Steelers Six From Around The Web – May 28th – Mike Tomlin Wins At All Cost Edition

The Sporting News ranks Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin 4th on their list of NFL head coaches behind Tom Coughlin, Bill Belichick and Mike McCarthy.

Peter King recaps a few of the things Tomlin had to say when he was inducted earlier this month to the William & Mary Hall of Fame. Tomlin explains why the NFL is right for him and why he is a win-at-all-costs kind of guy.

Keeping with the Tomlin theme, you can see a Youtube video below dedicated to Tomlin the wide receiver. The highlight video features big plays of his while at William & Mary.

According to ESPN Sports Polls, 7.1 percent of fans root for the Steelers on Sunday, good for No. 4 on the list behind the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants. The big E never called me. Did they call you?

Mark Kaboly has a great piece up on nose tackle Steve McLendon, who is likely to start the season on the Steelers defensive line with Casey Hampton likely to start the season on the PUP list.

Defensive end Ziggy Hood recently took time out to answer a few questions from a local reporter while he was back home in Amarillo, Texas doing an autograph session.

  • Jprankster2005

    I can see Dallas and the Giants in front of us because of big cities and more followers…… But Green Bay? This must of just happened in the last couple of yrs…… Because I always thought the Steelers were right behind the Cowboys……. And for Tomlin rated 4 I would say that’s fair I could make the argument he woud be the 3rd best coach…… Over Coughlin….. A guy that was talked about losing his job until they did great and got into the playoffs and won the super Bowl…….. But I guess all that is fair…….

  • Dcpfjr

    I like the Tomlin highlight film. Nothing fancy in the end zone. Just acts like he’s been there before. Classy as a player. Classy as a coach.

  • GrammarTeacher

    must HAVE just happened. must HAVE just happened.

  • Harold

    For me it’s more about fit. Tomlin seems to “fit” in Pittsburgh better than the others. He is a no nonsense kind of guy but he is also charismatic. His players like to play for him. That was a key to Cowher’s success. Chuck Noll was well respected because he won, but people didn’t really like him. In today’s NFL, dealing with players is much different. It’s a fine art to discipline while still keeping their respect. That is how you keep control of a team. Tomlin does this very well. Also, this is now a media driven age. None of those 3 coaches handle the media as well as Tomlin. I don’t just mean Tomlin talking to the media, I mean Tomlin diffusing the “media circus situations” when it comes to any of his players so they can focus on football. I think Tomlin could use some improvement with in-game play calling. But he is learning how to find and hire outstanding positional coaches to assist him with that. Kuglar, Lake, Haley, all look like good picks. Retaining LeBeau and his whole staff looks to be smart. But most of all, he came in as a very young inexperienced coach. And I believe he has improved each year. Players improve. And so do coaches. I think Tomlin has.

  • Guest

    According to the original ESPN post, “10.3 percent of respondents did not identify a favorite team.” ( That is a higher percentage then the Cowboys. They also did not mention the margin of error in this poll, which is probably much bigger than the difference between teams. Basically, with 1500 people in the poll, 155 picked NONE, 132 picked the Cowboys, 108 picked the Packers, and 107 picked the Giants, and 107 picked the Steelers. Can you really conclude that the Cowboys are “America’s favorite team” based on this? I understand with polls that you can use a small sample size and extrapolate if the sample is scientifically chosen. However, with a small sample size, there is a large margin of error. This poll is worthless, because the margin of error is not noted.

  • mokhkw

    I see Mike Florio at PFT has made an attempt to twist Tomlin’s words into something they’re not.

  • Intropy

    We always remember rookie players need to learn the system. But we sometimes forget that coaches mature and improve too. Remember Tomlin’s “unleash hell” conference. That was pretty bone-headed. But you live and learn. Can you imagine him making that kind of mistake today? As far as current areas for growth, I’d like to see some improvement in managing challenges and timeouts/clock at the end of the half. That or hire someone to do that as his only job.

  • BarneyFranken

    Id say its must be a slow news day for Florio, but he tries to stir up nonsense like this EVERY day.

    The only thing worse than Florio injecting his opinion into stories is how they censor the comments section at PFT. What a joke that is.