what they offered Wallace, he shoud have taken it. But your analogy is off. You can continue to work at your job for at least 5 more years. while Wallace could have a career ending injury next year and might not be financially set for life.

  • SteelerDave

    5 years and 55 million? You must be crazy. Wallace is worth at the most 6 million per year but more likely only about 5 million a season. He is still to much of a one trick pony to merit anything more than 5 years for 30 million. If he wants more then force him to play for the tender and/or trade him.

  • SteelerDave

    Give me one million and being smart and prudent with investments it would allow me to live a comfortable life – heck a one million annuity would give one more than 95% of the populations earns each year and for life.

  • Waaaah!

    While this is true. I believe everything Wallace has earned up til now + the $2.7 million equating somewhere in the vicinity of above $4million is enough to set him up for life. Additionally, I guess every player who’ve signed a 4 year rookie contract should hold out his 4th year as well. Heck why not even his 3rd year if he “earns” it statistically. Right?

    Right! In that case, we should also do the opposite as well forcing all players to refund if they bust.

  • Wallace should play for $30M? Pierre Garcon just got a $42M contract. The current WR market says that Wallace is worth way more than $30M. He should expect nothing less than 5 years/$50M, and could get as much as $60M.

  • zbluez1

    Looks like Mike is taking a vacation until June 15th or there about, will either sign his tender or the best deal Omar and the Steelers can work out at that point that will harm the team overall the least. That being said, a ton of ERRONEOUS numbers from above Fitzgerald money to 5 yrs 50 mil with blah blah blah guaranteed are being rumored and fantasized about. There has been no comment from either the Steelers, Mike Wallace or Bus Cook that anything being discussed is true, just that they are discussing and Mike is looking at all his options. The Steelers won’t know, by the rule of 51, just how much of a big hit cap money wise they can take this year until all the draft picks are signed, including David DeCastro, what pro-rations of signing bonuses given will count towards this years cap, what the exact dead monies charges will be, etc…..Until that is all done and Omar and the front office have a down to the penny count to work from, I don’t expect much to happen on the Mike Wallace front. I do expect, however, that once that is done, the discussions will heat up and a deal will be offered. When it is, it then will we be up to Mike and Bus to say yea or nay. Until then Steeler nation, stay patient, stay calm and no worries, k?

  • Wallace didn’t sign a 4 year rookie contract. His rookie contract was only 3 years, which is why the Steelers had to use the RFA tag, to try to retain his rights for one more season. Until Wallace signs his tender, or a long tern deal, he is not under contract with the Steelers.

  • Wait, so we shouldn’t believe the blog post from the Sacramento Bee, that heard from an un-named “league source”, that Wallace was demanding Larry Fitzgerald money?

  • Mancoljduf11

    if one more person calls wallace a greedy diva or says he is being stupid just relize that you are not in his situation and you know that if there is an opprotunity at alot of money you take it dont pretend like you would not be ticked off about the 2.7 mil as well it is about market value its called opprotunnity get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zbluez1

    I live an hour north of Sacramento, the reporter in question does NOT have a super “un-named league source” . He is pals with two ( 2 ) of the training staff who heard it from an admin assistant who heard it in passing ……etc…. NOT exactly a “front line” source. Probably 4th generation away from whatever REALLY happened. I am not saying it wasn’t TRUE, it may very well have been. Let’s just say I am taking it with a very very large grain of salt and have more then a few doubts about the total accuracy of the report. Please take note that no one associated with the 49’er front office has confirmed the report, in fact they have been stoically quiet, not even a “No comment”. That isn’t the usual for the 49’er’s who have been “pursuing” a free agent, they are usually upfront about it. Notice also that the San Fran papers didn’t follow up or confirm the story either. Perhaps they couldn’t. Food for thought, eh?

  • It’s also a highly inflated market, and the Steelers rarely pay those inflated rates. I’d be pretty surprised if he got more than 50m.

  • Jimmy-fowler

    Steeler Nation: No news is Great News! Go Steelers!

  • SteelerDave

    I know the market is inflated. However given that Wallace has amazing speed and is subpar at all other aspects of being a WR he is far from being a complete WR. He could develop into that and he will need to do so as speed declines with age. Brown has shown development to become an all around WR and Sanders, when healthy, has shown this as well – Wallace simply has not. He runs fast and must still rely upon speed separation to get open, he seldom gets open from running a crisp route and seldom has shown an ability to fight for the ball. With few exceptions, unless he has used his speed to get open, he simply does not make the catch. In three years his speed will be diminished to where he will not be able to reply solely upon it. Just my opinion but until he shows more he is simply not worth being paid in the top 10 or 15 WR range. Six million a year is the max I would pay him, maybe 7 million if the contract is only 3 years and not 5.

