Steelers Sign 2nd Round Draft Pick Mike Adams

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed their fourth draft pick on Tuesday as second round tackle Mike Adams has come to terms according to Ed Bouchette on Twitter. Adams joins Alameda Ta\’amu, Chris Rainey and Toney Clemons as draft picks signed thus far.

There was speculation that Adams would have part or all of his signing bonus deferred as part of the stipulations agreed to prior to the draft for Adams to get back on the Steelers draft board, but Bouchette states that was never a consideration. The financial details of the four year deal for Adams have not been released, but it is expected to total out at around $3.6 million or so and include a signing bonus over $1 million.

Adams tested positive at the NFL combine for marijuana and it is believed that several teams had removed him from their draft boards as a result of it. The Steelers initially had done just that, but agreed to bring Adams in as one on their pre draft visitors at the request of Adams himself. Adams was given a list of things that he would have to do for him to get himself back on the Steelers draft board and he reportedly satisfied all of those request.

Adams played left tackle at Ohio State and is expected to be groomed for that same position on the Steelers offensive line down the road. Marcus Gilbert, who played right tackle last year, will likely open training camp as the starting left tackle with Willie Colon returning to play right tackle.

ETA (5/9/12) – Adams contract comes in at $3.54 million and includes a $1.01 million signing bonus.

  • James

    If Adams and DeCastro develop into good players as expected, the Steelers offense will have almost no weaknesses. They will have very skilled players at almost every position. Now if only Haley can develop a quality offensive strategy to utilize the talents!

  • The NFLPA would freak out, if a team attempted to defer a signing bonus. I’m sure that there is some rule in the CBA that prevents that sort of things, anyhow.

  • Coughlin Steve

    I think the kid is gonna pan out nicely. Just a hunch

  • Bobby Bowers

    …AND please block “Clay Matthews” and the heavy set GreenBay 340 pounder DL that pushed Kemoeatu into Ben 9 months ago…we should be o’tay…

  • Amuzon12

    I agree. Since most offensive linemen form a tight group, a leader like Pouncey and an organization like the Steelers provide a much better environment for Adams to excel not only as a player but as a complete package.