Report: Adams & Ta\’amu Might Be At Next OTA, DeCastro Might Be At Mini Camp

It has been believed for some time now that Pittsburgh Steelers rookies David DeCastro and Alameda Ta\’amu would miss the entire slate of offseason OTA and mini-camp sessions and that Mike Adams would only make the mid-June mini-camp because of school requirements. Ed Bouchette reports today via his blog that he was told on Tuesday that those three players can attend once their course work ends, not necessarily when the semester ends.

Bouchette goes on to speculate that Adams could possibly be able to attend the third and final OTA session next week, and that all three could very well end up being able to attend the mini-camp the following week. Even if this all falls through and Bouchette was given bad information, Adams and Ta\’amu should at the very least be able to attend the June mini-camp as both Ohio State and Washington have commencement dates of June 8-10. The Stanford commencement dates are June 14-17.

This may all come down to the date that both Adams and Ta\’amu take their finals on as to whether or not either are able to attend the final OTA session. Washington shows that their final exams are June 4-8 and Ohio State shows that their finals run June 4-7.

So what this all mean right now? We wait and see if Adams and Ta\’amu are present next Tuesday unless we get a more definitive word on each. While it is just football in shorts, it is football and on-the-field learning nonetheless and rookies can always benefit from that prior to training camp getting underway.

Stay tuned!

  • Chris92021

    This is by far one of the dumbest rules in the new CBA. I mean, these guys left college to go to the NFL (DeCastro is a JR). Why would they still be subjected to rules when they aren’t even in school anymore? If they were graduating this semester, that’s understandable (and the teams should respect the player graduating by allowing them to attend classes and miss OTAs) but if you are an underclassman who left school to pursue the NFL, why you can’t attend your team OTAs/minicamps is beyond me.

  • It’s terrible. The NCAA disavows you in many ways when you hire an agent, but here, in the 11th hour, pretends to be concerned about education…

  • This has nothing to do with the NCAA. These are rules imposed by the NFL.

  • RodmanWalker

    DeCastro is a jr but he’s got enough credits to graduate.

  • Guest5

    Actually DeCastro is a SENIOR and will be graduating as well.

  • Guest5

    Actually DeCastro is a SENIOR just like Ta’amu and Adams…and all will be graduating.

  • Tennbob

    It’s an NFL rule to appease the NCAA. Both organizations are at fault.

  • Guest

    Decastro is a Junior, he just has enough credits to graduate, take 3 seconds and look it up before you answer

  • Guest5

    I did…I looked at his Stanford football profile along with 1-2 other sites I found and they all said he’s a senior!

  • steelerfan

    This is good news, if it works out. Every rep these young guys get is extremely important, even in shorts.

  • Jprankster2005

    Got a question when Adams signed his contract, Did he get his full signing bonus…….Because I remember the rumor that said whoever drafted him, He would defer it for a yr. or so…….. Just curious, I think he’s proven enough to get the bonus…… He obivously has passed the requirements for the steelers to draft him………. Just didn’t hear anything else about it, After he was drafted……. And yes it sure would be nice to see those guys in camp….

  • Piper

    Christopher: we’re humans. Since when do Humans do anything that make sense~!???

  • RIP

    Decastro already graduated

  • Joed32

    It’s not new to the latest CBA, it’s been an NFL rule for a long time.

  • Chris92021

    Every one is correct. DeCastro is a redshirt JR, which makes him a SR in the classroom. He’s graduating so I could understand why he will miss minicamp and OTAs. I am railing against the rule. Instead of it being a rule, it should be an option that all teams should honor. So for example, if you have a guy like DeCastro who wants to finish his degree the spring he gets drafted, then the drafting team should honor his wishes. If you have a player who is nowhere close to graduating like DeCastro and left school in January in preparation for the combine/draft anyway, then that guy should not be subjected to the rules and should be allowed to attend all OTAs/minicamps the spring he gets drafted.