  • Inflated, not inflated, what ever. The Steelers are still competing with the rest of the NFL when it comes to retaining Wallace’s services, they just have the benefit of having a one year head start. Wallace is going to get paid what the WR market says he is worth, it just may not be the Steelers who are writing the checks.

  • Who cares if Wallace has sub par aspects to his game, or is still developing, he is a top 10 WR in the area that matters most, he flat out produces. Despite having a down year in 2011, he was 10th in the NFL in yards, and 5th in 2010.

    I love Brown, but Wallace was more productive in year two, than Brown was in year two, and Wallace did it as the teams #1 WR. For all of Brown’s ability, he can’t find the end zone to save himself.

  • kevin

    I don’t see how you can call it an inflated market at this point. The market has set itself. It is not coming back down. Further, it is not out of line with the value of the wins added by the position.

  • kevin

    He is not subpar at other aspects of being a WR. This is just ignorance talking. He is above average at all depth levels, which indicates that it is more than just speed. His stats blow away Brown’s stats, yet you can declare Brown a better all-around receiver based on half a year. He may not fight for the ball as much as you want, but to take away everything else but his speed is ridiculous.

  • kevin

    That does not even go into the advanced stats that say he is more than top-10 even.

  • kevin

    Who cares? Perhaps Mike wants to send his cousins, children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces to college and buy a house for his Mom and siblings. Who cares what you think that you would do with 1 million. Also, I don’t know if you have paid attention over the past 10 years, but even smart and prudent investors have lost their butt in the market.

  • Meanz2nend

    Trade him, trade him now for 2013 draft PICK(s) either 1st rounder or a 2nd & 3rd. Now that draft is over teams see what they have & don’t have. St Louis, Miami, both need REAL WR’s

  • Jprankster2005

    Thank you all he has is Speed and that’s it……..That can be replaced…… And the people mention other names they have the more all around game…..

  • Jprankster2005

    To be a Speed guy he’s worth that much to you……..Garcon is a more complete reciever than Wallace and he also was overpaid….. He should get around 6 to 7 a yr. that it’s I would be happy with a 4 yr. 28 million tops…….

  • Jprankster2005

    Trade him……. Get a first rounder or 2 2nd rounders……. Let em go somewhere else and lose the rest of his career but hey he will be really rich, Instead of being rich like Woodley, Ben and others and having the rings as well

  • BigDaddyV

    I could find a way to stretch out $10 million for the rest of my life

  • Plg0612

    just get rid of the bum and his greediness!!!!

  • Joek106

    Agree, trade him for picks. Roughly 6 catches a game. He’s not worth that much, nor are the other receivers who make more than he might get. The Steelers have enough offense to move the ball effectively w/o Wallace. And don’t forget Rainey and Batch, and a new OL. We’ll just do it a different way.

  • Rocco301973

    hes awesome and great speed we need this guy dang both greddy parties or just lazy both sides

  • Tuckerblue

    Wallace isn’t close to Fitz or CJ in talent. A good fast receiver yes, but questionable hands and acrobatic skills.

  • Jay

    Mike Wallce is good, but he is NOT superior and if he keeps screwing around he may find out that his desireability as a loyal Steeler player will be in jeopardy. Being part of the Steeler Elite is something he should feel good about and not start acing like a friggin prima donna.

  • Corymcnutt

    If he thinks that much of himself and so little of the team…get rid of him. He will be a bad influence. Cry baby!

  • Mancoljduf11

    how does wallace have questionable acrobatic skills??!!!!!!!!! something i noticed is that every catch he made is rookie season was either late or underthrown by ben, i do not think he was ever hit in stride his rookie year

  • Jborik

    He like Santinio Holmes and Plexico Burress is replaceable. He needs another year of way better stats to earn the big bucks!!!!!! Get your ass in camp punk!!!!!!!

  • Parletsplace

    He is not a prime time receiver yet he didnt put up victor cruz numbers. I love the steelers fan for life but if he wont sign give him walking papers. This is the Steelers we dont play these games with players. Show we can always find new talent.

  • MOfanRJ

    Bottom line – I trust the Steelers to do the right thing for the team. I hope Wallace will do what’s best for Mike Wallace (and hope that that works out for our team as well). Here we go!

  • Youshined2day

    I miss Hines!

  • Cannonie

    let him go if he wants to go.we can do just as good without him.we did it before twice in fact we don;t want to keep him if he isn;t happy not many players are loyal to their team anymore its all about the money now

  • Nicotos

    It would have been best if another team had given him an offer and we could have possibly gotten Donte Hightower in the first round to go along with Decastro. It looks like this is his last year in the Burgh and they will get nothing in return when he leaves then.

