Steelers 2012 Rookie Camp – Desmond Stapleton Failed Physical – Several In For Tryouts

The Pittsburgh Steelers first rookie camp of the 2012 season is underway now and there are a few tidbits of news to pass along from Mark Kaboly. Kaboly reports via Twitter that there are 40 players participating in the camp this weekend and they are made up of players that were not on the Steelers roster last year. Taking part in the camp are the draft picks, undrafted free agents, futures players and practice squad carry-overs from last year according to Kaboly.

Undrafted tackle Desmond Stapleton from Rutgers reportedly failed his physical and has been removed from the roster. Stapleton is the younger brother of former Steelers offensive lineman Darnell Stapleton. Several players are also in for try-outs and they include undrafted lineman Corey Balcerzak out of St. John Fisher College. Balcerzak reportedly measures in at 6 foot 3 and weighs 300 pounds. Also invited in for a try-out are Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas, SMU defensive back Chris Banjo and LSU long snapper Alex Russian.

First round draft pick David DeCastro was initially listed on the Steelers website as being issued the number 61, but showed up at the first rookie camp wearing number 66.

  • Bobby Bowers

    I’ve heard players failing physicals occasionally; can someone shed some light as to what’s required on such tests? ( running a certain miles, lifts and so forth, cardio? )

  • Thom Kay

    Think Darron Thomas is wishing he’d stayed for his senior year now?

  • zbluez1

    Most players who fail a physical do so because they have had a previous injury, usually to a joint ( knee, shoulder, ankle, etc…) where it hasn’t healed correctly and/or sufficiently, usually too much lateral movement in a knee for example, where the medical staff determines that playing on said joint will almost certainly result in further injury to the player and/or in permanent damage and the risks of incurring an injury settlement are just too high.

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m pulling for 2 players to make the team……. I hope Rolle and Troy Smith make the team…. Rolle I think can do some good things…… And Smith should of been in the NFL last yr. after the season he had in 2010 with the 49ers…….. So I hope they can show they are worth making the team…… Clay shouldn’t make it unless a few RB’s get hurt…..

  • Jprankster2005

    So they brought in another Duck QB…. Thomas will have a shot at the 3rd spot if they don’t sign back Leftwich, he will battle Smith for the spot…….

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m curious when do the draft picks usually sign there contracts? Is it going to be soon or does it happen in the summer… I just remeber last yr. after the lockout can’t really remember the past picks…… Thanks if u could answner

  • reg38

    Hope nobody ordered a DeCastro #61 jersey

  • LouPGH

    They signed Leftwich right before the draft.

  • LouPGH

    That’s a big LB.

  • Eric87

    The Steelers have listed Lyons at TE in minicamp I heard today, said 6’9″ 260. Could be an interesting move. He seemed to move well last year in camp, but has he put on alot of weight? Thought he was in the 220-225lb range last season?

  • Jprankster2005

    Did they…… Wow didn’t even hear about that…..

  • Danpio1217

    66 eh? Smart move by Decastro. If he lives up to even half of his potential he’ll be thought of as Faneca 2.0 for years to come, and all the All-Pro/Pro Bowl honors that would likely follow.

  • Zachharr

    Some of these players have some cool names, and I have a feeling they’re gonna be good, hope we can have two seperate 53 man rosters haha