Report: Steelers Had Draft Day Trade In Place With Jets To Move Up For DeCastro

Some interesting news Monday night via Jason La Canfora on Twitter as he reports the Pittsburgh Steelers had a draft day trade in place with the New York Jets to move up to the 16th spot in the first round to select guard David DeCastro. According to a tweet by La Canfora, the Jets were willing to move back to the Steelers spot at 24 thinking they would be able to select either Bruce Irvin or Quinton Coples. Once the Seattle Seahawks selected Irvin with the 15th overall selection, the Jets reportedly backed out of the deal and went ahead and drafted Coples reports La Canfora.

It is unknown what the Steelers would have had to give up to move up from 24 to 16, but it doesn\’t matter at this point. Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert was asked during his press conference following the first round if he had entertained the idea of trading up to draft the Stanford guard and Colbert replied, “Before the draft, we identified several players that we’d trade up to get, and he was one of them. I’ll leave it at that.”

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good and you have to wonder how the whole complexion of the Steelers draft might have changed had they had to give up a few picks to move up those 8 spots. Would they still have had the ammunition to trade up and get nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu in the fourth round? Would they have even had a third round pick to draft Sean Spence? Would they have been able to take a chance on Mike Adams in round two, assuming they would not have had to give up that pick? It blows your mind to think how the whole draft might have changed.

In the end the Steelers waited patiently and got their man without having to move up at all. The Seahawks selection of Irvin really caught several by surprise in the first round and that very well could have been the initial domino that fell that led to the Steelers getting their steal at 24 in DeCastro.

  • Wow. I guess that means we shouldn’t goof on the Seahawks decision to draft Bruce Irvin in the first round.

  • Wow! The trade value chart shows the move to 16 costing a 3rd, 4th and 5th. That’s huge

  • Bobby Bowers

    Would jumping up 8 spots typically cost a team a 2nd or 3rd? anyone?… Bueller, anyone? Bueller…?

  • Not surprised at all that we explored trading up. Colbert hinted at that on draft day. Though I enjoy that the Seahawks reach/blunder inadvertently helped us out.

  • Jefferson St. Joe

    I’m skeptical about this report as its reported. I think the Steelers had Hightower rated very highly, too and only would have made the Jets deal if they were in risk of getting neither. If Hightower or Castro go to Seattle, then I think they make the Jets trade for the other.

  • I think it was at least the 3rd and 5th, not sure about the 4th.

  • I don’t think they had Hightower as being worth trading up for. I think he was at best 4th or 5th on their draft chart.

  • Jprankster2005

    I thought Irvin went way to early…… I figured early to mid 2nd he was, I was shocked when he went……. But He did reck hell on Offenses last yr. so he will probably turn out to be a good pick for them…… I’m glad we waited and got Decastro at 24 not only did we save draft picks, We also saved money because those 8 spots are a decent differnce in signing bonus as well….. I was thrilled when he was there for us……… And knew that was our pick when he fell….. I can’t say I was more thrilled about a draft more than this one……

  • SteelersDepot

    Colbert said he pays no mind to a trade chart prior to the draft.

  • Jprankster2005

    I don’t think they would of even drafted Hightower If Decastro was gone….. I think they got a system were they rotate Offense Defense in 1st round it’s been that way I believe the last 4 yrs…… But I think they would of took Upshaw before Hightower….. Just because Kipper and Mcshay predict Hightower at the 24th pick doesn’t mean the steelers were interested in him……. To me I don’t believe they would of even took any kind of LB in the first because they didn’t even draft a ILB the whole draft so I don’t believe they would of taken Hightower unless he fell to there 2nd rounder….. Then I still dont’ know………..

  • Intropy

    I doubt he was that high. I’m thinking 5-6 is more where DeCastro was.

  • Hutch

    They did draft an ILB in the draft. In the 3rd round. Sean Spence…

  • Harold

    I also am skeptical. I’m sure the Steelers “considered” trading up. But if they were so set and determined to trade up to 1.16, why didn’t they pull the trigger at 1.18, 1.19, or 1.20?

    We heard similar rumors about trading up for Mike Pouncey last year.

  • I don’t think many teams consider the chart to be gospel but the fact that the chart says the move was worth their 3rd, 4th and 5th picks means they saved a ton.

    A 3rd and a 5th would be a great deal for the Steelers according to normal valuations yet even the idea of saving a 4th and a 5th is significant.

