Roethlisberger Says He\’s Lost Weight, Thinks Wallace Needs To Get His Fair Market Value

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger took part in the Hoge Starks Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday, put on by former Steelers Merril Hoge and Max Starks, and he talked to the media for a little while prior to the event.

Roethlisberger was asked if the OTA sessions that get underway on Tuesday are the most critical that he can remember because of the hiring of new offensive coordinator Todd Haley and Roethlisberger replied, “It is. In a way I feel like a rookie again in a veteran\’s body. It\’s kind of anxious, excited. I don\’t know of a time that I\’ve been more focused on an offense because last year it was ours, me and B.A. (Bruce Arians) were tweaking things and making stuff our own, but now I\’m just trying to learn something new.” Roethlisberber also added, “I\’m thankful to have Charlie (Charlie Batch) and Byron (Byron Leftwich) back because not only are they great players, but we coach ourselves, we help each other out. So we\’re all in this together and Coach Randy (Randy Fichtner), my quarterback coach, has just been tremendous. So just super excited to get out there tomorrow and get going.”

Roethlisberger was also asked how he is feeling health wise right now and if he has lost any weight to which the Steelers quarterback replied, “Good. I feel really well. I have lost quite a few pounds just to help get that ankle healed up quick and the shoulder feels good and we\’ll get out there and see, hopefully I\’m not going to get hit any time soon, so we\’re going to be alright.”

With wide receiver Mike Wallace still unsigned, Roethlisberger was asked about how critical of situation it is that his receiver will not be present this week and if it is just part of the business. Roethlisberger defended both sides of the situation when he said, “Well its definitely part of the business. I want Mike there because for one, Mike\’s a great friend and he\’s a great player and we need him and we want him. But he\’s got to do what\’s best for him. There\’s no point in just jumping in to just take the first offer out there. He needs to get his fair market value and I think that it will get done and I think Mike is doing it the right way and the Rooneys and the Steelers are doing it their way.”

Roethlisberger, as you can imagine, was asked about his relationship with Haley and how the two are getting along. Roethlisberger answered, “Yeah, we\’re great. People blew it way out of proportion. Its just something new that we\’re getting to know each other.” Roethlisberger added, “There\’s no trouble between us at all.”

As far as the appearance he has given that he does not like the new playbook, Roethlisberger said, “Its just something new. It\’s change, it\’s different. Doesn\’t mean that it is good or bad. We\’re just learning something new. You know when you get a comfort level of like eight years in the same thing and then you change it, its just something different. I\’m not saying I don\’t like the playbook or anything like that. Some of the stuff, the concepts are awesome, it\’s just getting an understanding of something new.”

After being asked about the linemen the Steelers drafted last month Roethlisberger was asked how it feels to be a college graduate now to which he quickly shot back, “I feel so smart right now.” He later added that it is not helping in the classroom right now though as far as learning the new offense.

  • Pat

    Well it looks like Ben is right where he needs to be.

  • Harold

    I know everyone has a different opinion of Ben. And that’s fine. I like the guy. Of course he wanted to keep his buddy B.A. around. Of course he wanted to keep the old playbook. Of course he was not happy about Haley’s new Rosetta Stone. But once the decision was made, he appears to have fallen into line pretty well. Ben loves the game of football. He loves to play. He loves to compete. And he loves to win. But most of all, he is fiercely loyal. I don’t recall many instances when Ben has thrown a teammate under the bus. Once you’re in his inner circle, you’re family. Hopefully Ben and Haley can develop a similar bond of trust.

    I personally think once Haley’s offense starts producing yards, points, and wins, all of this drama will become a thing of the past. I’m excited to see a healthy motivated Ben going into camp.

  • mokhkw

    I’m happy to hear than Ben is anxious – too much of a comfort zone with Arians probably lead him to be content when he’s capable of so much more.

    Losing some more weight is also a good idea at his age & injury history.

  • John Wallace

    Ben’s feeling “like a rookie again.” A 15-1 season sounds good to me!

