Steelers Likely Won\’t Reduce Tender Offer To Mike Wallace On June 15th

The first rookie camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers is now in the books and next up is the first team OTA session that is scheduled to get rolling on May 22nd. That next session is when the rookies and veterans will all hit the field together in Pittsburgh.

One player that is surely not to be present two weeks from tomorrow is restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, who has still yet to sign his first round one-year tender offer of $2.742 million that was issued to him before the free agency period began. The Steelers also have their first official mini-camp on the books for June 12-14 and it would be surprising if the Steelers 2009 third round draft pick is present for that as well.

The day after the June mini-camp session wraps up is the day that the Steelers are allowed to reduce their tender to Wallace by 110 percent of last year\’s salary and still retain his rights. Although they have the right to do just that, it doesn\’t mean that they will and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette told 93.7 The Fan on Monday that he doubts the Steelers will indeed take that course of action. Instead they will do nothing speculates Bouchette.

Playing hardball with Wallace could end up just making it tougher to get a long-term deal done down the road and by leaving the tender of Wallace alone, the Steelers will be making a good faith gesture to Wallace and his agent Bus Cook. While it would be nice to have Wallace around for the OTA and mini-camp sessions while new offensive coordinator Todd Haley puts in his new offense, it will not be the end of the world if Wallace is not present. As long as he is in training camp on time or shortly after it begins, Wallace will have plenty of time to learn the Rosetta Stone playbook, which it is jokingly referred to by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

The Steelers will not cave to the high contract demands that are evidently being made right now by Wallace, but they will not punish him for standing his ground either by reducing his tender. General Manager Kevin Colbert has made it known all offseason that getting Wallace signed to a long-term deal is a priority, but you know that they have a contract value in mind that they will not budge far from. It is just how they do business.

While Wallace and his agent could decide to play hardball throughout training camp and into the start of the regular season, it will not do them any good. The longer Wallace holds out once training camp begins, the more he will be vilified by the black and gold fan base and the media. The Steelers have a long history of not negotiating with players who are unhappy with their contracts until they report to camp and this is when I now expect Wallace to show. He might be a week late, but he will show and that is when the two sides can get busy again talking numbers. Until then you can expect an upcoming summer of OTA and mini-camps without Wallace.

  • zbluez1

    IF ” Young Money ” really wants the ” See the Money, Show Me the Money! ” Jerry McGuire kind of treatment they are going to have to play ” Lights Out ” consistently. ” They have the talent, we don’t need to rebuild them, we have the veteran to lead them ” but they have to get over the ” Young Money ” ” Me First ” bovine excrement that at least in one case of the ” trio ” seems to be clogging his cogitative abilities, that could also be his agent, either way that crap has to go ! YES these guys could be PART of a championship core group that could possibly establish the next dynasty for the Steelers organization, but they are only a Part, not ALL that !

    Yes I said this about Mr. Wallace ! I don’t think it does either side, the Steeler’s or Mr. Wallace, any good to try and draw hard lines in the sand. I do believe at some point, when that will actually be, who knows, that they will at least get a reasonable deal offered and thought about being accepted. At that point we will then know who is drawing what in the sand with a dull or sharp stick, until then, all of us together ” Mikey, Please Come Home !!!” Darn you guys are good !!! 7 part harmony, really ? Really ?

  • Ty019

    Wallace must take the emotion out of this and realize some facts; The steelers will NEVER pay him 7+ million a year. He must decide if he plays this year for 2.7 with no guarantee contract or get about 4.5,5.6,6.5,7.0 million over the next 4 years with the steelers. Its pretty simple he will never get 9 million especially with brown and sanders up next year and pgh doesn’t place that type of value on wr. The smart move for both is to sign the 2.7 million and ask for pgh to trade him. They could get great value for next year picks this summer. The steelers didn’t want to pay 86 untl later in his career after holding out and he brilliance wasn’t speed. Wallace will either waste his prime speedy years under paid in pgh or he will need to leave in order to get paid.. Lets get great value for him and move on.

  • Steelrfan39

    That’s a great point. Hopefully it doesn’t proceed down that alternate path and he comes to his senses. All the pieces are in place around him that he could stay and win multiple SB’s or he could go off to a crappy team with plenty of big money. Brown and sanders are no slouches either so if he has to go I hope they can get a nice trade. Yet maybe he’ll just play this year and then go without. After the incredible draft they had this is the only thing I’m thinking about now. I really hope he makes the right decision.

  • JohnnyV1

    While reducing the RFA tender offer is possible under the CBA rules, it does not represent what the Steelers stand for as an organization. Maybe that jerk of a GM in San Diego does stuff like that, but I don’t see KC, or the Rooney’s, trying something like that at all.

  • zbluez1

    Well said, here here !!!!!

  • Wdmason

    Im beginning to think Wallace is seroius and I hope Antonio doesnt have the same attitude. What if every player asked for that kind of me first money? It would be impossible to field a championship team.

