Terrell Suggs Could Be Ready To Face Steelers With Quick Rehab & Use Of PUP List

The news broke this morning that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles this past week while reportedly playing basketball and with that news the expectations have followed that he will miss the entire 2012 season as a result. Suggs has a different outlook though and seems to think he can return by the later part of October or early part of November. What he has working in his favor right now is that he suffered the injury early on in the offseason and the Ravens have the use of the PUP list at their full disposal instead of being forced to place him on the injured reserve list at the start of the season.

When Suggs shows up for Ravens training camp he will be placed on the ACTIVE PUP list and stay there for all of training camp and the entire preseason. When the final roster moves are made before week 1, the Ravens will more than likely move Suggs to the RESERVE PUP list, meaning he must miss the first 6 weeks of action at a minimum. At the end of those 6 weeks a 3 week window opens up on Suggs and he must begin practicing during that window, even if it is on the final day of the 3 weeks. Once he begins practicing another 3 week window opens and the Ravens must make the decision of whether or not to place Suggs on the 53 man roster or move him to injured reserve by the end of those 3 weeks.

So basically the Ravens have up until week 13 to make the final decision on what to do with Suggs. It should be noted that the Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers in weeks 11 and 13, so Suggs very well could be back in the lineup for at least one, if not both of those games, assuming his rehab goes fine. We are roughly 18 weeks away from the start of the 2012 season right now and by week 13 Suggs will be roughly 31 weeks removed from surgery, so I would not be so quick to say that he will miss the entire season or both games against the Steelers for that matter.

  • dgh57

    I guess the Ravens are glad they drafted Courtney Upshaw in this past draft!!!

    Out of all the Raven players Suggs is the one I like least!!

  • He may be able to come back by week 13, but he’s not going to be the same player. It’s going to be a while before his mobility comes back

  • Jason White

    Even if he makes it back by then, just how close to 100% do you think he will be? An Achilles tear will greatly reduce your ability to push off on that foot even after extensive rehab.

  • JohnnyV1

    Two posts for Suggs, really? C’mon. Ok, he has an injury and he’s a big part of their team, but one post is enough. I don’t follow this awesome website to get news, and updates, on the Ravens.

  • SteelersDepot

    It impacts the Steelers, so I post it. Just don’t click on the ones that have Ravens or Suggs in the title and you will be safe and happy.

  • JohnnyV1

    Ok, very good. Oh, and I’m always safe and happy! 🙂 Have a great day! John Subject: [steelersdepot] Re: Terrell Suggs Could Be Ready To Face Steelers With Quick Rehab & Use Of PUP List

  • Eric87

    Yea Suggs better take his time to heal. He can try and come back for the 2 games, but even if he did play, doubt he would be able to explode off that achilles that soon.

  • Callouswhisper

    Even if and it is a very big if, he does come back he will not anywhere near the players he was last season.

  • Jprankster2005

    If he will be back this yr. then Mendenhall should be ready for week 1…… There’s no way he will be back……It usually takes a year……

  • Scrippypod

    And you got your medical degree from…..???
    I am a foot and Ankle surgeon and I GUARANTEE he will not take the field this year. Pro Football too demanding to return to full strength in 6 months. This is a devastating injury to the strongest tendon in the body and will take a full year to maybe come close to his previous ability

  • sweetleb

    yea what ever, your never the same with this injury. It will effect his first step and that is what pass rushers need.

  • SteelersDepot

    Twitter, where all blog comment medical degrees come from of course.

  • r4kolb

    Wow Dave….when people rip you for reporting on Ravens that tells you how much WE all HATE the ratbirds not?

  • As someone who has come back from a torn achilles I can tell you that he absolutely can come back this season. This really depends on a few things though. How high up on the achilles did the tear occur and how his rehab works out. Now with all that said, it will be at least 18-24 months before he reaches 90-95% strength and flexibility. He could be running in six months (as did I) but gaining the stability, flexibly and strength will be the time consuming part. Add in the mental aspect of it. You can’t help but want to baby it a little for a while. In the NFL this is a recipe for disaster. I love my Steelers but wouldn’t wish this injury on anyone. I prefer to see these two teams at 100%.

  • Steeler4Life

    A: Since when can’t the guy who “OWNS” and takes his personal time to “PRODUCE” a blog, decide what he is going to post “AND” have the freedom to express his opinion in that post? Last time I checked, we don’t pay to read this blog… Let’s show Dave a little appreciation for the hard work and time he puts into this site and its articles, so we can enjoy getting such comprehensive Steelers news. Jeeze, guy’s! I’ve been on the receiving end of devastating injuries, including a spinal cord injury in 87 when a horse fell on me and broke my back. NEVER under estimate what someone is capable of accomlishing “DESPITE” the expert opinions of the degree rich surgeons… “Scippypod”… I walk out or rehab and I walk today despite a paralyzed left leg and a very compromised right.. I have full use of a right hand that was crushed and dislocated when the horse stomped on it and twisted as he ran off.. I was told I wouldn’t have strength or use of that hand again… I told my surgeons to put it back to gether and let me worry about getting use again… When “Can’t” is removed from the vocabulary, amazing things can be accomplished. Don’t sell Sugg’s short or tag him with your own limitations. He will dictate more than anything else, what he can and can’t do.

  • mokhkw

    As a Steeler’s fan I wasn’t happy to hear this. I’d much rather we beat the Ravens when they’re at full strength.

    Ravens.v.Steelers is the best rivalry in the NFL & part of that reason is because of the talent of players like Suggs.

    Suggs’ talk of an early return reminds me of Jerry Rice returning early in ’97 from a knee injury so he could play in Montana’s Jersey Retirement game (week 16). He played & re-injured his knee ( cracked the kneecap falling after catching a TD pass) & missed the PlayOffs.

    At the time no-one thought Rice could make it back after tearing his knee in week 1. It was viewed as a 12 month injury

    I wouldn’t count Suggs out yet but would caution him about returning early.

  • mokhkw

    I read the above article and no where does Dave give HIS medical opinion. He just said ” …I would not be so quick to say that he will miss the entire season…”

    He merely stated what Suggs has been quoted as saying & outlined the requirements of the PUP List IF Suggs was to return this season.

    All theoretical of course. Going by the reports on the injury, he didn’t fully tear it & was able to walk off the field – which could suggest that it’s not as severe as other achilles injuries we’ve seen in the past.