  • Missing the point. The Jets called the trade off, not the Steelers.

  • After the draft, there were reports that some other teams had Irvin graded as a first rounder. The fact that the he was one of two players the Jets were considering picking up at 24, validates those reports.

  • SteelerDave

    We can thank two teams for how things worked out in our favor. The Jets and the Seahawks are both teams who could learn lessons from “The Steeler Way”. In my opinion both of them reached for players instead of taking the best available and let’s be real – DeCastro is most definitely a top 10 talent. In effect the Jets and Seahawks stupidity to draft for need first allowed us to draft not only the best talent, by far, available but also a player who fit one of our most glaring needs. The perfect situation for us unfolded. I Wonder if Haley told the Steelers he would accept the job only if they upgraded the O-line with a minimum of two picks in the top four rounds. We got DeCastro, Adams, Spence (might have been there in round four) and Ta’amu (got very lucky he fell far enough to trade up for) where if the Jets had made the trade we likely would not have Ta’amu and could not afforded to take a slight risk on a player like Spence (whom I think has the chance to really surprise with his instincts).

  • steelerfan

    If this is true, it is more great news that comes out of the draft for the Steelers. It is still amazing how that first round fell for Pittsburgh. I couldn’t be happier with Pittsburgh having DeCastro fall to them. Unbelievable.

  • Twokvin

    Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. But also, good teams make their own luck. I think it was both in this case.

  • Johhnyboywheelsofsteel

    emac shut up about the trade chart, steelersdepot didn’t care, I don’t care and neither does Kevin Colbert of the rest of the Steelers Nation. You trade in the heat of the moment in the draft you don’t procrastinate over draft chats

  • Johhnyboywheelsofsteel

    Jprankster you are an idiot, we drafted sean spence, now stop being an idiot and go back to your 9-5 mcdonalds job

  • You should learn to read before deciding to become the arbiter of what people do and don’t care about. What makes you feel the urge to police the comment section?

  • Steelers

    Dont forget the Bengals for passing over DeCastro at 17 and trading back for Zeitler instead of taking him at (I believe) 21.

  • kevin

    Todd Haley did not have so many suitors that he could make such demands.

  • Dave

    I said prior to the draft, I would have be fine with trading up to 16 for DeCastro, similar to the Polamalu deal in 2003. Is there anyone out there in Steeler Nation who thinks trading up for Polamalu was a bad idea?

    That we got DeCastro at 24 without giving up anything makes it even better!

  • Even without this report, I think Keuchly and Barron were the only two remotely realistic people ahead of DeCastro on their board.

  • That chart was ignored a lot in this past draft if you look at the trades that were made.

  • Intropy

    I wasn’t really thinking in terms of “remotely reasonable” since Colbert’s comments about needing to have 24 players properly evaluated when you’re picking at 24 suggests to me that they stack everyone. I think in front of DeCastro they would have had:
    Luck, Kalil, Kuechly, Claiborne, and maybe Blackmon before DeCastro in about that order. Of those I think only Kuechly had any chance at all of being in within trade-up reach. Even so, I’d take DeCastro at 24 over any of those players at 16 except maybe Luck. I think Barron was probably behind DeCastro.

  • I noticed that. I was surprised because I figured the new CBA would increase the cost of a trade up but I heard that the reason was that after the first 15 or so players the next 75 or so all had comparable grades.

    I just posted the chart to show you where I got the numbers. I don’t think there is much of an argument to muster regarding how great of a deal we got.

  • I heard a report today that they would have taken Zeitler over DeCastro if no trade was available. I know our host was was pretty high on him too. I wonder if there is disagreement over who is actually better or if the Steelers prefer the speed while the Bengals wanted more power. It hurts to type that.

  • LucasY59

    anybody else think Johnnyboy needs to grow up a little before posting comments? you can say what you think, but if its all negative why even waste you time?

  • Fair enough. I don’t think they would have picked Blackmon even at 24. I just don’t think the need or the fit was there. Claiborne is a ? for me. His immaturity could be an issue for them. Luck, Kalil, etc are pretty obvious though, but they were never gonna be in range.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen the chart before and we would have got good value for a 3 and 5 if that’s what is was, I was just saying that the trades were pretty cheap this year. And you are probably right about the values being very close, this was a great draft to have multiple 2s or early 3s in.