  • Mwormack

    I like Mike Wallace he is a very good Wide Receiver, but he does not make difficult catches and some games it is like he doesn’t show up. He wants a contract like Fitzgerald and C. Johnson, but the reason those guys got the big deal, is because they were high draft picks and their rookie contract numbers gave them great leverage. Plus those guys are not one dimentional and have proven they can play for years. Next years franchise number for WR will be around 9 mil. so the Steelers could pay Wallaces 2.7 this year and 9 next year and keep tagging him year after year. Which would mean he would be looking at the uncertainty of never getting the big signing bonus he wants and making an average of about 6 mil the next two years. This means the Steelers pretty much are holding the cards. That being said, I think Wallace is worth about 6 or 7 mil a year, I would say 5 years 50 mil 25 mil guranteed, with about 13 mil for the final year. Now this is not 120 mil like Fitz or C.J. got, but it is a heck of a lot better than between 3 to 12 mil and blowing out a knee or losing some speed that is basically Wallace’s game. and not getting the big payday. The only other option is to ask to be traded and dealing with the same thing with another team. My advice to Wallace would be if you are the quality of Fitz and C.J. sign a three year 30 mil deal with a high number for year three, which would help get the big contract if your play warrants it.

  • LouPGH

    I just posted a rather lengthy comment on this subject on the other post for anyone who might be interested in a defense of Wallace.

  • SteelerDave

    Wallace can either sign a reasonable offer by the Steelers and play for a team built to win and contend for Super Bowls or he can be greedy and sign with someone else after this season or be traded. Any team he might sign with which has the 7 to 9 mil a year he wants is not going to be a team able to sustain a playoff caliper team season to season. If he wants an extra 2 or 3 million per year then he deserves to be playing for some loosing team. Teams know he is still a one trick pony. His speed will be lost over time.

  • LouPGH

    I think this is a good way of looking at it.

  • Right, that would only serve to antagonize him and serve no good purpose.

  • Jprankster2005

    I would hope they would if he’s that stupid to not sign it by then….. Why do u think they should give in to this guy….. He hasn’t completely proven himself, He sucked the 2nd half of the season and wasn’t to helpfull in the playoffs last yr…. I mean this guy is going into his 4th yr. and thinks he’s worth more than Big Ben…… Get outta here I would be happy to send him out the door….. He’s doing nothing but screwing around and hopefully Brown doesn’t do this shit next yr. I understand it’s he deserves but from what I get the steelers offered him a contract worth more than Both Desean Jackson and Vincent Jackson’s and he still isn’t happy….. That’s over 11 million a yr…… So I take it there 40 to 60 million apart…… If he doesn’t sign his tender drop his pay…… Then trade him for future draft picks and sign another WR…. I liked the guy until this offseason……. He’s going to do one or the other have it to where the they sign him worth way to much and them not be able to sign Brown and Sanders next yr. or the yr. after or he’s going to sign the tender and play like he doesn’t care this yr….. He’s starting to be a cancer and they need to try to come to an agreement that’s resonable or just give up on it and get there 3rd round pick back for him……. Bring Burress back…….

  • Jprankster2005

    Thank you someone that agrees…… I am screaming the same thing….. I think Brown and Sanders when healthy will be the more all around players…… Hell if we need someone to blow by someone have Rainey line up and start being a WR…….. I think Rainey was brought in for that reason just in case they don’t keep Wallace….. They will lose deep threat but not the speed

  • Jprankster2005

    He’s been offered a contract worth more than Jackson’s and I’ve heard there still atleast 40 million apart….. So I can only imagine how much they offered…… So they have offered atleast 11 million a yr……

  • SteelersDepot


  • Jprankster2005

    And I’ve seen people say no they won’t reduce his pay why not…… If they don’t feel like he is going to sign I would…… Then that would serve him right and they will part with him at end of season like they did Burress….. I think Burress got another 2 to 3 good yrs. left…. I wish they would trade wallace and sign Burress would love to have that Big WR in the endzone like he provides……. And just think Brees and Saints are only 4 million I’ve heard apart in deals and Wallace is over 40 million apart…… Haha don’t look to see him sign anytime in the next yr. He won’t be a Steeler this time next yr. unless he comes to his senses…… This subject pisses me off…. Just because he can’t do half the thinks Johnson and Fitzgerald can…… Look at Welker cant even get a deal worth 50 million for 5 yrs. and is better than Wallace, I understand Welker is older but has earned the money and Wallace hasn’t it’s just sad how some players will hold down there teams……..He’s going to take valuable time away from learning the new system and is pissing alot of people off….. And then u see Welker a good guy that deserves his contract and plays for cheap ass NE….. We need players to come to play for us for cheap like they do….. they got people wanting to play there so they get discounts on signings like the Lloyd signing got a 3 million bonus and is playing for 1 million this yr…… He could of got probably 7 million on another team….. Just saying this dude gotta figure if he wants to accept the contract and be a Steeler or just hit the road…..

  • SteelersDepot

    I sure wish I could still take the type of drugs that you are on. lol

  • zbluez1

    I’ve been on the kind of drugs he (must be)/is on. Trust me Dave when I tell you, you don’t want to be in that kind of pain. Class 4 ACL & MCL tears with meniscus damage to the point of bone grind, ‘Nuff said ?