  • Ooker312

    Love Steelers Depot (being stuck up here in Packer country). Can’t wait to see new offense with quality linemen. I hope Adams gets his game together and becomes a quality LT.

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m so tired of hearing Wallace should get this….. He’s gotta play this yr. to be eligible for a contract…… U see Welker signed the Tag and hope’s that he will get what he deserves…… Yes it’s 7 million more than Wallace is getting but also played for peanuts the last 4 to 5 yrs….. Wallace needs to sign the tender and get to camp and learn the playbook and I’m sure he will get rewarded, If he doesn’t get what he wants he will be a FA regardless or not he holds out until he has to sign or If he just signs it and hopes to get one…… Point I’m making is he is showing that he’s for his self first and the team second by doing this…….Regardless if they said they weren’t going to do anything at all this season he still has to play, I don’t think any player with the Steelers has aggravated me more than Wallace…… Just go out give it your best and u will get what your worth…… Or be pissed and screw off all season and get rewarded by a bunk team and never win a ring……. I have a feeling he’s going to give as much effort as Jackson did last yr. and still get a big deal…… But time will tell…… But this is getting old…….

  • SteelerDave

    Could not agree more.

    Is Wallace about the team or only himself? Sign the tender, work out a fair deal. He would only be helping himself to sign and to report to all the OTA’s and camp, etc. If he wants to continue this “me first” ploy then we will be better off when he is gone. If he is a team player then he would be wanting to learn the offense asap and doing his best. His money will come but he has a lot to prove.

  • Eric87

    yea I dont care to defend Wallace anymore. He is one of my favorite Steelers, but this shit he is pulling is getting old. I don’t believe these stall tactics help either side. Wallace missing OTA’s and not getting in on the new playbook is going to hurt his chances at a big payday. If Haley is the type of coach I believe him to be, Wallace could end up being 4th on the depth chart. Haley will allow the guys who put in the work to get on the field. And I will keep saying it, maybe Mikey needs to talk to Woodley and see how he handled things and got himself 60mil.

  • Intropy

    Ben has five good seasons left, right? I’d definitely take a replay of his first five.
    15-1 AFCCG loss
    11-5 SB win
    8-8 miss playoffs
    10-6 round one loss
    12-4 SB win

  • Kcv442

    I feel like Ben needs to shut up and fall in line. Learn the offense, be a leader by example. All the belly aching about BA and the new offense requiring a Rosetta stone? It comes off a whiny, entitled baby crap. He supposed to be a leader now. How will the other team members react if they see their leader behaving like this? I love watching him play, but, the more I hear him talk, the more I wish he’d just shut up.

  • Mancoljduf11

    so mike wallace misses a few otas and now he is a selfish jerk!!!!!!!!????????listen to yourselves your are overeacting, and do not compare him to woodley because if he would have held out he would have been fined 30 grand a day because he was still under contract, and his money unlike wallaces was gaurenteed that year, dont act like woodley would not do the exact same thing if he had a tender they are two different situations

  • Mancoljduf11

    haley will do whats best for winning games he is not there to punsih people he is there to score points!!!!!!!!!

  • Mancoljduf11

    people need to ignore Adam Schefter and just follow mike wallace on twitter!!!!!!

  • Reader783

    I would never ever choose to lose to the Pats in the playoffs again. Nothing worst except the Ravens.

  • Reader783

    ESPN pays him and all their analysts to stir the pot. They can make Tim Tebow from a sub-par QB into a deity.

  • LouPGH

    Great point.