  • Steelers6577

    Let him play out the year at 2.7 and walk. I think they should sign Brown and Sanders and look at next years draft to bring someone else in. He wants the big money he’s not worth. 5 million is the tops he should get not the 9 or 10 he wants. Ben doesn’t even get that kind of money and he’s won to Super Bowls. What has Wallace done? Not much. He’s a one trick pony. He faded late in the season,that’s when Brown came on. Brown does everything kick returns,goes over the middle and has the speed to go deep as well. Please forget about Wallace and sign Brown.

  • Lambert15

    Wallace is a good receiver period. Not best in the league, maybe fastest in the league, but not best. As we all know there will be some team that would pay him what he feels he deserves, I’ve seen it happen too many times, and then the player getting”paid” doesn’t produce as he was with the team he came from. I think in the last 10 years 2 receivers that left there squads for better money succeeded: Randy Moss(New England) and maybe Plaxico Burress(Giants). The rest have not produced: Antwan Randall El, Ocho Cinco, TJ Houshmaenzada, Terrell Owen, Santana Moss, Santonio Holmes just to name a few. None of these guys were/are worth the big money they were/are paid.

  • Mancoljduf11

    for those of you who think they should not sing wallace and sine brown instead just relize that wallace makes brown better, whether you like to hear that or not it is true, brown said it himself in an interveiw,

  • Mahatsea

    What a Jackass! He’s somewhat unproven and has a huge ego! Get rid of him.

  • mainiac24

    Wallas was awful the second half of the season. Who is to say that will not carry on into the 2012-13 season? He has only been in the NFL for 3 seasons. Yes he is fast, but he put no effort in going after balls that weren’t thrown right to him. He should prove him self for an entire season before he can demand that big money. He is a good fast receiver who has yet to produce for a whole season.

  • Sjkkimmel

    Lets get real those players such as wallace need to come down from cloud nine and be
    thankful they were given the speed and talent to play pro ball. Greed is not the word I have
    I think it more like squezing blood out of the orginzation you are working for.

  • Mike58

    Lets be real here. Brown is by far the steelers best wide out. Sanders will easily take over the number two position this year if he stays healthy. Wallace is just the long threat. Ben unfortunately decides way to often, even before the ball is centered, that he is going to Wallace no matter what the coverage. Ben also throws the ball shorter than what he needs to for Wallace. I personally love the deep threat that Wallace is but feel that Ben wants to try to go to it too often that it hurts our offense. We have guys like Brown and Sanders that can get open anywhere. We have Cotchery for the shorter game,, hell if it was not for Ben’s desire to always throw the long ball I feel that Ward would have had his next two years. He can still get open and was a good go to guy across the middle. Maybe letting Wallace go would be a good thing in that Ben would be forced to look for a more balanced passing attack instead of lets go long and pray alot.

  • Mike58

    I agree 100%. Wallace should take a good look and realize that he is a one trick pony at this time. Brown, and Sanders when he is healthy, are both better all around receivers. I think that Ben relies to much on trying to go long all the time and actually hurts our offensive game plan, unless our offense game plan is throw it long and pray. I know they connect for some long touchdowns. But that is decreasing over time. If Wallace wants the big buck he is asking for then he needs to prove himself as an all around receiver. The Steelers need receivers that can help sustain drives not a guy who only has going long in his bag of tricks.

  • Mike58

    It is like your read my mind. Brown is definitely our number one receiver. Sanders, if stays healthy, is definitely number 2. Wallace needs to prove he can do more than go long very fast. I think in the grand scheme of things that he hurts the team because Ben has had the mentality of always wanting to land the deep ball. We need to have a better balanced passing attack and be able to sustain drives. Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, and Miller are how we do that. Not to mention getting rid of the ball sooner would keep Ben in better shape. I do think part of the problem with our offense is that Ben’s attitude is to much of wanting to go for the long ball and be a Dan Marino on every play. Ward may have been at the end of his career, but with a quarterback that was not looking to go long all of the time, he would have had another year or two. Wards attitude was team first and he was good in the short game. Wallace is a one trick pony only looking for a big pay out before he slows down or others realize he is just not worth the big bucks with his limitted arsenal of routes

  • Michael C Cianci

    see ya wallace steelers dont need ya money is more imprtant to u than steel curtain

  • send him down the road now….get the 1st wounder next year

  • then get Tavon Auston from WVU he will be a good fast WR

  • Topdogg4367

    Mike Wallace need to understand one important lesson here. He will get the 50 million 5year contract, but not this year. HELP your team this year win the championship, and you got that coming. If Mike is not happy in the Steel city then trade him. Unhappy players do not perform well, and that is not good for any team. So Mike, take one for the team this year and get richer next year with out argument.