    Of course that doesn’t explain the anti-psychotics I think they had me on does it? Eh, maybe it was to help the pain-killers ? right ? Right Dave?

    Dave ? eh, hello ? Is this thing on? ……….. dave ? ……………..

    I know, I know, Dave’s not here man ……….Yo cheech ….cheech ? …….hello……….



  • Fish

    Well said. He’s not worth what he’s asking for and any team that would pay him that much, is a team that makes poor decisions and therefore would not be any good. Without mentioning names there’s a team that comes to mind that does this very thing routinely and it kills them.

    He is STILL a one trick pony and for his sake more than the Steelers I hope they get the deal done. I’d hate to see him go to a team like the one refered to and fail miserably on a bad team which more than likely would shorten his career and cost him money when it’s all said and done.

  • Fvz404

    I don’t believe for a second that Wallace demanded Fitz money.
    The Steelers have no vested interest in reducing Wallace’s tender. How would u feel if u felt that u weren’t being paid enough for ur production? You’d bitch and moan to ur wife all day long.
    Wallace hasn’t been unreasonable. If he can’t come to a long-term agreement with Pittsburgh, he’ll hit free agency and cash in. If he comes to terms, he’ll have a very nice salary for one of the most competitive teams in the league.
    The Steelers are also prepared to groom players at WR and they have a franchise QB to help that process along.
    Looks like there are no losers here. Steeler Nation wins!

  • Jprankster2005

    I may be False on the 11 million a year…. Because i don’t know what they have offered him and nobody does… At the time Jackson’s contract was done they said Wallace was offered a better contract then the two……. So I look at that as being around 11 million a yr…. But like I said I don’t know what he was offered and It was reported there between 40 to 60 million apart….. I don’t know how much he’s been offered nor the years….. But that’s what I’ve heard and that”s why it aggravates me that he wants that much money……. But If u have some numbers to what he’s been offered I would like to hear em…. Because what am I FALSE on if I’m just saying what I’ve heard……. Do any of us really know much about the contract details unless your a insider or know the person who’s getting the deal…… And that’s what a insider said a month and half ago……

  • Jprankster2005

    Haha……. Yeah I just get fired up over this I don’t know why….. Yeah I don’t take drugs lol….. But why do u stick by this guy so much….. I mean do u think we can afford him and still pay the FA’s next yr… With the cap probably going to be worse than it was this yr. and them having to cut players and restructure.. I’m just saying…… What is your take on him…… I know he’s a good player but we should throw all the cash and everything else and give in…. I talk shit out of my ass alot, Stuff that I don’t know for sure but I know he’s doing nothing but going to screw this team if he doesn’t get the money he wants…… Just seems like he will do what Desean did…..

  • SteelersDepot

    Since when is separating fact from your bullshit considered “sticking by” Mike Wallace?

  • Mwormack

    I agree with your numbers, to put it simple after no one signed him as a rfa, he pretty much has to say, either I won’t get paid big money for three or four years, or I will get what I can now with the Steelers. The Steelers will never pay him 11 mil a year, Fitzgerald and Johnson are the face of their respective teams. Wallace is a good player, but if he is out of the equation, it isn’t going to change the team too much. He is our best receiver but the Steelers have other speed guys. The people who Wallace should be mad at the most, is Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Buress, and Antwann Randel EL. When they left and didn’t have the same success they had in the Burgh it was obvious Number 7 is the main reason we have a passing game, which is why Wallace wasn’t franchised. Ben with a good line throwing to Brown, Sanders, Wallace or anyone on the roster will be explosive. I bet I could catch a couple T.D. if the line plays well.

  • Jprankster2005

    I really don’t know what your talking about Bullshit…….. What FACTS….. I just post what how I feel like everyone else…… U may not agree but that’s fine, I don’t make stuff up though if that’s what your hinting at……. Just write stuff I’ve HEARD or READ about it……

  • SteelersDepot

    Please show us where you heard or read that the Steelers have offered Mike Wallace $11 million a season for starters. I am REALLY interested in reading or hearing that.

  • Jprankster2005

    Like I said I don’t know what they offered him,I’m not an INSIDER But when they say he’s been offered better than Jackson deal that would make it better than 11 million a season then I take it , It’s atleast that from how I took it ….. I would think if he was offered better than Jackson that’s what it would be…… They said this on ESPN a month and half ago…. But I’ll look threw stuff posted about Wallace and sure I can find it……. So if he’s been offered a contract of 5 yr. 50 million? You don’t believe he has? But anyways I will try and look it up

  • Jprankster2005

    I’ve looked all over and can’t find anything on it…… So I guess i am wrong, I thought I saw on ESPN they said he was offered more than Jackson, But I have no proof….. So your right, I’m wrong obivosuly….. But even with that, I still don’t like what he’s doing, This could hurt there chances with Brown next yr……..

  • I think that Wallace is talented and helps clear out defenders so that the other wideouts have more room to work. However, I’d like to see him do more to become a more well rounded receiver. Too often Ben throws the deep ball too far, too short or simple off the mark. I’d like to see Wallace make more contested catches or make a defender miss and improve his YAK