  • Jprankster2005

    Dude do u not see that Ben says the playbook is hard, Missing anytime is crucial and if he misses all the OTA’s it’s going to hurt him n the long run…….What point can he prove by holding out? He has to play this yr. to qualifie to be a FA……. So bascially the Steelers have rights to him at 2.7 million this yr. Techinally if they wouldn’t of gave him the 1st round tender and would of gave him the original tender he would be making 1.26 million…….Yeah he MIGHT of got snatched up but we would of got a 3rd round pick and right now if he doesn’t sign that’s all we will get anyway after this yr….. So he could be making alot less……. And who know’s if he was asking for crazy money he might of not go signed even for a 3rd rounder…… He is wasting precious time and isn’t due his “BIG CONTRACT” Yet…… He still has another yr. he gotta play before he can sign with another team, So that’s why these stipulations are there….. So point blank he’s getting the most money for a 4th yr. player that hasn’t signed an additonal contract…….He needs to shut up go do his work and the Steelers will reward him and I will guartnee u he will not get a contract until he signs the tender and reports……. Bascially your saying the Steelers don’t take care of there own…….And they do thats why they never have to spend on the market they draft and pay the guys that pan out…….. And to think about it if Sanders was fully healthy, Brown and Sanders have the more overall game…….. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a contract extension, I’m just saying the way he’s going about it is bullshit…… Like I said above look at Welker he’s made peanuts for what’s he’s done in the last 5 yrs. and singed his Franchise Tag and reported and he hopes that will help him get what he deserves…….. And Welker should be getting the Fitzgerald money not a guy with 3 yrs. in the leauge and only a deep threat which he will lose the speed and he’s no Moss……. So bascially sign the tender and take what your offered or play the yr. out and leave and end up on a team that will never get past the first round of the playoffs or even make it at that……….I’m just getting tired of people taking up for him, this is critical time and he needs to give up this me shit……..

  • Jprankster2005

    Following him on Twitter, I mean if he’s going to sign his tender and report then cool….. But bascially the rumors are true…….He’s not there when he needs to be so no point in taking up for him…….. Now I will agree with u if next yr. they slap the Franchise tag on him and he wants more money and wants to play for a bigger deal…..But the Steelers still have rights to him this yr….. So he still has a yr. to wait….. He needs to get to work or will lose precious time learning a hard offense and u will be booing him for not giving it his all half way threw the season…….

  • Yrgwarrior

    Shut up and fall in line? Dude did u not read the article at all? he was JOKING, he even said it just takes some time to get used to how is that whiny? The guy plays hurt, he shares both points of view as far the Wallace situation he talks about getting out there and learning the playbook and practicing how much more of a leader do u want him to be?

  • SteelSpine

    Yep great point Mancol, thanks. It is hilarious that any other Steeler would do the same thing yet it makes some people forget about that & bash Wallace because he’s out. I could go on about Hines Ward & other Steelers had done the same thing, but everyone knows Wallace is doing the NFL procedure. I dont like the procedure, but it’s been that way everywhere.

  • SteelSpine

    The 2.7 mil to Wallace is unfortunately not the going rate for starting receivers of Wallace’s level; DeSean Jackson at $10 mil this year is a better special teamer but DeSeanJackson is a diva & Randy Moss was a problem, vs Wallace has never been a diva….I hate the way players try to force getting new contracts but reality of NFL is thats the way most players get it done, been that way on all teams for a long time, Wallace is not unique in this approach….You say “Wallace is only a deep threat”, but that hasnt been proven; we havent much tried Wallace much on shorter routes because we had slower players to do that. Vs did not have anyone with Wallace’s speed for the threat of downfield bombs….So many WRs are divas that it is rare to find one like Wallace who’s not been a diva….Wallace will probly not be signed to even $7-8 mil because Steelers have excellent depth at WR.

  • Kcv442

    Obviously, I’d like him to go about his business and the business of being a leader WITHOUT the whiny comments about BA and the new Todd Haley offense. It sure seemed clear when I wrote it. I never said anything about his toughness. I believe that “on the field” he is a great leader. I merely said I’m getting tired of hearing him talk. It’s an opinion. You know what they say about those, right?

  • SteelerDave

    If I get a new boss who has a whole new way of doing things then I am showing up at work on time to learn his system and excel at my job – even if I’m not happy with what I am making because I know that the more I learn the better I will be and the more value I will have should I decide to change employers.

