Steelers Sign 5th Round Draft Pick Chris Rainey

In addition to signing fourth round draft pick Alameda Ta\’amu on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers have also signed their fifth round draft pick Chris Rainey. The four-year contract is expected to total out at around $2.282 million and include a signing bonus of around $182,000.

The base salaries for Rainey are $390,000, $480,000, $570,000 & $660,000.

The Florida running back had 2,464 yards and 13 touchdowns rushing and caught 69 passes for 795 yards and six touchdowns in his 53 game college career. Rainey also played on the punt return team where he returned 2 punts for touchdowns and blocked 6 others. The Steelers have 7 remaining draft picks now left to sign.

  • If the players can’t work out on the weekends they shouldn’t be able to sign contracts either. We should have a league rule that requires church attendance, marriage and kids by the time you’re 28.

  • LouPGH

    I’m not sure why that particular rule is in there, but it could very well have been the NFLPA that put it there.

  • Intropy

    The NFLPA is interested in limiting the amount of practice that players are required to perform. They were probably concerned that voluntary workouts would become “voluntary” workouts unless prohibited.

  • Ty019

    They must prevent teams from pressuring players to work all the time.

  • PoKey21

    Only a 268,000 difference between our 4th and 5th round picks. Will this be similar for all teams?