The Terrible Podcast – Talking Willie Colon Move To Left Guard Episode

Steelers PodcastSeason 2, Episode 109 of The Terrible Podcast is up and David Todd and I get right after discussing the news that surfaced this week that Willie Colon would be moving to left guard from right tackle. With this news we also discuss all of the possibilities that include rookie Mike Adams starting the season at left tackle. Quite a bit of offensive line talk in this addition for sure.

Will both Adams and fellow rookie David DeCastro miss the OTA sessions because of graduation requirements? We start of the episode unsure really, but Mark Kaboly lets us know via Twitter late in the show that it is his understanding that both will. If indeed Adams and DeCastro are missing next week, what will the starting offensive line look like? How many heads will explode if Jonathan Scott lines up as the first team left tackle? We can only imagine.

I take David back in time as we remember some week 1 starting offensive lines of the past. Anyone remember the 51-0 loss to the Cleveland Browns in 1989? What about the 1986 week 1 starting offensive line minus Mike Webster? We discuss both.

During the show we get the breaking news that tackle Trevis Turner was released on Friday and we discuss the other roster moves made by the Steelers this week as well. We also talk about how Troy Polamalu will reportedly be present at the first OTA session next week and how the groin of Brett Keisel appears to be healed as well. We wrap the show up with a few other tidbits before wrapping it up until Tuesday.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 109 of Season 2 now of The Terrible Podcast.

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  • zbluez1

    The more roster moves the Steelers make in concerns to young backup tackles the more two trains of thought emerge for me. 1.) They really are going to keep J. Scott as a swing tackle ( that thought scares me ) or 2.) Max Starks for sure is coming back for one more year. I would rather see Max backing up Adams and Gilbert at the tackle position than J. Scott even on a gimpy knee Max is less of a turnstile on the left side. From all the comments made that they do not want to shuffle players positions around on the line, should either Adams or Gilbert be hurt I trust max to fill in however with the case of J. Scott he is only capable of barely replacing Gilbert and then just barely, and if it isn’t obvious yet I do mean barely, in my opinion. Count me among the exploding head carnage even if it is only an OTA without the predicted rookie starters. I wonder if it is time for me to take some more Xanax, I think my head just might try and explode.

  • zbluez1

    Dude, grow up and get into the current century please, ain’t happening this year.

  • Calm down. I linked it because it was discussed in the podcast. It’s ugly and we can be thankful for what we have before us. So, you see, it’s relevant.

  • Harold

    This has been a very unique/unusual off season for the Steelers OL. In the past the Steelers have been very leery of starting a rookie. But I believe seeing the positive results that both Pouncey and Gilbert produced over the last two seasons has changed their way of thinking.

    I believe they trust their scouts a lot more now than in previous years. When the scouts say, “This young college kid has elite talent.” they believe the scouts. When Kuglar says, “I can get this kid to produce at a high level on day one.” they believe Kuglar. These guys have earned that trust.

    Of course the player still has to show he can play. But when the Steelers “decide” that Colon is moving to LG the day after the draft, that’s not because Adams has earned anything. It’s because their scouts/coaches said, “This guy is going to be the better choice.” and they believe it.

    The Steelers will most certainly have a back up plan, if Adams or DeCastro fails. But plan A appears to be going with the early round talent over late round experience. At least until that process fails.

  • zbluez1

    Agreed it is relevant, my bad