  • Artof8limbs

    What was whiny? That’s the point the Rosetta Stone thing was a joke and all he said about BA was that in years past all they did was tweak some things rather than learn a new offense he was answering a question about the difference from years past that isn’t whiny in the least that’s called doing his job

  • Jprankster2005

    I ain’t arguing with you when you say the going rate is what it is…….But that’s because garbage teams are overpaying…… I’m just saying the time he’s wasting will piss the Rooney’s off and they will just let him walk, Like they did Burress if he doesn’t get into camp and give it his all……. and they also won’t let him act like Jackson either because he will be benched if he does……… I want him to be here for a while with a contract that favors both sides…….. And 7 to 8 million I think is tops he should get……. 5 yr. 40 million 18 or so guranteed…….But he won’t take that

  • Karen

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike but he has not yet proven that he is worth Fitz money. He needs to get his butt to camp and prove to everyone that he is worth the money.

    Ben seems to be doing all the right things, of course he misses the old way. That is to be expected but he is digging in and learning the Haley way and I can’t wait to see the new offense.

  • SteelersDepot

    Let’s watch the language a bit folks.

  • Johnny Steeler

    Haley will give us the option to use our options. If he actually adapts to a exploit weakness or make adjustments to cover a lesser area on our roster versus a particular defense we have already won. Arians was notorious for trying to force square pegs into round holes, much to our chagrin.
    We need to utilize our RBs and TEs, we need options man.
    I am excited for the 2012 campaign.

  • kevin

    Go give it your best, Mike, and be rewarded, unless you get seriously hurt.

    Welker did not play for peanuts last year. He made over 2 million in base salary and had a 5.5 million dollar signing bonus for that contract. Get your facts straight.

    Every player is for himself first and if he is not, then he is a fool.

    You continue to say that Wallace will not give great effort, but there is nothing to suggest in his history that he will dog it. Essentially, you are calling a guy’s integrity into question without any evidence to justify your opinion.

  • kevin

    This is foolish. All you do is bash Wallace. You stir the pot worse than Schefter and make things up about Wallace dogging it.

  • kevin

    Wallace will be in camp when he needs to be. As a Steelers fan, I want him at the OTAs. I do not blame him for not coming in. He has to protect his future, which means that he should not come in without either a long-term contract or until the CBA says he should. This ideal about being team first is nice, but any player who is actually team first rather himself first or his family first regarding money is being foolish.

  • Carl B

    You mean you got tired of what the media was writing not what he might of actually said. A lot of these reporters are trying to drum up controversy to get page hits on their websites.

  • Kcv442

    I mean I just feel like he’s talking too much, that’s all. I guess I’d like him to say, in response to a question like, “Ben, what do you think about coach Haley’s new offense?”. Instead of him saying probably what he really feels, to say, “I love it, it’s great. I really like the concepts, and I feel the potential is there to have a big season”. Maybe more cookie cutter responses, instead of things which can, obviously, come off as, well, whiny at the least. Even divisive potentially. It just rubs me the wrong way. Ya know, he’s been spoiled his whole career really. Alex Smith can complain about having to learn a new system. Hell, he’s had to learn seven in seven years. Joking or not, it comes off as whiny.

  • Carl B

    Now who looks whiny!

  • Reader783

    How do you know what he won’t take? Are you sitting in the room with Colbert and Wallace’s agent? Maybe they have that total dollar number, but they need to sort out which year to dump the money into, because the cap is a bit tight for the next 2 seasons. I think that if anyone is at fault, it’s the Steelers for not being in the position to offer a player that is on pace to be one of the best Steelers receivers of all time a fair and favorable contract.

  • Reader783

    @Jprankster…Wallace missed one OTA. Why don’t you rip apart Kiesel and Ike Taylor too?

  • Kcv442

    Lol, good point, but I’m not a 100M leader/ face of a franchise guy, I’m just a fan.